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Swee Bin<>

WOW! I am so thrilled to come upon this site by sheer accident. Wonders of the Web! I've spent the past half hour flying through the various posts. Taiping people very ada kam-cheng! I'm a Taiping Monkey (TMGS) myself, from Std One to Form 5. ha ha, in browsing, I couldn't help but search for someone from my year and noticed that the "oldest" was Noor Azuan, Class of 1981. I'm from Class of 1980. I'd like to invite all of you to visit Our alma mater needs us. I am glad she's in good hands under ex-Convent girl, Puan Noriza, who is determined not to let her continue rotting. So, please visit the blog and help in any way you can, alright? Also, do please leave behind a comment...let's get the momentum going! Cheers to everyone...Kayes, great job this website..thank you, sweebin

Mohamad Zaki Mohd Isa<>

Studied at KE I from 1971-1975. Vividly recall the time spent playing around the gigantic raintrees dotting the school compound. Had a very tough time with the dental clinic at the school and carry the trauma till now. Currently living in Rawang but never failed to mention to my kids about 'abah' great school whenever we make a stop at Taiping. Really keen to go thru school yearbook of those years (does the school have copies?). Looking forward to get in touch with long lost friends for the last 32 years especially yeo pee ho, wu chee seng, gim leong and gim teik, yu foo seng, sidarthan, danaraj, zakri khir, meor, hasnul kushairi, hasnul zahani, mokhtar mat, suhaimi, rushdi, rashidi, mat rani...etc. Pls get in touch with me so that we can exchange the contact nos. for zul zabidin, zainal azman, azlan khalili, jalaludin dahlan, rujhan adnan, zulkaperi manan... To hasnul kushairi, I named my only son after you... zaki

Agnes Poon Kwi Eng<>

my telephone number 0123190189

Daniel Tang<>

Hi, I attended 6th Form in King Edward VII School in 1965 and 1966. Just wonder how the school is doing nowadays?? I now reside abroad and hope to visit Taiping towards the end of August 2008. Would like to get in touch with anyone attending 6th forms in 1965 & 1966. Kind regards Daniel Tang


I give credit to te person who created this website. I was born in 146 Creagh lane (now known as Lorong Muzzafar Shah Two lanes, more or less behind the Siamese Temple Assam Kumbang Taiping.. To put things straight we had to be transferred to this school as there were not enough classes in King Edward Primary (Headmaster Mr.Chang Ah Kee). I was one few Tigers who orignated from the then Lady Treacher's Methodist School, now known Treacher Methodist Girls school in1957. Then 1958 we were transferred to KE secondary school class Standard 2 X (along Museum road).After 6 months double promotion to Standard 3Y in KE primary along Station Road. Standard 4A was a Miss Wong as our teacher.Standard 5C( classmates were Krisnamoothry,. Lam Yee Chan (Now in Australia), SivaKumaran (Special Branch of Taiping, just retired 2007) was under Miss Voo (of Jalan Hhaiwan) Standard 6 was Mr Ong Hong Weng (brother of teacher Ong Hong Kong) Classmates then were Kulasingham Leong Swee Ba (Bank Bumi Sabah.Tan Khee Hoon (nickname sabun) Lawyer in Brickfields, Mah Siew Chong, cousin of local Businessman Mah Siew Kok. After getting a grade C in the Standard 6 examination, promted to Form 1. Our class was in the garage , form master Surjan singh. geography master Mr Monrasinghee. Classmates were Peripanayagam(retired Customs Ipoh) ,Vasantha kumar Hotel line) ,Patwant singh Musical Band moonstones in Taiping), Saroop singh whose mother was Mrs Delip Singh teacher in the primary.

Form 2 was the worse year we had to bear our Form master Mr Surjan Singh who on Thursdays had 4 periods(English-double peroids,Literature History in our class. He was very fierce.I remmber he called me out for giggling and gave me a hard slap that blood cane down my nose. it was a blessing indisguise , maybe he was frightened . after that incident he did not call me. Form 3 saw Mr Aloysious Matthews who later became the ecretary general of the national union of Teachers,clasmates then were Neoh Gu lee(air Force, yeoh Bee Leong Chan Kee Yoon, Kama Saad retired meter reader taiping , Isa, Sathiveloo ofSinmpang, Shabuddin. I had to repeat form the the LCE (now PMR)did not promote those who got grade 3.I repeated in form 3E and saw Mr Ramalingam(brother in law of Master Letchumanan )classmated were Ragbeer Singh Kuladingham Saroop Singh and Mathavan.I passed well and was promoted to form 4 science abnd saw Mis Pillay as my form teacher. I remember I wrote an essay about my mother the person I adored the most and she wept because coincdentally she lost hermother at the same time.Classmates were Chong Siew khiew, Phan Ah Chee, Balakrishnan (did well in the known as Danyal),gengadharan (mas) Itam (USM Professor), Ong Hean Chooi BotanistProfin MU.Nazaruddin(now doctor), Yusuf (RRI) Radzi(navy)Twins hassan and Husseimn . Chan Peng,Woon Moon Yoong(KTM)Foong kee yeong(Butterworth) Foo Ah Kow, Chin Yet Bon. Woo Tze Min(lecturer Poly Unku Omar)Tan Kheng Hwa (retire tasek railway station Master)Tan Teik Lee (retired headmaster ACS Ipoh)Lum Ah kong (2nd hand car dealer at 33 Old klang Road K.L.) Arbi Hamzah (retired deputy Chief Educaton Perak)Ang Leong in Perth Australia.Tham Ah Seng(Health Ministry-K.L.) Neoh Gen Khee (Southern Bank Penang Beach Street branch)

Foo Yean Fong<>

I accidentally found this site while doing a quick internet search. Thank you to the person who created this site. I attended KE VII School for Form 6. Although a very short year, I must admit that was one memorable part in life; an essential stage before we leave our very own, sweet little home town and face the more challenging world out there. This one little chapter in life will be in my memory forever; where everybody was young, energetic, and full of dreams for tomorrow....

