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    Wan Suzynarita Wan Ahmad<>

    Hello, Someone told me about this site quite some time ago. He said my name is mentioned here. When I visited this page, oh my God, this is simply awesome my friends, my teachers, my school, they?re all here. I was a former TMGS student right from kindergarten [1975] until Form 5 [1986] before proceeding to King Edward VII for my Lower Form 6, which I stopped after 6 months. To all my beloved primary and secondary school teachers, Ms Foo, Ms Phuah, Mrs Sundram whom I dearly missed, Mrs Zainal, Ms Lim, Puan Zaharah, Ms Amirul, Ms Toh, my ever loving ustaz and ustazah, the strict and concerned Ms Satwant Kaur, my sweet BM teacher Puan Rohani whom I met couple of months ago at my daughter?s kindergarten [waiting for her grandchild now :)], my warm and caring English teacher Puan Normalina, the good looking neighbour of mine who happened to be my Chemistry teacher Mr Sum[You're always our #1, sir], the attractive Mr Ong, my wonderful Biology teacher Ms Ho, and to all of my teachers whom I have not mentioned here, I would like to express my deepest and my heartfelt gratitude for your endless efforts and hard work, for your never-ending patience in teaching me to read and write from ABC and Alif Ba Ta and most of all, thank you so much for making me a whole human being as I am today. Your contributions, big or small, truly mean a lot to me. I could not have done it without all of you. Only The Almighty can ever repay your kindness and your compassion to me. Thank you and thank you so much!!

    And to all of my primary and secondary school friends, Amelia Kartina, Joyce, Hasmyza, Roslin, Chuah Bee Ang, Mageswary, Wan Foong, Chin Yoke Fong, Chong Lu Lu, Maimunah, Feeza, Rosziliaini, Aina Zuraya and to Zeenatul - remember the night we waited for the eclipse to happen? It was in 1986, we were studying for the exams remember?, to the members of the ?Secret Service? [SS]- my very first best friend, Azleen Rubilda Zainal whom I greatly missed [Alin, do contact me at my email if you happen to come across this site], Chua Bee Leng and Nor Mardziahiza[The SS meetings that we had during recess behind the school building, God knows what we talked about!], to all the male friends whom I met in King Edward VII, my good friend, the kind hearted Khairil Amir Akhiruddin who pursued his studies in IIUM [thank you for your wonderful friendship] , Mohd Amjad, Khairul Anuar, my backdoor neighbour, Subash whom I heard studying medicine in India , Charanjit Singh and his Danish friend, Benno Jensen [ Charan, I have enjoyed the karate class so much even though I got severely injured during sparring and came limping to class the next day only to find you and Benno laughing at me :)], and many more [the list goes on and on, I don?t think I can fit the page!] The wonderful moments that we have shared during our school days, the crushes and infatuations, the fights and everything those are the sweetest and the most valuable memories that are still treasure in my mind. To all of you, thank you for coming into my life and thank you for giving me the pleasure to be part of your memories. No matter where ever you may be, May Allah blesses and bestows sheer happiness and bliss upon all of you always. ~suzy~


    Accidentally hopped into this webpage!!! Currently working in HK however never forgotten about Taiping - a quite and lovely town - I missed the food, the larut matang supermarket "seut san", "Kaka noddles"... I was from SM Sri Kota till 1990 - this website remind me of lot of sweet memories about my school years, friends - I have my most comfy life during these yrs - quick summation of me would be slack, low profile but happy. Guess life is simple yet it isn't empty... after Taiping more studies within Malaysia and Australia. Sad to say, I never met most of my friends after 1990... where have they been ? how are they doing ? To those who know me, feel free to drop me a note to say hi. Lastly, I'm glad to see so many responses from all rekindle the sweetest memories. Very amaze so many Taipingites spread thru the world and shaping the world....May all of you do well, stay healthy and happy. Also, keep this website going... Keep Taiping develop a perfect country town ! Cheerssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!

    Vijai Dev<>

    Found this site by chance. I was Tiger from 1951 to 1959. Initially my mother & I lived in Kampong Boyan and in 1961 moved to Pokok Assam. The names of Edwardians that I remember are the Lim Ah See of Railway Station, Thuraisingam, Rajadurai, Mohan Singh(TNB, Arunasalam. The teachers remembered are Late Francis Chang, Chua Ket Hin(Maths), late Letchumanan and lastly Low Eng Leong.If anyone knows more about them, please pen me a line Best of everything to all.

    Wong Chee May<>

    Wow...really enjoyed the site. Reading all the stories in this website really brings back the good old memories while in my schooling years. I'm born and bred in Taiping and a TMGS gal all the way from primary to secondary school. It have been almost 11 years since I left the school in 1994 (Form 5). I am currently working in KL. I still remember the teachers in TMGS...Mrs. Ong, Ms. Helen, Ms. Lim LH, Mr. Kanna, Mrs. Ng, Mr. Chua CB, Mrs. Khoo BT, Mrs. Foo. Remember when I was under Mr. Kanna for this subject 'principle of accounts', he would make us all stand up if we could not answer his questions. Each time my turn comes to answer his questions, goodness, I shiver with fear. Guess that's what makes me score all the 'A's in the subject!!! Anyway, I must thank all the teachers in TMGS for moulding me to become what I am today. Yes, I'm a full fledge accountant today. I still keep in touch with a few friends, namely Ming San, Sern-Ny, Yin Haa, Hooi Chiun, Hiew Wei, Hua Lian pals - Swee Luang, Sheue Mei, KE - James, HHH (you know who you are), etc. I've also stumbled upon loads of people from Taiping while working and it just makes me wonder how small the world is and how talented Taiping people are! (Just to name a few, Mr. Chew BK - Hua Lian, Navin - SGI, Pauline Chua - Convent, Paul Chua - SGI, Win Nee - TMGS, Ee Yen - Hua Lian). For those who remember me, do drop me a few lines and if possible, we could meet up to catch up on the good ole days. Best wishes - Chee May.


