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Geoffrey Kennell<>

Yes, I certainly have. I was attached to Malaya Command Signals just after the war and we were billited just out of town in what was a Sisters of Mercy Mission Station. (Or some such religous organisation). I loved Taiping, mainly for Nasi Goreng at the local restaurants, and also iced coffee a favourite of mine. I drove in my Jeep to Penang (George Town) where I installed a V.H.F. Radio station up Penang Hill. Taiping had a wonderful park too, and some nights after a cinema show and toasted peanuts I would walk through this park to our billet. Once we heard a nasty roar which might have been a leopard, but we ran like crazy, and at the same tine wondered if we should jump into the lake for cover? At age 82, I still remember every detail of your lovely town and so friendly people. If I could, I`d go back in a flash. Thank you Taiping, I`ll never forget you,

Geoffrey Kennell
South Africa

Win Holland<>

I would love to see pictures of Taiping in 1956. I lived there at that time (when I was 10 years old). My father was in the British Army during the emergency and we went to the British Army childrens school. We used to go swimming at a wonderful rock pool. I can't recall our addresses but one house was on Swettenham Road. I loved both Taiping and Ipoh

John Goucher<>

I was stationed at 2 sqd Royal Signals Taiping in 1948 for 2 1/2years it looks very different to those days I was with the British army I now live in South Australia. Some fond memories from those days. Best regards John

Doreen Looi Swee Fun<>

Hi, First & foremost, thanks to Kayes for this lovely website. Not many other towns can claim to have their own site, you know. When I was in primary school, back in the 60s, I used to live in Tupai Road, near the old clock tower. I remember that on the right of where we lived, there was a small hotel on the 1st floor. And on the left, 2 shops away, was where my friend, Adeline Leong lived. Both of us used to sit at the fire hydrant outside my house, telling stories and watching the trishaws bringing 'beautifully made-up' girls to the hotel. We used to compare which girl was the prettiest! At that age, we were too young to know who they were! And when I visited Adeline at her place, I would see many men smoking opium in a back room. Her dad was a 'piles specialist'. There used to be 'yukky' black and white photos of 'derrieres with piles sticking out' in their lobby.

Sarah Chan<>

I used to lived at Barrack Road. However recently moved to Jalan Temenggung ( new housing area near TMGS). Looking at all these photos, bring back so much fond memories when i was still schooling at Taiping. Boy..... how much i missed Taiping. Sometimes wish that i can turned back the clock to enjoy the beauty of Taiping. By the way, i'm a ex-Convent girl.

Gan Eok Gee<>

What can I say about the streets of Taiping. Well they all looked big when i was young but now when I return the are so small. This means I am getting old. Use to live in Barrack road, above a rubber dealer's shop call Teik Seng now it is Sport shop. Well that is life we grow up and move on. I still think of Taiping all the time especially the roads which I use to roam with my gang or friends. We were all from KE and we were very close and still is. I have fond memory of a girl that use to stay in Jalan Kota across the Chartered Bank,her name was Faezah. If you do read this NICKY, email me. Gan Eok Gee

Bob Jones<>

The photo showing the green and yellow catalogue shop looks like the former Lido cinema where I used to go in 1947/48. I forget the name of the street. Bob


There is one famous landmark missing,Where is the old CLOCK TOWER

Thamby -Rajah<>

I was pleasantly surprised to see pictures of my beautiful town.I was born in Kuala Kangsar and lived in Taiping until 1972 when I came to U.K. I recognise all these streets and congragulate you on these very clear pictures of the streets of Taiping

Rohani (Parkash)<>

I used to live at Market Square and I have a pretty and a gory story to tell. My very happy childhood was spent at the "Market Square" which was a small square smack in the then heart of Taiping town and it had a beautiful, huge tree in the middle of it (later they built that ugly "new clock tower there"). All Main road, Market road up to Kota road kids grew up playing seasonal games there-marbles, tops, learning to ride the bicycle and watching the snake charmer perform and of course to practice the latest hindi songs. However, according to my parents, during the Occupation, the Japanese generals would behead dissenters and place their heads on sticks in the square as a deterrent to others. No one ever looked towards the square on the way home from the 9pm shows.




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