Doug-Been LIM<>

My name is Doug-Been LIM, a Korean kid(there was only ONE Korean kid in KE VI in those days!!) who went to KE VI in 1973~1974(Lower six/Upper six). I came across this Taiping Talk List, and suddenly, all my fond memories of my adolescent days in Taiping and KE VI rushed by in my memory lane!! Ah, Yes, those were the days!!! Cacaphony of morning rushes and the early morning sun rays playing with my eyes, fresh air breezing across my head as I cycled along with my buddies along my way to KE VI!! Where are you fellahs, the Class of 1973-1974 Lower/Upper six, I love you and miss you all. I'm in Korea and you can reach me thru'

chong sin geh<>

I haven't been back to Taiping for over 15 yrs and it's really good to see these school pictures again. A shout out to my classmates from KE (CLASS 4Sc2 OF 87), Christopher Lee, Chuan Ann, Kok Keong, Kumar, Firdaus, Soon Chuan... all of whom my memories are beginning to fade.

Tan Lay Khim<>

I was from SMK SRI KOTA TAIPING, graduated in 1999. Hope to have someone here talking about my beloved school. I missed all the teachers there very much, unfortunately, i've lost all contacts of them. MRS. YEOH HOE TIAM, MR. AZIZ, Mr. GOH HOE CHEW, MISS NEOH PHAIK CHOO...and also all my beloved schoolmate.Whoever from Sri Kota, drop me an email!

Keith Andrew Sevanandam<>

Georgian in the late 80's & early 90's. Now in Dallas, Texas. Miss Taiping and the food. Hope to visit soon.

Raja Segaran a/l George Brett<>

Hey ! What a surprise. I just bumped into this website and truly fascinated to here from some of the past Georgians. Started of in 1964 ( Kindergarden ) - 1970 ( Standard Six ) and right on from 1971 ( Form 1 ) - 1975 ( Form 5 ). No memory can be the best as it is from where we studied. My early years in St. George's was during H.E. Augustin and in 1969 Master Joe Francis took over as H.M. In 1971 I stepped into secondary school and the H.M. then was the late Bro. Leo. No doubt, I was'nt an outstanding student but yet I have learnt a lot more than just education. The great teachers in the school like Bro. Leo, Bro. Mathew Bay, Bro. Peter, Bro. John D'Cruz, Bro. Charles, Master A.J. David, Master Khoo Kay Tee, Master Ng Kam Chee, Master Vincent Soo, Master Victor Lim and not forgetting the others as well have been a pillar of love and strength to all those who studied in St. George's. I am not only proud to be a Malaysian but also a past student from St. George's. To all those who are doing well, let us be there for the school now. We can't repay whatever we've learnt there, be it education or discipline but if in return we can do anything for the school, lets join hands. To all those who studied during my batch, my well wishes to all of you and it gives me the greatest feeling to be a GEORGIAN.

Hasiah Khalid<>

Gosh........ what an interesting site of all Taipingites, school and memories. Lake Garden....... yummy ice kacang, bobo caca near the old bus stand, on hot days.......... Just wondering if anyone from Sek Men Dr, Burhanuddin. Year 1985, Science Class 5A or 5B. Anyone....... hopefully if you stumble upon this site email me, i remember Rohana, Siti, Shah(the twins.... i hardly remember all names

shahzan bin simail (nana)<>

oit apahabiaq suma bebudak joji poji...i was a young georgian from 1982-1988 ,me dad transfered to kluang johor in 1991 i was back in tapunk until i finished my form 5 gangstas was wan gemok,lan gemok,zamri,zainahar,mail cina,jo pendek and so on...not to 4get me old friend irwadee,firuz,zulkifli salem,hafiz al mujahidin,mohd al jefry,yeoh guan aun(the road runner),chew keat choon,vikneswaran(vikky),benny khor,sri sara,L.sara,noor afzan the useless..hehehe,ahmad jailani,ahmad rizal,jegathesan ,santana kumar,chua chin heng,....well theres a lot more to mention...couldnt remember it all coz now im an old georgian..huhuuhuhuh....if happens u guyz hop in here and read this collumn ...pls do gimme a call koz i reall miss the old times we have together 4 better(bila time PJ la tuuu) or 4 worst(bila kena maki ngan cikgu atau kena tangkap isap rokok le tu huhuhuhuh) kol me dudes 01605637075...still in taiping..settling down ....hopefully....not to ! 4get my teachers mr lee toh beng,bro charles,mr zabidi,mr ridzuan,mravatar singh,pn lim,ustazah fauziah,mr usop aji,mr azizuddin,mrzamani the golfer,mr ghee (boss),pn aerea,mr patrict teoh,mr jalalludin, thanx a lot u guyz and i really appreciate what u guyz done to us all proud 2 b georgian