    BORN TO ROAR, Ooooh I miss those lovely moments in KE VII - 1, surely would send my sons to the same school if I'm there. Remember Ms Ong when I was forced to join 2A's Maori dance back in 1978 still got the photos, back then so scared to say no la... luckily I was given the male outfits, still laugh when seeing my friends playing maori girls plus with make ups, lipstick and red cheeks... ha haaa.... I've never miss to visit the school whenever back to Taiping, Old classmates who knows me or happen to own the photos of the maoris, do contact me okay, bye E PA PA WA A RE TA TO A MANI, KA TO A MANI, bla bla

    Nishalini G <>

    Hi!! Stumbled across this site&had a sudden flashback of memories. Ex student of Convent Klian Pauh (89-94). Remember the visits from the monkeys? And remember how v used to get in trouble all the time? =) Mrs.Robert, u are the best. I ll never forget u. Rozita, Sook Hooi, Jolene, Adele, Sumitha Mathavan, Peik Wen, Rabiatul, Emy, Mimi and any ex-Klian Pauh girls, drop me a line if u see this ok. Ex-student of TMGS (1995-1999)Remember all the good times? LGUS- Adibah, Tanny, Fazie, Joyce, Siew Hoong,Wen Lyn,Edana and Yamuna, I miss u guys like crazy.Let's have a reunion.Pn.Sharifah- Thank u for always sticking up for us. It really meant alot.Shobna Shree, Prema and the rest of the choral girls: U girls were the sweetest.i always look back with a smile.(2000-2001) I was an Edwardian too.If any of u guys remember me, e-mail me ok. Meena, Caroline,Anu and the rest of L/U6Sc3 . Vijey, Kael,Selva, Saresh and Yamu,remember our port?If there is anyone who remembers me, do drop me a line ok.Would luv to hear from u guys.

    Yeoh So Mei<>

    Was at Convent Klian Pau since 1978, then at SM Convent Kota until 1988, then at SGI till 1990. School days were some of the best time of my life. Hope to keep in touch with old schoolmates.

    Husni Mohd Husin<>

    First of all, thanks a lot for the person who created this website. Bumped into it while surfing for other sources. I was in King Edward primary school .... moved to King Edward secondary school from 1982 - 86. When I was in primary, there was my football coach ?Narajan Singh? used to call me ?Harimau mandi? just becoz I was the only person who answered him that the harimau normally take their bath every morning. Still got that name till now. Moved to secondary, I got the opportunity to meet Pak Long, Pak Sajad and Pak Moen Skymmar. Involved with football team and Rugger team.. Mr Jayapalan and Pak Yu, still fresh in memory. Now I?m teaching in one of the secondary school in Perlis. Missed those old days.. To Pak and Mak Yau who taught me english and science,,, missed u soo much. Get in touch to those who really got hooked to me

    Abd Latiff Bidin<>

    TYVM to the creator(s) of this site. Been trying to re-new ties with old friends now that I'm 54 yrs old, well almost. Am looking for old friends from school too. I joined KE VII in 1961 (Std 4) and left after failing my HSC badly in 1970. In 1971 I was a temporary teacher in SGI, teaching Forms 3 - 5. Hope to communicate with anyone who still remember me - I was rather quiet though I was quite active in drama, debating and elocution. In 1964, the late Long Heng Hua (Pak Long) took over from Bion Dury and I witnessed my 1st public caning. 1965 was the diamond jubilee year and the song "King Edwards will live forever for as long as the Taiping Hill stands......Magni Nominis Umbra" was introduced. If I'm not mistaken, it was composed by the father of my classmate, Yeoh Beng Keat. In 1966, Nadasapillai & I were caught looking furtively at our answer books during a quiz, and Pak Long invited us to his room for 1 roti panjang each. the next day I was annointed School Prefect - among the few from Form 3. Many other sweet memories, will share the next time. In TMGS then my friends were Puteh Aishah & gang. I'm now retired from Shell Co and am now a full-time, freelance translator.

    Joseph Ratnaraj Soosai<>

    I was a student at SGI from1964-1974 Form Five.Ran cross country, Scouts and Christian leadership council under Bro.John and sister Clare. Had a great time at SGI. Regular at St.louis Church. Now living in USA, 21/2years in New York City, 18 years in Minneapolis/St.Paul suburb. Now in Arizona. Married to an American. My brother Thomas Jothiraj lives in Minnesota We used to live only a block from each other. Both of us took an active role in the church choir and Youth Group. Looking for old Church friends Anthony Robeiro, Claude Suppiah, Jerry Cubinar,Micheal Chai, Clement Samuel, Cathreine Thomas, Francis Pereria, David Ng. I lived Cator Avenve. Believe its now called Jalan Panglima. I still Have an older brother in Taiping. The rest of the family in Australia, Germany and the USA. Hopefully some day I can visit Good olde Taiping town. To those of you who remember me please write I would like to keep in touch.

    Abdul Hamid Khalid<>

    What can I say is that this is a great school. With Pak Long and Junjong in the lead we became a disciplined lot. Thank you King Edward VII. Thank you very much.

    Izham Rusyadi<>

    Hello Edwardians where ever you are! Specially to all the tiger rugby players and friends since 1987-1991(form 1-5) and 1992-1993 (form 6). It's nice to know how you guys doin nowadays.. It,s me the Headboy in 1993.. I would like to wish all you the very best in life and good luck! Now i'm furthering my studies in UPSI. Once a tiger always a tiger!

    Joe Woon<>

    I am a former Edwardian from 1976-1977 (pri) and 1982-1985 (sec). Proud to be an Tiger. Anyone keen to have a mingle, do contact me at 65-91816198 or I have plan to make badminton racket with King Edward VII wording on the shaft with the badge on the T-joint. Let me know if you want it. Do pass this to your friends, they may have badminton friends. I do go back to Taiping about twice a year meeting up with some old friends playing badminton. Weng Sports will know me. Thanks.

    Mazlinda Abu Bakar<>

    Sigh. Finally I found this website. Glad to trace some of "missing" frens here. So many unforgetable memories during my student life at TMGS. Miss lotsa things. TMGS has thought me how to live my life to the fullest. I'm now studying at MMU, Cyberjaya in Mgmt Multimedia. To all my lovely frens out there, please know that I really really miss you guys. Feel free to reach me at my mobile 019-300 2461. Mmmmuahhh.

    Chew Thian Hock @ Syamsuddin Bin Abdullah<>

    I was in King Edward VII Secondary School from 1969 - 1973. Form 5 in 1973. Left school in 1973. Anybody still remember me, please contact me. Thanks.

    Yusof Kracica<>

    King Edward v11 primary begin standard 1 1984 either yellow/red class until standard 6. soccer team under 12's. King Edward v11 secondary until 1998. VT class. there were 16 of us in there (i think), most of us were prefects then. soccer team under 16's and 18's.

