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How is shopping in Taiping?


Owen Cornell<>

Hi, I'm talking from Perth Western Australia. However I did live in Taiping between 1957-61 and have fond memories of shopping with my parents a Kim Seng's store in the main street. What chance a photo of this shop in your gallery ? Thanks a lot from an old Taiping boy

Ray Mellish<>

The wife & I remember it well, We lived in Taiping for over 5 years,1963-68 All our clothes were made at Chusan Taylors, glad to see it is still there afer all these years. The site has brought back many happy memories to my family.

Sitiaishah Salim<>

The last time I went home was in 1999 to celebrate Hari Raya Puasa with my family. Oh...............boy talking about Hari Raya reminds me of rendang and ketupat nasi. The last day of Puasa, my mom, my sister and I spent a few hours at Pasar Borong looking for lemang. They were sold out, but we bought a big basket of durian. After Hari Raya I ate durian for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I burped, the word "durian" came out of my mouth...............


Yes this street remind me of my holiday in Taiping, MALAYSIA Where I spend my time shopping at Fajar Shopping Centre. Tim Sum Breakfast at a traditional Coffee Shop and Dinner at Lou Yu Ji Seafood at 31, Jalan Birch,the store is opposite the temporary market in the day and night market at night is also known as "Durian Poh" in dialect. So if you visit Taiping for your next vocation do forget to visit this Seafood Store, Lao Yu Ji. HAPPY HOLIDAY


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