Nurulhasni Abu Hassan<>

Hello everyone, I was a student at TMGS primary 1988-1993 & TMGS Secondary 1993-1996 (Anne Hot-FM d-jay batch,by the way).I was born in Hospital Daerah Taiping,1981.I could'nt finish my educational till form 5 at TMGS Secondary cus I've been 'FORCED' to follow both of my parent which is a Prison's Officer (Penjara Taiping,Jln Muzium)for their transferation to Spg Renggam Johor! SO SAD... TMGS really thought me how to live life.Am accidentally hopped into this webpage in the same time that am suffering for memorising my greatest moment in taiping.Am not famous in school and am not really enjoy my moment that time but I really appriciate the memory that i'd already got!TAIPING....I MISS U!Whoever knows me just give me a ring...017-7392483 to my frenz Maslinda Shamsuddin,Zuhaiza Zulkifli,Sarina Ali,Suzaini Sa'at,Gee(Suzyliana)a prefect who caught me for smoking (1995)and took me to be punished by Mdm Khadizah HUHUHU....SCARY,Anne (Putri Anndreanna Syigim Hot-FM d-jay forsure) which i know & which I dont even know either she know me or not,and many more of my frenz which I couldnt memorize all of their name.If you remember me Nurul 305 in yr 1996,dont be shy to contact me okay!BTW My brother was in SRK (L)George,Taiping 1990-1996!!Taiping my heaven...God I miss all of them like crazy!

Wei Han<>

Studied in SRK St George from 1985-1990 then move on to SMK St George from 1991-1997. Altogether 17 years been a Georgian...My memorable times is joining scout which is did from primary upto secondary...01 LMS Scouts.. i'm not sure whether scouting nowadays is as interesting as those yesteryears. when i left in 1997, KEM MAJU has been totally demolished and make way for housing development.....

Rozila Zainuddin<>

Hello, hi WOW this page seriously surpirse me it is totaly AWEsome, reminds me of my old lovely days during my school days in Taiping I was a former TMGS student from pre-school - high best and lovely teacher Ms Lim (i still remember her smile she s lovely), Puan Zaharah, Mr Kana (the strict one), Our strict & concerned and very clean and neat MS Satwant Kaur (she always wish the best from us and she gave the best (punishment & compliment as well :o)) and to all you teachers 1976 - 1987 your contributions, big or small means a lot to me. wish i could turn back time and study hard as what all of you teacher wish !! :0( - Thank you so much to all of you teachers, without your guidance & patience - i wont be able to be the person iam today..thanks a you all..


Hello, Someone told me about this site quite some time ago. He said my name is mentioned here. When I visited this page, oh my God, this is simply awesome my friends, my teachers, my school, they?re all here. I was a former TMGS student right from kindergarten [1975] until Form 5 [1986] before proceeding to King Edward VII for my Lower Form 6, which I stopped after 6 months. To all my beloved primary and secondary school teachers, Ms Foo, Ms Phuah, Mrs Sundram whom I dearly missed, Mrs Zainal, Ms Lim, Puan Zaharah, Ms Amirul, Ms Toh, my ever loving ustaz and ustazah, the strict and concerned Ms Satwant Kaur, my sweet BM teacher Puan Rohani whom I met couple of months ago at my daughter?s kindergarten [waiting for her grandchild now :)], my warm and caring English teacher Puan Normalina, the good looking neighbour of mine who happened to be my Chemistry teacher Mr Sum[You're always our #1, sir], the attractive Mr Ong, my wonderful Biology teacher Ms Ho, and to all of my teachers whom I have not mentioned here, I would like to express my deepest and my heartfelt gratitude for your endless efforts and hard work, for your never-ending patience in teaching me to read and write from ABC and Alif Ba Ta and most of all, thank you so much for making me a whole human being as I am today. Your contributions, big or small, truly mean a lot to me. I could not have done it without all of you. Only The Almighty can ever repay your kindness and your compassion to me. Thank you and thank you so much!! And to all of my primary and secondary school friends, Amelia Kartina, Joyce, Hasmyza, Roslin, Chuah Bee Ang, Mageswary, Wan Foong, Chin Yoke Fong, Chong Lu Lu, Maimunah, Feeza, Rosziliaini, Aina Zuraya and to Zeenatul - remember the night we waited for the eclipse to happen? It was in 1986, we were studying for the exams remember?, to the members of the ?Secret Service? [SS]- my very first best friend, Azleen Rubilda Zainal whom I greatly missed [Alin, do contact me at my email if you happen to come across this site], Chua Bee Leng and Nor Mardziahiza[The SS meetings that we had during recess behind the school building, God knows what we talked about!], to all the male friends whom I met in King Edward VII, my good friend, the kind hearted Khairil Amir Akhiruddin who pursued his studies in IIUM [thank you for your wonderful friendship] , Mohd Amjad, Khairul Anuar, my backdoor neighbour, Subash whom I heard studying medicine in India , Charanjit Singh and his Danish friend, Benno Jensen [ Charan, I have enjoyed the karate class so much even though I got severely injured during sparring and came limping to class the next day only to find you and Benno laughing at me :)], and many more [the list goes on and on, I don?t think I can fit the page!] The wonderful moments that we have shared during our school days, the crushes and infatuations, the fights and everything those are the sweetest and the most valuable memories that are still treasure in my mind. To all of you, thank you for coming into my life and thank you for giving me the pleasure to be part of your memories. No matter where ever you may be, May Allah blesses and bestows sheer happiness and bliss upon all of you always. ~suzy~