    James Chin Kuang Yam<>

    Found this fascinating site by simply searching for "St George's Institution". I was in SGI from 1960 - 1969 (1969-1970 in SMI). Now living in Perth, Australia. My recollections of Taiping are mainly good - nostalgic is pretty accurate. Teachers as dedicated as those who taught us are hard to come by these days...the late Fr James Saw, Bro Denis (Denis Doss), the late Bro Christopher Ng, Bro John, the late Ng Beng Por, Patrick Teoh, Thomas Sant Singh, Albert Joseph, the late Ooi Chek Huat, the late Bro Fabian, the late Simon Choong, Ong Ah Guan, Vincent Soo and many many more. Chokes me just to think about them. Great guys. I used to play in a band called "Genesis" with Yeoh Hooi San, Ngan Kin Sing and Jossie Thomas. Jossie is of course still pursuing a career he loves and is acknowledged as one of Malaysia's finest guitarists. Hooi San is in Perth but I have lost touch with Kin Sing. I believe he is in KL. I would like to hear from anyone who knew me.With kind regards Kuang Yam

    Norsukma Amin Shukeri<>

    Hello! firstly I would like to thank Kayes for the wonderful webpage.Ex-Convent - left school in the year of 1982. Whew..more than 20 years!!But it doesn't feel that long...I can still remember the smell of the food in the canteen! The mee rebus is the best!! couldn't find the same exquisite taste ever!!Hihi I can still remember the morning assembly, the rushed to canteen during recess also again the rushed home, of course after school. After form 3, I never bothered to rush home (cycled to school),instead we just hang out and talk! Being a girl back than I don't hv much freedom so school was everything to me. To those who knew me, please email me, probably we could catch up for the long lost years....Miss all the teachers and all my friends.

    Jin Nie<>

    I had a fabulous time at Convent Klian Pau Primary School in 1987. Five years after that I was in SRK Convent Kota. Who can forget Ms Foo (fierce)? Or Mrs Ravi (also fierce). I wonder if the small dental clinic is still at where it was. I spent the next five years from 1993 - 1997 at SMK Sri Kota. People used to say that it was a notorious school. Guess that you cannot judge a book by its' cover. My teacher used to tell me, it is not which school you are in, it is how you work yourself to your dream. I had made many great friends during my time in Sri Kota. I am grateful that I still have them now. I give three cheers to the first ever girl softball team (1995 - 1997) of Sri Kota, we did a super magnificent job (Remember how we won, forget how we lost!)To my two friends who had to answer to God, you'll always be remembered. If by any chanceof my old friends read this, do email me.

    Kenny Yeap<>

    Hi! Old & New Georgian, Wish you all well in shape. Hope to find some of my classmate from year 1989-1993 pls contact me Trying to search of some old buddies.


    hey, I am ex-stduent of TMGS 1998 graduate batch, class 503.. since then i left Taiping until now... i still remember those days when we are assign to distribute loan books... our class will normally gets all the new books bless from your gang.. and all the naughty stuff that we done in and out of schools... time fly and each and everyone of us are so busy with our personal life.. hope to get in touch with our class 503'98 gang... write to me if you happen to read this message..ciao


    How can I forget my KE, the biggest school in Taiping. Class of '87. And being a kampung boy from Batu Kurau, it was a humbling experience schooling in arguably THE public school in Perak. Went to US and got a degree. Came back and work for MNC in KL and for the past few years, have been living out of a suitcase. Having spent 1/3 of my life overseas, reading my fellow Edwardian's nostalgic KE experiences brings me down the memory lanes. There were many nicknames for the teachers but if you wanna know who's the famous teacher in KE, easy! just visit the boys' toilet. Very artistic this KE boys :)

    Ahmad Fithrie Ahmad Tajalie<>

    Going thru all the response makes me wanna write everything about Taiping especially my days at school. Well, i'm born & bred in Taiping(Tepen). start my school @ Tabika Kemas Tmn Kamunting Jaya (1984) then rest for 1 year before going to SRK St. George (1) (1986-1991). My dream school was KE1 but what to do my dad (former OE Tiger) dont wanna to send me there :( Anyway, geogie also best!! My past teachers, Ms Chan, Pn Sabariah, Ms Soo, Mr Ho (this guy really the 'garangest' teacher i ever met)-georgian 1 should know this guy. legend mann, wonder where he is right now?, Mr Khalid. After UPSR, i only studied at SGI for 2 weeks before going to boarding school @ Kulim, left behind parents, family and old friends..Khairul,Josri, Sofian, Sofian hakim, fathur,azril,zunaidi,tan yew lee,dennis, mun fai, chan yu choi, ong aun seang ( i think i remember u), nithyan (met him @ MMU), kunaseelan, fairus,epit...alot more i kenot remember all ur names, sorry. 1995-1996 I came back to Taiping continue my study @ MRSM Taiping, a boarding school and alot of outsiders. Don't care really as long as I back in Taiping thats good enough. hmm...panjang jugak then takde idea, so all my friends out there who still remember me...feel free to mail me, ok?

    Azman Shukeri<>

    Assalamualaikum, I'm one of the Edwardian, and enjoyed my youth in the small town called Taiping. I was an Edwardian batch 1983-1993. I played hockey for King Edward VII, and yes still playing occasionally now. Magni Nominis Umbra, the majority in my familes are O.E so I grew up listening to them talking about Pak Long, Junjung and et.c. Funny but when I studied there, i experienced a lot of nostalgic moments. Fun, exciting, sad, thrilling and awesome moments! Being caught by the discipline teacher, ran from the prefects and teachers..cheating ..and yes it was FUN!!! Well I was born with an identical twin brother, so we were always having fun and all, and being thenaughty boys we sure experienced a lot of ups and downs. Strange but our close friend is from St. George and he is still our close pal,Tee. Out third twin brother actually... Now all of us stayed around K.L and we do keep in touch and occasionally about the past and move on with our current life. Last but not least, we do miss the place. As once in a blue moon , we'll be back, taste our favourite food and drinks..combat, Bismillah, laksa Irene, and rojak pasembur ..sedap...last but not least,Once a Tiger always a Tiger...

