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Hi, all. I've been on the night safari at the Taiping Zoo two or three times in the past few years. Atan the hippo can charm the socks off anyone. If you call quietly to him two or three times, he might swim over to you - if it's not too late at night. If it's rather late, he could be found shouldering the door to his 'apartment' as he wants to go in to sleep and refuses to do any 'overtime'. The last time I visited the zoo at night, some 20-something-year-olds were using a camera with flash - which is sign-posted as NOT ALLOWED at the ticket counter. I asked them about it as they were annoying the animals with the harsh flashes. They said the keepers at the entry allowed it, which I thought was nonsense - only cameras are allowed, not to be used with flash. The black panther is a fascinating creature - it paces up and down at the fence very close to you. I hope the zoo does NOT require any of its animals to perform tricks for or give rides to visitors. We should ensure the lives of the animals, in involuntary captivity as they are, are as stress-free, natural and easy as possible. Zoos are perhaps a 'necessary evil' for educational purposes but we should never capture an animal from the wild just to put it in a zoo.

Zainah Ibrahim<zainah@kypmkl.ypm.org.my>

Recently I came back to Taiping for offcial matter. I took the opportunity to visit the night Safari at Taiping Zoo which I came to know about it when I was taking my walk around the lake garden. It was an interesting visit to the zoo. Though it was not fully operational for the night safari as I was told, I managed to have a closer look of an owl even to stroke it. The most interesting feature was to watch the slow loris walking about on trees. I was proud to show all this to my colleagues who came along with me. In fact my boss is going for a holiday in Taiping and I have recommended him this website to get info on Taiping.

Michael Yeap<yeapmichael@yahoo.com.au>

Kevin, Congratulations on a job well done at the Taiping Zoo. Keep up the excellent work. Mike SGI 1969-1979 (Glad that we were classmates)

Shirley Liu<shirleymal60@hotmail.com>

I can't remember when was my last visit to the Taiping Zoo. It should be long long time ago.......maybe I was at the age of nine or ten.I didn't realise that the Taiping Zoo changed so much.I must visit the zoo in my next trip back to Taiping.Because I left Malaysia eighteen years ago.I live in Austria now.



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