Hi, I'm former King Edward VII students. (Primary K.E. 1-1970 until 1975, Secondary K.E. VII -1976-1980 (SPM). Looking for all my friend's in K.E the same batch with me and to all my friend's who still remember me especially Zainal Azman Abdul Aziz from Jalan Padang and Zakry Mohd Khir. Please contact me by this number 014-8195489. I really miss all my friend's in Taiping. Magni Nominis Umbra.

Jeannie Tan<>

Hi Suzy, not sure if you can still remember me. We were in the same class from Std 2 (1977) to Std 6 (1981) - maybe not every year but I do remember Ms Foo, Ms Lim, Mrs Zainal (Azleen's mum?), Mrs Chua (Bee Leng's mum), Amelia, Chuah Bee Ang, Loh Wan Foong, Azleen, Chua Bee Leng and many more (remember the face but not the name. Bee Ang was a good pal of mine, would love to hear from her. Ms Lim, I was one the four girls in the singing group ... we won some competition .. will always remember the song "My Grandfather's Clock". I remember that we sang over the PA system so that every class can hear us, how cool is that. Do hope that we can somehow keep in touch with each other.

Azizol Bin Ahmad Sapri<>

To all Old Edwardian in 1980 -1984 Form 5A2.. Pls call me 013-9838262 especially my best friend Dr Parvez Khan.Tq ROOOOOAAAR....

Chew Thian Hock<>

I'm looking for my friends from King Edward VII School 1963 (Primary 1) to 1973 (Form 5). Please SMS me at 0198447431. Thanks.


The King Edward School pictures bring back memories of old. That was my primaray school when i was seven years old. The same old trustworthy gates. Old Technology but hight quality. Our gates now would be gone by five years! The first picture below it was the assembly area wher we will be listening to the headmaster giving his advise and others. Many did not pay attention until ..The second picture is the block where the office is situated. KE Primary (1) and KE Primary (2) shares the same office, but the Headmaster have different rooms. The third picture is the Hall. A badminton court in there and my class beside it (Std 4A - 1964). Mrs Wong was the class teacher. The building still looks solid and well kept. Thats the colonist way of doing things! Big Strong Forever.

Sim Chee Ming<>

Hello Everyone .... Guess its fate for me to find this website .. :) was searching about my home town, TAIPING, and pops ... here am i ... :) i was a former Geaorgian .. hmmmm ... not former, because 'Once a Georgian, Always a Georgian' ... from primary school SRK St. George (1) to SMK St. George (Form 1 to 5(1998)) and 3 months of Lower 6 Science .. .. wow, spents almost 12 years in St. George .. :) I am currently now in KL To all my frens and teachers .. hopefully you all still remember me .. You all can email me stated .. :)

syakiah ariffin<>

Wow......i'm from convent school from 1994 until 1998....i like to see all my friend....please keep in touch....all ex-convent year 1998 please find me in my friendster....

azman saat<>

Hi, im Azman Saat, old georgian, 1984, nickname MANCINA, looking for all my long lost schoolmate/classmate, ctc me at To my teacher Cikgu Yusuf, Mr Patrick Teoh, Bro matthew, Bro Charles jr, Bro Charles Sr miss you all. Forgive me for giving you all hard time :)

Joseph Fernandez<>

Hi there folks! Studied in SRK St George II from 1983 till 1988 and went to SGI from 1989 till 1991 and then left Taiping to study in Penang. Studying in SGI is one of my best moments in my life. The sweet memories, friends and teachers can never be replaced. If anyone of you who knows me please drop me a line! Take care and keep the website alive!!

Mohd Jamil Sulaiman<>

Hello all KE VII old student and teacher.I graduated from SMKE VII year 85.I looking for my classmate 5 SC 3 year 85 and also hostel friend batch 81 to 85.Good Luck to all.

Loh Swee Imm<>

kudos to this webmaster!..found it by chance.i attended std 1 -std 6 in klian pau convent,(1965-1970) then from 1971-1975 i studied in kota convent and i did my form 6 in king edward from 1976-march 1977 before enrolling into the nursing college in sept 1977. like to thank all my teachers-p t dorai, mr wong and mrs ng-i was active in sports and these were the people who chauffered us around during my primary school days.then there were ms murugesu,and ms soo who taught me hockey and groomed me into a state player,my form 6 teacher-ms choo who tried to deter me from leaving upper six for nursing...all my classmates-ah kiew, lay leng,saw tin, cheng hong, poh hong, bee hoon, saw hean etc2 wherever you are, do drop me a line..