    Dr Maria Mansur<>

    Looking back at those old days- in Convent and later in KE VII,full with unforgetable memories. Many things and secrets were shared about our techers in schools and that makes schooling full with joy and laughter.Knowing rugby boys as classmate during my form 6 in KE really trigger my interest to stay longer in KE and the saying " part-time students, full time rugby player" will always stay in my memory each time I look at my old classroom in KE when I have the chance to go back to Taiping. Fellow friends and teachers- I really miss all of you and the old days we shared in Convent and KE.

    Hasnul Hasrin Mohd Hasnan<>

    to all my good friend in St George yr 1987-1991 do e-mail me we have a lot of memories to share and i think we should get together for a reunion. and not forgotten to all my teacher Mr Patrick Teoh, Mr Francis Ho, Bro Charles and others thank u for everything.

    Ooi Swee Lam, Andy<>

    Left the school in 1985 after form 5. still in contact wif some of the schoolboys. cheah eng hong, ooi eng kee, lim heong san. we are all in singapore except for heong san who is in KL. anybody out there from the same gang. pls, pls, pls drop a line.

    Kok Kheong<>

    Forever GEORGIAN. i'm a georgian from 2001 to 2005.. year 2005 is the return of st george's glory. we, ST GEORGE had beat down SMK convent in choral speaking, debate, and the most exciting is the drama competition. although we are not the first winner, but we took the first runner-up beat SMC who ONLY won second runner-up


    In form 1, I study at SMK Simpang.


    We are group of KE boys who took our MCE in 75 and we have now got a group of us togather in KL. We are looking for more of our boys who also did their MCE in 75 anyone form that year here? Maybe some of you may know some one in your family whowas from year 75? Ask them to email me. In our group we have Gan eok gee, Tan kok Siang, Idris abdullah, teh yew beng,Jimmy Ng, Zuraidi and many others.


    Hi everyone i also a Treacherian.I from form 3 now doing a Kajian Geogarfi Tempatan so need help from everyone.I need the information about our home twon.Pls land a helping hand for me.Thank You.

    Hardev Singh<>

    I love my days of sports and events , it was really challenging and spontaneous...... hope i can share more of my details with my friends and relatives... I'm proud to be a edwardian.. magni nomunis umbra

    Lim Mei Min<>

    Searching up & down for my hometown & I found this page, really make my dreams come true. I was from TMGS 97' class 501. Miss u girls so much! The fresh memories of year 1996, after PMR, was a honeymoon year to us & still fresh in my mind.Now & Forever!Will there be another reunion for all the TMGS girls? Keep in touch! Love u girls forever.

    Intan Salwani Bt. Mohamed<>

    Searching for friends (SRK Convent Kota 1981-1986). E-mail me at,

    Abdul Wahid Abu Bakar<>

    I studied in St George from std 1 (1973) right up to the early part of lower 6. (1984) Took my SPM in 1983. If anyone from batch 1983 read this please email me. I would really like to get organize a get together. Those school days were the best years of my lives. Thank you ALL TEACHERS and friends who have guided me. After lower 6 I got a scholarship to study in the States. Graduated with a B.SC in Civil Engineering from Univ. Of Arizona USA in dec 1988. Currently working with a engineering firm in KL. Did work in the UK for a short spell in Dartford, England.

    Olivia Teh Yongxian<>

    hmm,i m a ex-hua lian student.2003 5sc1 student.i miss my school a lot. now i m taking my a levels in taylors..this is d 1 st time i discover tis web site 4 all taiping punya nice.

    Steven Ng<>

    I am a former Georgian. The class of 1980. Now living in K.L. really do miss Taiping a lot, especially all the tasty food and the fresh air from the lake Garden. Would really like to get in touch with any former georgian of class of 1980 especially the 5Sc2 Class.

    Su Yee<>

    I'm a former student of SMK Convent, Taiping. Now I'm studying in UUM and going to graduate in September. It was great studying in Convent. I'm proud to be a Convent girl. Even now, whenever people ask me which school were you in, I will answer with no doubt "I am a Convent girl". To all the teachers in Convent especially my Modern Maths teacher, Mrs. Yeoh and my Science teacher, Mrs. Soh, thank you for everything that you've taught me. Who I am now, I owe it to you all. To all my classmates in 5VT1 (1999), it's a great pleasure to know you all. I will always remember those crazy stuff we did at then. To Kwee Phing, Gini, Komala, Shahila...miss you all so much. Hope to see you all someday.

    Faizura Husin<>

    Found this site by chance. Was browsing the net for other info but ended up with this cool website of my beloved Taiping. I was born in Taiping (in 1974) parents are still living in Taiping, in Kg. Jambu to be exact, and I always balik kampung every month. I went to Convent school from Std 1 up to Form 5. Left after Form 5 in 1991 to further study and now I'm working in KL. Funny thing is..I'm married to an ex-KE boy...what a small world eh!! My inlaws are staying in Changkat Jering and I got 3 sis inlaw also ex-Convent girls. Well..I've been scrolling through the messages and can't seem to spot any familiar names. Especially those who finished Form 5 at SM Convent in 1991, in particular those from 4 Science 1 and 5 Sc 1...Swee Hoon, Carolyn Loo, Adelyn, Diana & Joanna Ong, Yoke Moi,etc. If anyone knows where they are right now, kindly inform them that I'm looking for my long lost friends.Chow!


    Hello everyone...Born in 1972. Primary at SRK ST George 1 from 1979 to 1984. The only thing I always remember is the MEE Rebus at canteen. Until now I can't find the similiar taste. Wonder who were the canteen operators. Hehehe.


    Hi, I'm edwardian, since 1997-2003 and i finish my school level at 2003, I'm form 6.At KE i have a lot of sweet memorys. I love my old school KE so i hope i can meet some body out there... that same like me we can gather or everthing togerther..again..AMAD MAGNI NOMINIS UMBRA

    Ahmad Fikry B Abu Bakar<>

    Hi, I'm edwardian, since 1997-2003 and i finish my school level at 2003, I'm form 6.At KE i have a lot of sweet memorys. I love my old school KE so i hope i can meet some body out there... that same like me we can gather or everthing togerther..again..AMAD MAGNI NOMINIS UMBRA