An ex-georgian. Being a georgian for almost 13 years. Started from standard 1 to upper from 6. Graduated in the year of 2003. It has been a wonderful schooling experience. Still remember our music teacher (Pn.LEE), anyone who happens to be that "lucky" to be tortured by her, (u will know the true definition of a 'cikgu garang'. Well, personally, she is way above the 'garang' level. Most probably her teaching style can be labelled as vicious, inhumane, show no mercy etc..etc...

Sarina Abd Aziz<>

Hi everyone! Almost 13 years left TMGS (1990-1994). Had the best time of my life growing up there in Taiping especially during studied time. Currently working in KL. Hope to catch up with those missing time with some old friends. Can't forget all my beloved/best teachers especially Pn. Siti Zainab (BM), Pn. Siti Zaleha (BM), Pn. Faizah (Religious), Ms. Lim (History), Pn. Junaidah (Dicipline), Mr.Kanna (Accounts) and others ....(so many teachers l would like to thank). Hi to all my friends ...... Chee May, Mastura, Anita, Mariatun, Shahizatul, Norita, Asha, Raja Mandak Mariam, Raja Adlin, Suraya, Sakinah, Aryati, Rosilawati, Rosleen (my junior), Surina Hanum (my adopted sister) and others ..... so many l can't recall. Hope you guys succeed in what ever you doing. Hopefully, we can meet someday. Miss all the good memories with all of you!

Gubandran Kandasamy<>

Studied in King Edwaraad Secondary School 1979-80.Pak Ho was my class teacher best math teachers as as I'm concern it was a beautiful moment being a student of King Edward VII. i NORMALLY TEAR' when I rrecall back my lovely moments as for now My tears are waiting to rush out from my glands and I feel the Heavy chest and my mind tells to control. My have no words from lips to discribe how felt when I left the school. I wouldnot fail to visit my school when ever I am in Ipoh. Recently I attended a agathering aat the New Club Taiping, sad to say O.E who are in Taiping did not give a good respond. May be as they are there they dont miss their school.


Accidentally bumped into this website, and i'm like wowW! look at that.. all the familiar names and stories, that resembles the nostalgic memories. It's like being warp/teleport back to the old days. thanks god they create internet! and credits must go to the creator of this website too!(applause and THANK YOU!) I'm an EX- Georgian since primary(S.T George II 6hijau under cikgu ariff)azwan nizam,shamsul nizam(stillcontact),hasnul azlan,chandrakanthan,lim cheng hsu,loh chun chet,ramu,terence read,jasenathan(stillcontact),balan,kalai,siva,yusri hasnan(stillcontact),tean cher mai(play badminton together at my place),ronald,k.shanmuganthan(LLN),kah seng,faizal,vikneswaran,noorshuhaimi,khairuleffendy to name a few. Secondary school, farid husin(now a lawyer like he wanted to),white monkey..always talk about wrestling3x with farid!..hehehe, big guy christopher(discreetly draw a porn figure "bawah meja" during class and he's really good at it!:P), akmal,jo'aidy mohan(jantung berlubang)to name a few also.actually i cannot recall all the names,:P. 1989 was the year i met with an accident and broke my thigh near the SGI,luckily my head was saved by "school bag" during impact with text books fully loaded inside.(i was saved by the book??!that's odd) some of you may remember that event which took place near the kemahiran hidup bengkel.i was the only one who went to school three legged that time(tongkat la, come to think about it.. stylo jugak!)but you've no idea a lot of class i miss during admission in ward, almost 1 and half month.. and 2 more month for recovery and orthopedic exercise. but that's ok, hey, i'm not that ill-literated. i catch-up! that was the day.. for me no matter where u are, Taiping and old friends was the best thing happened to me. hope to hear from u all."Teeeeriiimaaaa kasssiiiiiihhh ciiiikkkkguuuuu!!"

Peter Siew<>

When I was transfered to Taiping in 1978, I started my secondary school in Kind Edward VII and this brings back sweet memory to me. AT that time, the Headmaster is Mr. Long Heng Hua and my form one teacher is Encik Fadzil. I was place in Form 1A4 at that time. It may not consider a good class but my overall result is good as I am still the 1st in the Form 1 classes. No one like me at that time and I was either too smart and love by many teachers which I am very proud.I finished my school there and Form 5 is my last year in that school and I left to London, UK to continue my studies.I do enjoy my life in that school.

Jenny Manners (nee MacDonald)<>

I live in Perth now but went to school called Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus which is featured in the website. Left Taiping in 1972 approximately. Anyone out there remembers me - I used to go to school with the following girls; Elaine Gabriel, Mary Sebastian, Catherine Francis, Pamela Fletcher, Cynthia Rowlands, Jasmine Manesha, Meenambal ( forget her surname). I recall Sr Claire who taught us Geography. Lulu Murugusu was one of my form teachers. Would so love to hear from some of you out there who went to primary and secondary school with me. What a good website. Our Cathehism teacher was Fr Robin Andrews. Jenny Manners

Terence Anthony<>

Hi, I am ex-student of St.George from the year 1989 - 1993.I guess all of us just went separate ways after SPM, some keep in touch and some God knows...Well just for info, i do still keep in touch with some of our badge like...Zoe Alfanso, Shan (Kesh),Terence Lee & Allan Quah. It would be great if we could meet up for a reunion in Taiping..Keep this web side going and hope that it will be a lost & found place for all our fellow friends which we have spent during our best moments in school,on the field, tuation classes, lepak at lake gardens, fishing and etc..I can be contacted @ 012 203 7746.