    Aminuddin Kamaluddin<>

    I was in S.R.J.K. St. George (I) Taiping from 1973 to 1977. I was then in S.M.J.K. St. George from 1978 to 1980. I was the top student of the school for S.R.P. 1980, but I did not do too well in life after that. In 1981 I transferred to another school in Kuala Lumpur. My best friends were Suresh Kumar, Ong Heng Aik & Ong Cheng Hock. I was also a Karate Club member since primary school & was a Brown 1 Belt holder in Goshin Ryu Karate (I was not promoted to Black Belt because I was a skinny & puny little kid then). Anyone who remembers me, please e-mail me soon. I am now staying in Rawang, Selangor & I really miss those good old days in the school. Anyway, I am now 40 years old & unemployed. I have an elder brother, i.e. Amiruddin Kamaluddin. He was in Standard 6 when I was in Standard 2 (year 1973). He subsequently left for further studies in the U.K. I have 2 elder sisters i.e. Mazlifah and Zuraidah. I think they did their Lower 6 at Sekolah Menengah St. George for a while before going to the U.K. for further studies too. They were at Sekolah Convent Taiping. Our late grandmother's house was also near there i.e. at 227 Kota Road, Taiping. I have not been to Taiping since 1983 (until today i.e. 2005). I really miss those good old days especially at school where there was intense rivalry among several of us to be the top-scorer of the school. Also, I was a rather childish 15 year old kid i.e. I thought I was some kind of Superman just because I had a high-ranking in Karate i.e. just one level below Black Belt. Also, I used to share my secret studying methods with my 2 very best friends i.e. Ong Heng Aik (he also had a younger brother i.e. Ong Heng Lee) & Suresh Kumar (I think he is now a Doctor; I used to correspond with him when he was at the Kasturba Medical College in India & I was at the University of Alabama in the U.S.A.).

    Chang Han Leong<>

    Found this site by chance. It's just marvellous to hear the familiar chatter of Taipingnites again. Have been scrolling through the messages and don't seem to spot any msg from anyone who finished Form 5 at SGI in 1970, in particular those from the agriculture science class - the first of its kind in Malaysia. Where have all of them been? Hoping to meet some of them when I balik kampung for the 2005 Chinese New Year. Cheers.


    Well all tigers.. I am a tiger from 1961 to 1972. Std 1 - Mr Ong Chee Lai Std 2 - Lupa la Std 3 - Mr Ong Chee Lai again - classmate Chandrasegaran, Liew Yoong Wah, Kanagarajah etc.. Std 4 - Mrs Wong (moved to KL) Std 5 - Mrs Sivasamboo (knuckle hitter) Std 6 - Mrs Foo Ghee Leong (now in PJ - lost contact) Form 1 - Mrs Esther Chan Form 2 - Mr Rahmat Ali (deceased) Form 3 - Mr Michael Moey (migrated to Australia Married with miss Leow) Form 4 - Lupa juga Form 5 - Mrs Ng Yoong Ming Any news...? Khairuddin

    Cheah Seng Kian<>

    8 years (1994-2001) in SGI...lot of stories i can tell. I am now study at USM but i miss the school a lot. Our Alma Mater just celebrated her 90th anniverasry. Long Live...SGI.

    Karina Adnan<>

    I have never known any other school but Convent Kota, Taiping. Was there from std 1 to form five. Left in 1979 and continued my studies in ITM. Its been about 20years since i left taiping, but i do go back at least once a year coz my parents and two of my sibblings are still there. Every time when im there, i took my children to town via my school. And i proudly told them that i once studied there. It was like a yearly tradition until they sort of got tired of it and said,,.. please, not again... And of course i told them over and over again how we put up a show at the old folks home near the railway station, ... we danced Le Freak, .. Daddy cool, .... we called ourselves The Pink Ladies. Oh my, .... the age of innocence.... For those who still remember me, pls do drop a line or two. Take care.

    Ahmad Nasar Johari<>

    Was in King Edward in the 70 ies and 80 ies - Principal was PAk LOng, Junjong as assitance and Pak Tong the afternoon supervisor. Enjoyed very much as an Edwardian.

    Chong Seep Hon<>

    I must say this is indeed a great site about Taiping. Born and bred in Taiping and now residing in Subang Jaya , PJ. Was in KEI primary and KE VII. In Form 5 batch in 1979 and proceed to Lower/Upper Six in 1980/1981. Was headboy during my years in Lower/Upper Six and left for Studies in Australia in 1981 Active Judo participant while the club was still active those years and managed to take on 1st price for Malaysian Student Open in 1979. Also those were excellent rugby years in which KE VII were champions throughout Malaysia. Would like to keep in touch with the class of 1979/1980/1981 students from KE VII which has definately bought in good fond memories of by teenage years. I can be reached at mobile 017-8789994 or mail id : God Bless.

    Doris Song<>

    hey! i can't see anyone from Treacher Methodist (G) School (Taiping Monkey Girl School) hahaha~~ i am first time in this Taipingtalk ..very glad to see all those pictures tats many memories. Studied in TMGS in year 1985 (remove) Left Tpg and TMGS in year 1990...(so old)..


    Hi there, a group of friends who completed their Fifth Form in Taiping Convent at end 1972 has formed a YAHOO e-Group for their counterparts to have LOADS OF FUN by keeping in touch, exchanging views, posting photos and organising gatherings. The friends are Ang Swee Guat, Agnes Cheong, Choong Siew Mooi Susan, Chuah Lian Hup, Chuah Ying Ying, Cynthia Rowlands, Joan Ng, Julie Ng, Kong Tai Ho Alice, Lee Ching Kit, Lim Guat Ooi, Lim Oi Fee, Lim Swee Yian, Looi Swee Yoong Winnie, Lou Joon Chun, Mary Elizabeth, Owyong Fong Har, Prakash Kaur, Saw Lui Lui, Saw Suat Kheng, Tan Guan Seom, Tan Meng Hoay Mary, Teh Sim Pin and Wong Kah Chen Cecilia. If you are a counterpart and wish to be a member of the e-Group, please write to We look forward to your email :-) Thank you and best wishes.


    do you have any photos of Hua Lian High School?? i'm graduated from Class '2000. i'm independence multimedia designer, soon i'll be further my study in oversea...miss taiping so much...By the way...i do have some photos of Taiping...pls contact me if you need any assist from me...

    Chew Sims<>

    Well done! What a site! I mss Taiping heaps. Was in Taiping Hua Lian primary from 1958. Studied in Convent Secondary till 1969. Those were the days... I came to Western Australia in 1983. Has not been back to Taiping for years. miss the hill, miss the food, miss the friends. In year 1 and 2, I have a female teacher, Miss Yap Lian Hor. She lived in Barrack Street. She was about 20+ then. If any body knows her whereabout, please let me know. She was especially nice to me, till now I still remember her, would like her to know that her love and care as a teacher meant a lot to me.

    Doreen Looi Swee Fun<>

    Hi, I was studying in CHIJ Aulong from 1963 to 68 and my secondary was in the Main CHIJ, from 1969 to 1971 before continuing my From 4 & 5 in Ipoh. I should be from the Class of 73 if I hadn't left. So those of you, whether male or female, who remembers me, please do write. I would love to hear from you. Certainly been ages since I left Taiping, but Taiping hasn't left me, it still occupies a place in my heart, and will, forever. Love you all!

    Redzuan bin Ishak<>

    Hello and I'm Redzuan bin Ishak. I left KE VII in 1969, when Pak Long was still in charged. During that time our school was at its peak in most of the games. I remember when we went to Penang Free School we the TIGERS trounced the LIONS 50 goals to nothing. IF u Know "JUNJONG" is the most unpopular teacher of all time. Anyway I'll never ever forget K.E. VII and the Taiping Lake Garden(considered to be the most beautiful Manmade lake garden in the country).

    Jean Nee<>

    Indeed this is a great site! Well done! I'm from Class '96 of SM CONVENT!! Heaps of memories and experiences! Peng Lin and Jeanne has summed up most of the few key events that happened!! there's more.. I think if we actually get to do our reunion (i mean seriously where everyone is back) we'll take weeks to finish talking & updating each other.. In the meantime, keep in touch guys!

    David Yu<>

    Is this web page un popular to the Hua Lian boys and girls, so few of them, could it be the School's picture is left out or Hua lian boys and girl are born to be shy...haha. I sutdied in Hua lian from Std 1 till Form 5(1970) used to mixed around with some KE and SGI boys, of course the TMGS girls too during my seconday school days. left Taiping in the year 1972, a S'poren today. Please write to me for those who knows me as Yee Teik Meng(especially those long lost friends)and those who want to know more about me.


    Our primary school was in Temple Street behind the Lido cinema. in 1965 we went to secondary school, we were in the aulong hualian for 2 years then we came to the newly completed Hualian Secondary study Form 5 till 1969. i hope to find back my school mates from this period - 1957-1969. email me at:


    I graduated from hua lian in year 1989. writing this message made me realised i have graduated more than 15 years. 15 years is not a small number. anyway, i am indeed surprised and delighted to see this website. happy that those originated from taiping are still very much into our hometown tho we are now all over the world. that shows taiping has given us so much of sweet memories. bravo for this effort and wish to see more fantastic news from this website.

    Anthony Midil Demang<>

    Hello, Hello...My name is Anthony Midil Demang...I am looking for my comrades; Kirua, Rustys, Godlon and blahblahblah (nick name of course)...I am a student of this school (1980-1985), I hope that my dearest friends will find me here...Me now working in a computer firm with nice salary...Now sure can deal with parties every hour my dearest friends...I want to feel the glory days of ours just like few years ago...PARTY? Yes, it is. I will make you all full with food and your belly burst out lolz...So long, hope to find my Kirua, Godlon and Rustys. Mail me through email, okay? Coz I will not be here after this msg...

    Izman Kamal Ismail<>

    Hello all!! I'm Izman Kamal Ismail, KE Boy 1977-1982 (KE VII (I)) then 1983-1989 (SM KE VII) , Head Boy (1989), Rugby Captain (U-15 & U-18). Firstly, well done to the webmaster. Great idea!! However the first pic should be KE VII NOT Georgie School! Well, I have lots of fond memories of the school, learnt a lot of things from classmates and teachers, we were taught to be team players, disciplined as well as cunning & smart. Thanks to Pak Yu, Pak Sajad, Pak Thong, Junjung, Mr Lim Ah Sau. I'm proud to be a Tiger. To all my school mates, contact me, I'd like to hear from you Jofa, Eric Lee, Wai Meng, Parthiban, Arafat, Soon Keat, Wan Nazri & all others.


    Yes. I studied at King Edward 1953. I live now in Melbourne, Australia. Do you happen to have the Email address of my old school Secondary and their telephone number. Please give me a reply. Thanks

    Khairul Haslam b Yahya<>

    I was an Edwardian since 1992-1996, class 5KM1. I hope that to all my old friends will contact me when read this messages. Aku HASLAM please jgn segan2 contact aku my friends - 012-6716105 / e-mail please....miss u all so much. Theres nothings precious than ours friendship. glad to knows u all. Magni Nominis Umbra.

    Imo Owerr<>

    True Tiger to the end, from Std 1, right up to F6, graduated 1988, Head Boy. Went back to my alma mater a few times and so sad that ALL the teachers I used to know has somewhat.... GONE!!! It is just MEMORIES now. Wanted to join the Old E but till now, could not get hold of the ppl or address? Just practice and you will learn more, ok

    Lucy Thomas<>

    i need to find a school in taiping called slim school if anyone has heard of this please will you send me an email and tell me how to contact people that used to go to that school in 1943

    Raymond Anthony<>

    Hail, hail Alma Mater, Hail to SGI! I engraved my footsteps on the treshold of from Stnd 1 right up to Form 6(2002). I have always been glad to have been a son of St. George`s. Well, the person I am today has lots to say about the nurture the school bestowed on me. Thanks to SgI for helping me thrive in education and other aspects of life. I believe the only way I can pay tribute to my Alma Mater is by continuing to share the wonders I have embraced in my childhood to others, so that the spirit of SGI may continue to live in others. Thanks SGI.


    i'm a hostel boy 1986 to 1989. after aguing with Mr.Mustapha after playing mercun. in general assembly, i decided to left hostel and staying with my aunty. i'm a rugby player half trainned by pakyu and senior. i love to hear from hostelboy, rubgy team 1988-1990,and 2a3,3a3,4Art1 and 5art1(my batch and others who know me).to be an edwardian is the best history happpened in my life. contect me through my e-mail. i'm now inside my master class in U.M. so bored ... magni nominis umbra!!!