I am from SGI. Now I am doing medicine course in UK. I love the school very much. Thank you very much to my English teacher, PUAN SUSILA DEVI. She thought me very well. She was the best teacher in the school.Thank you.

Ramesh V Arumugam<>

Wow! This site brings back so much memories. I've been meaning to find out what happened to all my classmates such as Shukhairi, Hisham Jafaar, Badrul Hisham, Ramayah, Phang Chow Shin and many more. Where are you guys? I left St George after Form Five in 1989. Went to Singapore after Form Six. Worked in Raffles Hotel, Centro 360 and Ritz Carlton. Now I'm back in Malaysia in Shangri La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang. Staying in Batu Feringgi. Please email if u know me.

Syarifah Masyitah<>

Bonjour! I'm a former Edwardian 1993(lower 6) & 1994 (upper 6). However, i was a TMGS student since primary school till form 5. I miss all memories back then especially in K.E because it was my initial place to begin mixing around with different gender (we, TMGS are girls except few male teachers). Finished my Masters in Info Mgmt UiTM shah alam in year 2005, alhamdulillah. Intent to pursue PhD but in my 10 years plan from now (God willing). Someday, hopefully will meet old friends n teachers as well. Do contact me....Syarifah

Norismaliza Ismail<>

hi...Found this site by chance.. i'm Isma... i was in SRK Convent Klian Pau from standard 2 to standard 6. Then at Sm Convent Form 1 to Form 5 (1994). I saw Marfuza and Bazlinda's name earlier ..Now i'm working in kl.. i'm searching my old frenz... tini, ahsha, shoba, junainah,swee paik, and others.. so all my friends out there who still remember me...feel free to mail me, ok?

Afuad Izlani<>

K.E school is the best school in malaysia, i have fun when im study here. The best moment when i take part in rugby and hockey's a famous game and we conquer all the game.Normally, triumph in ours hands. As a student in SMKE im still pride with my self, nowadays im further my study in UITM, shah alam in Bachelor of property management(hons)As a senior and old boys SMKE, I advice to all my junior to study smart and get ours triumph in academic and sport..."flood" a SMKE student in university. MAGNIS NOMINIS UMBRA (ONCE A TIGERS, ALWAYS A TIGERS)

Major Jeffrey Matisa RMAF<>

I remember enrolling in school here in 1971, with Mr Basil A Gomez as the headmaster and Mr Laerdem as his assistant. One of my best friends of the three years I spent there was a Mah Tze Cheang. I remember the school with fondness at a time when school kids could make friends untainted by racial overtones. The teachers were gifted and had near paternal concern for their students. Unforgettable too, was the pristine school dental clinic. I have since leaving in 1973, lost all touch with my KEII friends. I am now serving in the RMAF and have often passed by the school when on task at the nearby army camp. I am surprised to see that the school is still well-preserved, and can only hope that the enduring life-values I learnt there have not been overtaken by the political ones of this day.


CONVENT Taiping. If anyone asks me where i studied, i would proudly say Convent, Taiping. i would like to thank the school, teachers, and students who had made my schooling years very blissful. Year : 2000-2005 Would to keep in touch with anyone from there:)

Md Kushairi<>

I saw this website of yours im impressed, taiping KE2 neer changed. I was in KE1 and KE2, left KE2 in 1982. Now in KL. One thing I still remember till today is " MAGNA NOMINIS UMBRA " <--- U all know what it is ? Ha ha ha be my guest. Well keep up guys and gals. Im from Watson (House), til today I got to knwo Watson is always either no 4 or no 5 in sports. Take care Md Kushairi, Kuala Lumpur

Noor Syahidah "Apple" Mohd Tajri <>

Hello all! Gosh, I SO MISS TAIPING!! My beloved HOMELAND!! I was just browsing and found this page. I was schooling at Taiping Convent (1998-2000). I had good friends there, like Jass and Azila. Other friends like Raja Nur Sabrina and Munet, although they moved to somewhere else a few months later after being in Taiping Convent.I remember playing the piano there, sneaking out to attend music lessons outside, skipping classes.. haha. Sweet memories. I was excited when Internet was introduced, I spent most of my time online, building a website that I could share with my friends. However, my account was deleted a few years later. I'm an artist now. I wish to meet my friends, especially those of 4VT4 and 5VT4, taking Arts together.


Did my Secondary Education at SMKConvent from 1976-80. Am a Dr now in Ireland. Would love to meet up with some of the oldies from school Plan to visit Malasia this summer. Do pen me a line if you think we could meet.

Amir Saaiffudin<>

It is very nice looking back at my old school. I was in SGI 1982-1987 (secondary school). Nice memory with friends and teachers; Mr Patric Teoh, Mr Victor Lim, Bro Charles, Mr Rama, Mr Lim (Chemistry) Mr Ibrahim. Thanks so much for delivering the best for us. My friend; Manimaran, TR Ambarasan, Nazri, Eng Keat, Omar, Hisham, Amin, Ramesh....whereever u are..may sucess always be with you. To the webmaster, Thank you for this very beautiful homepage.

See L.H.<>

I am sincerely looking for those who grad from Convent Seconday School during the time of 1957.

Jasmine Leong<>

I'm from TMGS since 1991-1995.Hope to keep in touch with old friend.

Phoon Ying Hoong<>

Im 1998 student of SMK ST GEORGE. Any student of that please keep touch or any other from the same school also can send me a mail. Once a georgian always a georgian.


I studied in King Edward Primary School 1972- 1976. 1977 - 1982 I studied in Saint George. I am school cross country runner. My Mathenatics teacher is Cikgu Ainam. My class teacher is Cikgu Idris. My class is 5 Sc 3. Now i am a police officer in Bukit Aman. My best are a lot just e -mail u recognise me.

Fong Loong Cheong<>

The class of '73 will be having its 50yrs old (we are 50 this year) on the 9th Dec 2006 in Taiping. Please contact Tang Yuet Mun or Chuah Say Chin for details. For those who have not registered with our class website - please do join or visit the site. Say Chin is the moderator. Hope to see u here Fong Loong Cheong class 73 SGI

Alam Badrul<>

My name is Badrul I left KE VII 1959. Now living in England and akan balek kampong on 21/10/2006 will staying at my sister's in Kamuting I would to know old friend Chan Lee Chin .I was known as Ali for those who like contact me are most welkom'Old Tigers will never die'


i'm not an edwardian neither i am a a true convent gal.haha.however,edwardian and georgian plays a big part of making my school stands up. i mean,they r rivals.and rivals are suppose to intrigue us.and when they intrigue us,they blow us and when they do-no-they don have tym to cuz convent girls always rules!! convent taiping rocks!

Jeffery Aw Chow Aun<>

I am very impress of this site about Taiping and also seeing the photos of the two rival schools K.E.VII and SGI. Born and bread in Taiping and now residing in UK. I was an Edwardian since 1957-1968. Was in KE VII Primary Two under Mr. Khoo Kai Bee and then KE VII Secondary under Mr. McCummiskey the to the lat Mr. Long Heng Hua (Pak Long). During my my school year in KE VII I was in the &th Taiping Scout Group and also in the School Gymnastic under the Late Mr. Francis Chang. So those of you, classmates, friends, girlfriends who still know and remember me, please do write. I would love to hear from you. Certainly been ages since I left Taiping, but Taiping have'nt left me as I go back quite regularly and it still occupied a place in my heart and will forever. The school years alway bring back those good od and nostalgis days of the alma mater of the great KE VII school. Here are some of the school teachers Ms. Yaep Gaik Khoo, Mr.& Mrs. Ng Yoong Ming, Lim Eng Keat, Mr. Micheal Moey, the late Mr. Francis Chang, and many more.... The classmates are many from Form one to form five are Ooi Teong Huat, sivarajoo, Paranathan, Thong Yoke Seng, Choy Sung Kai, Theoh Boon Sooi and brother Boon Chee, Chong Eng Hong, Saw Huat Leong, Sung Lai Soo, Wooi Yoke LIn and many more.. if I cannot remember. Email me pls if anyone of U still remember me... and hopefully for a reunion. Kayes, I would like to be included in this list. Thanks for your great site.


hi..i was in KE literally 1987-1995 (primary1-form3). in heart, always an edwardian.. was looking for info bout taiping 10's rugby, then i found this.. hopefully 2 meet my long lost frens.. last year i meet 1, in kuching, school teacher @ rugby coach in mrsm kuching.. cikgu rizwan.. i'm now a dentist in miri, though i'm taiping boy, fate want me to b in miri till now.. still a rugby player, now for miri rugby club.. thanx 2 KE, i now still in love with rugby. since d day i was force to stuck my head under my classmate armpit back in 1990, just 2 learn what scrum looks like. looking forward 2 meet my fellow collegues.. till then, KING EDWARD WILL LIVE FOREVER AS LONG AS THE TAIPING HILL STANDS... ROARSS..

Wong Li Li<>

Hello, I am Lili. Looking for old school mates who know me. Finished form 5 in 1990 SRK Convent Taiping.

Ritamaylin Bahauddin<>

Hello, i accidentlly hopped into this webpage. Studied at Convent, Taiping from 1982-1986 (secondary)Form 5A5...., CHIJ, Melaka (primary). Almost 20 years now. Aah....Remember Ms Murugesu (english teacher form 3)teaches hocky, Pn Zakiah (BM). Remember Ooi Institute...Mr Ooi....Suzy, ingat lagi kat kita tak? Tuition PA .....
Zuriya, Rodziah, Fezmin, Shahida, Sue, Yati, Rohaya, Nik Rafidah, Norhuda and anyone who still remember me ....please...please do email me....