    Roseliza Ellyani Abdul Rahman<>

    Hi,I was in SRK Convent Klian Pauh (1986-1990) and TMGS(1991-1996).Anybody out there remember me? I'm also looking for an old long forgotten friend,Tee Boon Peen (Convent Klian Pauh-1986-1990),S.M Convent (1991-1996). If anybody have any clue where she is,do email me. By the way, Goh Ai Lean, i remember u.We studied in the same class before in form 3B

    Khairul Azhar Abdul Karim<>

    I am Taiping born and spent the full 6 years (1971 to 1976) at KE 1. I left Taiping for a short while to study at 2 different secondary schools (SM Izzuddin Shah, Ipoh and SM Clifford K.Kangsar) but came back to KE VII where I took my SPM in 1981. I left Malaysia to pursue my university Education in the USA in 1982 and only came back in 1988 after completing my Masters Degree. I remember my schooldays very well and will always try to pass by both KE Primary and Secondary every time I visit my mum and dad in Pokok Assam, for a little bit of nostalgia. Those who still remember me, ( aka "steward" at izzuddin ipoh, the boy who got kicked out of the school hostel at Clifford KK, and the guy with the green bicycle and known as JAA in KE VII) do keep in touch. I would like to thank all my former teachers who happen to be browsing this website, from the bottom of my heart, and to all friends who have helped make life more colorful. "Tiada yang lebih indah dalam hidup ini melainkan kenangan, demi kenangan yang secebis itu"

    Ng Kong Onn<>

    hi im from smk st george. if can , can u all be my pen pal? i will receive from all schools from taiping especially students from st john ambulance. im 14 (2004) and im from the class 2A2.

    Rohani Parkash Abdullah<>

    Every one of my family, girls (Form 6 only) and boys studied at KEVII under Long Heng Hua. They were Ranjit,Harjit,Pritam, Avtar,Zarun,Manjeet and myself Parkash. KEVII had a traditional rivalry with St. Georges Sec. and until 1973, only TMGS girls went to KEVII for their Form 6. BUT it changed in 1973 when we from the Convent Sec. and ST. Georges Sec were sent to KEVII for form 6 and TMGS were sent somewhere else. Man, it was big time friction in that school for 2 years 1973 and 1974. The St. Georges guys were rebellious (which was out of character for them). But eventually Junjung and Mr. Long were able to bring things to order. KEVII was a good school. I hope its still the top. I liked Mr. Long a lot as he was careful to contact parents and had a good relationship with parents and teachers alike.

    Bazlinda Bahrin<>

    Hai everybody!!!!! First of all, i wld like to thanks kayes for the hard work to have this website. i was born and breed in taiping. My earlier schooldays was in SRK Convent Kota (1984-1989). i can remember my class teacher mrs. susie tan and also puan muhitah.Then, i spent my secondary moments in SMK Convent until Form 3 (1990-1993)before i went to a borading school in sg. petani, kedah.i treasured and valued every single moment i had spent in Taiping especially during the school times. Among of my friends are;("i can't mention everybody, rite....)including, marfuza( i saw her name earlier), zuraidah, gayathri, dayalakshimi, shiveh, tan li pin, carolyn, aryani, and many more.... hope to hear from some of you guys soon....chiow!!!!!

    suzanne tan<>

    Hi there i'm from SMK Convent Kota Taiping.I change new school when i'm in form 1,eventough i moved from my school but they have a good education at there and i miss the school...

    Ong Aun Seang<>

    Stumbled on this page by accident. Interesting to see the various comments and stories concerning the various schools in Taiping throughout the years. I'm a Georgian Class of 96 (Form 5) and Class of 98 (Form 6). Lost contact with many ex classmates. Feel free to e-mail me if anyone of you catches a glimpse of this message. Te deseo todo lo mejor!

    Lee Cheh, Danny<>

    True Tiger to the end, from Std 1, right up to F6, graduated 1988, Head Boy. Went back to my alma mater a few times and so sad that ALL the teachers I used to know has somewhat.... GONE!!! It is just MEMORIES now. Wanted to join the Old E but till now, could not get hold of the ppl or address... hai... Anyone knows of the info, pls email or sms to 012-2822303 Danke

    Khairul Sazli b. Zakri<>

    i'm actually don't know where to surf my school website...and i found it in so i hentam je la...i am not an edwardian..i'm a former andersonian within the year of 1991 to 1995...the greatest school in perak..there are many sweet memories i want to share with old andersonian...i would like to locate all my best frens...especially my very best fren CHING YING KIT..(3 TEKUN 1993)...CHIN IF U READ THIS..PLS CONTACT ME AT MY MOBILE NO...012-2932620..OR U CAN E-MAIL ME.

    samsudiar anuar<>

    hi.... i'm just looking for ex - sklj ( sekolah kebangsaan long jaafar ). anyone from there ( upsr 1995 ) - please email me. i cant wait to do a reunion for our batch!!! c u later...

    Hazura Yais Razali<>

    Hai...I'm not quite sure where could I log-in to find my long lost friend. I'm SM Convent girl from 1989 to 1993. I'm bump to my schoolmate and she said I have to register for the Convent Girl website...But anyway, it's nice knowing all of you guy and read your memorable notes..I've one too but maybe .... one day..

    azuan radzi<>

    I was an Edwardian from 1977 to 1979. Ipoh born, but went schooling at King Edward VII, Taiping. So many fond memories i had while there. In 1999, I went back to the school by myself to do recollection of memories, exactly 20 yrs after i last seen the school. Sports, especially rugby was hugely popular at that time, MCKK and STAR was no match to us those days. Visits by Chulalongkorn and Vajiravudh of Thailand was a regular affair. Oh those days, never will i ever forget.

    Joe Chong Fah Hing<>

    Left SGI in the 60s and presently residing in Subang Jaya. I would be glad if any OG could help me locate another OG by the name of Henry Foon Kwai Foon who I think is residing in Singapore. He has a brother by the name of Foon Kwai Leng. I know I can depend on Georgians.

    ahmad aznolishraff zamli<>

    hi there i'm a former of SMKEVII student from 1988-1993.i was lucky enough to get an education in that school. it is because that school is the best school in Taiping. not to forget to all my eldest brother who also studiedin the same school. My first teacher is Mrs.Dattaya. She's very friendly and like to help other student no matter how stupid you are. and not to forget to all the teacher in SMKE primary and secondary. Thank You all for giving me more than what we need. "KING EDWARD WILL LIVE FOREVER , AS LONG AS THE TAIPING HILL STAND" "KING EDWARD WILL SHINE FOREVER"


    hi!! i am a student of SGI this year


    Wish to keep in touch with old classmates and schoolmates of TMGS. Left school after SPM 1991. Was is 5ScW or 5 Sains Putih. Hope life treats you guys well. Send me email anytime. I gotta write again in this column coz' my email has changed.