Amy Lim<>

Reading the postings on this page does bring back many fond memories. Gone are the days when we breezed through the town on our bicycles, carefree and happy times indeed :-) In my teens, would cycle everywhere with a group of mates 3 from TMGS and 4 from KE, Bee Kee? Freddie? are a couple of the names I recall, it was a long time ago!! A former TMGS girl 1965-1970 (Primary) and 1971-1975 (Secondary), left for the UK in 1977. Would love to hear from any of my classmates or buddies and reminisce of old times

Norishah Mohamad Daud<>

When I balik kampung, I'm pround to be one of the Taiping residence. Thank you for Kayes for the webpage. As I read through, I feel seronok sangat exp.; when I read Zulinda Zahid Jamal and Emilly Amir story. I was at Convent, Taiping until 1983. The list of the teachers make me feel back to the future. Hope to keep in touch with old schoolmates or anybody yang still remember me, please contact me. For all cikgu, (1974 - 1978) at SRK Convent Kota Taiping MS PAULINE DORAI, masih kedengaran suaranya dengan sari seksinya ... SISTER TERESSA, with you sweet smiles.... PAKCIK ZAINUN, tukang kebun paling baik (aku pinjam basikal dia sebab tertinggal bas...) USTAZAH SAADIAH, dah sakit dia... aku terjumpa dia kat HUKM, dia masih ingat lagi aku ni! KAK ROHANA, pertama lagi aku jumpa office girl for all cikgu (1979 - 1983) at SMJK Convent Taiping MISS MURUGAISU, teringat dia dan MISS SU ajar hoki MR VOON, cikgu maths aku yang minat dengan sains dan adventure MRS SHIRLEY ONG, ajar kami english dengan translate lagu-lagu melayu ke english MISS TOH, ajar sains rumah tangga ARWAH ENCIK YAHYA, cikgu disiplin masa 1982-1983. Aku cukup anti dengan dia...tup-tup anak dia jadi adik ipar aku!!! dan lain-lain cikgu yang aku terlupa namanya ..... jasamu dikenang.

Jason Saw<>

hi hi... came acrossed the site by accident...a pleasant one though. amazing... didn't expect our beloved taiping, more so bout our schools, we actually hav a blog on our schools... gosh...realised that i m so way outdated...btw, i studied in hualian from 1990 to 1995..a school of extreme ends...we hav high flying graduates, we hav notorious dropouts...n we produce millionaires, CEO of a listed co. at age 28..etc....and i missed everything i used to routinely had in taiping...especially those i wish i could keep in touch with those i used to know from St George, KE, Hualian, TMGS, Convent, Sri Kota, etc...if anyone of u reading my paragraph here happen to know me, i would like to send my warmest regards to u...i bet most of u must be doing well n hav a good life out there....anyway, i m not so much into blogging and that's why i sounded like a weirdo talking here...sorry if i happen to bore u...keep me in the loop in any updates of the site...i mean,! the relevant one..taiping site... till then, cheers. oh ya, how come i hardly come across any hualian friends around here?

Marshal Phang<>

WOW... been about almost eighteen years since I left Taiping. Any guys from SGI Form 5 Class of 87 drop me a line. I am now living in Melbourne and I do alway reminist about good old Taiping.. the Cendol sessions after school at beside the Bismila Restaurant, Ice Kacang beside Larut Matang, roller disco, house parties, basketball at the SGI courts in the evenings... those were the days.

Tang Weng Kong<>

Hello All Old Edwardians out there. It is as great as the School Name to pen a few words here.Anyone of you are from 1957 to 1969 school days (Pri 1 to Sec.5)? It was nice to see names like Pak Long, Bull-Dog, Junjong, Francis Chang, Mr Leergam, Mr Thong, Mr & Mrs Ng, etc. The memories in the school are great. I would be very happy if anyone of my classmates were to response to this story: Class of Form Five Science 1969. Magni Nominis Umbra. Greater Than Before. Tang Weng Kong,

Sugumaran Chidambaram<>

i was born in birch village way back in 1959(historical place) and studied at this great and glorious school from 1966-1971. So much am i in love with my alma mater that i enrolled my two sons in it too. They too feel proud to be edwardians. There are cases of students from lesser popular schools admitting they studied in KE VII to be part of elite school leavers.This majestic school offered all pupils ample sized classrooms to learn and a beautiful field to play. I couldnt forget the times during recess time when we used to play on the enormous roots of the wonderful raintrees which are still living after almost 100 years (1910). My other classmates of standard six A in 1971 are cheah keat swee, yap chu seng, foong kuan yong, ratan kumar, rajender kumar(deceased 1989),chew wee lai,abdul ghani, zakaria, ariffin, cheng ho to name a few, others dont be angry aah ok, i got our class photos for reference.My school teacher was Mr Boey. In secondary school i ran the cross country barefooted like a fanatic and was champion of 1975 and 1976.anyone out there who recognise me please email or call to share your memories of our great school. sugu 013-5208815. bye


hi...i wuz in SERATAS from 98 to 2002...i was in 5w when i left my luvly not working yet..still studying in UPM...wondering this site for which school...taipingtalk rite?hum,,really nice i've been in Taiping,,i wuz born in Alor Setar..just be back to SERATAS last friday..30th june 2006...we were enjoying our reunion..thanks to all teacher in SERATAS...i miss SERATAS n my frens are most wanted,,


Im currently doing my Form 6 in SMK.King Edward (V11).My school is the best among the best.Being one of the oldest school in town,im proud that im studying there.The teachers are very dedicated and the students are all very well behaved.When,i stepped in the school for my lower 6 enrollment i was very nervous.But then the teachers there gave us a vey warm welcome.Till today im vey happy and i hope if my ambition as a tecaher is granted,i would like to be posted to this school











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