    Hi... paging all ex-convent gals year 90-98, espcially batch 96.. drop me a note.. miss you all alot

    suhairi bin suhaimi<>

    Magni Nominis Umbra..... Ghaffor....Kamarul Ariffin bin Zainal Abidin....Azlan Shah bin sahar.....alll my friend's 1998 5a3 please contact me 012-7556861.......maybe we r going 2 unite.....

    Ahmad Azwan b. Mat Taridi<>

    Hello all, I was a student at KE I between 1971-1976. I was fortunate enough to have my own Dad(Cikgu Taridi) as my teacher (I think it was in Std 3). I can fondly remember those big tree roots that we use as a "sepak takraw" net during recess. And, yes who could forget the tuck-shop mee goreng and the delicious kacang-putih from the nice kacang-putih man. Those were the days... I now reside in the US and has been here for almost 20 yrs. About 6 years ago I took my family to Taiping to visit some relative and manage to squeeze some time to visit good old KE. It was a great moment to see my then 2 yr old son climb around the same tree-roots and playing in the same field I did many years back when I was a child. Strangely enough the field looks a lot smaller than what I remembered...

    Daniel Ho Kim Leong<>

    Hi to all fellow georgians, I graduated from SGI on 1996. Currently, i'm doing Quantity Surveying at Gamuda Berhad. Thinking of the old days at SGI is great. During that era, basketball is like the coolest thing that ever happened. I think i overspend most of my freetime at the basketball court during high school. But ends up i don't get selected for the school team. But is ok, i just love the game. I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to all the teachers that teaches me from Form 1A5 up to 5VT3, especially the headmistress Puan Sujatha & Mr. Phoon Chong Chee. Then i would like to say sorry to Renubalan, Jaya Sri Ganesh, Sashekumar & Kenneth Peh of 5VT3. I know i did gave you guys some hard time last time. Hope you guys will forgive me. Georgian for Life.

    ed dartford<>

    My father, Gerald P Dartford served as headmaster many years ago. I typed "Taiping" into the Google search engine to test it, and got an almost instantaneous response. Trying to make the search job more difficult, I added "school". These are very nice photos of the school. It looks much as I remember it. I hope that all people in Malaysia realize that people who worked in the colonial government, particularly in education, have fond memories of your country. We wish you every success, and we take some pride in your accomplishments.

    Manuel Lawrence aka Sithar<>

    Loved every minute of it. Was in SGI from 1980 to 1984 and was a school goalkeeper from 1983 to 1984. My fave teachers were Mr Rama and that teacher who always wore that green and white uniform who later fell in love with that dashing Brother Charles. Talk about forbiden love!Great buddies were Sani Majid, Andrew Arul, Mohan, Kumar Gary,Anthony Paul, David Leslie, Low Chuen Cheong, Pe Teik, Joseph Gerard.SO guys from class of 84 5A1 drop me a line!

    Teoh Thiam Beng<>

    I'm from the class of 96. I studied in St George from Primary 1 all the way to Form 6, 13 memorable years. I?m most proud to be a Georgian. Looking back, schooling time is the best time of my life. For those of you, who are still studying, enjoy every single moment of it coz once u are out in the working world you will wish that you are still in school. Does anyone knows whether Bro. Charles is still in Penang ? Someone told me he is at St Xavier in Penang.

    mohd akhir ghazali<>

    I've always been proud to be an Edwardian-a tiger. There are lots of pleasant memories of my days spent there. i`m completed my studies at King Edward 7 School 1994, 2004, genaplah 10 tahun i and my buddies sesi 1990-1994 meninggalkan SMKE VII.Everytime went i back to taiping ,i must stop and look at the school bcoz he found memories of the mind. All my friends take a good care

    Ahmad Nasar Johari<>

    Purely edwardian coz started from standard 1 in 1972 and finished form 6 in 1980. Principal was Pak Long and deputy was Junjong. Friends Long Tai Hiang, Lee Meng Aun, Zul Ninja,Alias, Pak Maat Dunguree, Roslan, Jalil, Hamdan and others like Kuljeet and Jagjeet the twin. Do contact and we'll go for teh tarik for old story.

    Mohd Shahreen Jamaludin<>

    Hi there , I was born in Malacca but me and my family went back to Taiping in 1985 (I was 5 years old then) . Actually, I'm pround of being a Perak buddy . Even i was born in Malacca, I claimed myself as Perak lard. Both my parents are from Taiping and Kuala Kangsar .I spend my childhood in Taiping and learning to do maths and much-much more at SRK KE-2 . Then I when to STAR Ipoh . Sometimes it gets excited to see rugby matches between STAR n KE coz , I don't know which one should I support . (I guest, STAR..but I still respect KE).Then , I study for 2 years at Kuantan at MARA Community College for my foundation course. I proceed to Universiti Malaya in KL doing my first degree in Networking . Now , I'm working as a Network Engineer and also doing my part time Master in Software Engineering , still in UM . Even i have going thru many places , my heart is still in Taiping . Well , I plan to work in KL (that's what i do now) but , one day ....I'll settle down here in Taiping .!..with my wannabe wife (insyallah) ....and watch the sun set every day ......I miss these guy , Fadzlan Hafiz, Ho Hee Tiang , Tarmizi , Dzulhasrin (KL) , Sharul , Raja Khuzairie (KL) Azhan (Bangi) , Fadly (Johor) and so much more ...Even the teachers at SRK KE2 , Mrs.Seetha,Mr.Ho,Mr.Zahari,Mrs Zaliah,Mr.Foong,Mr. Avatar Singh. Cikgu Tazilan,Ustaz Aziz...and some of them . I'll never forget them , even where will I be next time . That's all.....Taiping downwith memories........

    Goh Wei Yang<>

    Great to see so many ex-Georgians sharing their past experiences here. I'm in upper six this year, so I do not exactly qualify as an ex-Georgian, but rather a current one. Anyway I saw many of your messages about wanting to know about your former teachers' whereabouts. Here's some info on some of them:
    Mr Patrick Teoh - Retired in 1998. Never got to meet him though, being in Form 1 then Mr Gee Hoo Chai - recently retired, 29 February 2004. Was my KH teacher in Form 3 Bro Matt - Transferred to St Michael. Not sure of the year though, or whether he's still teaching or not. Pn Sujatha - retired in 2002. Mr Wong Pak Kiong - retired in 2001 Mr Oon & Mrs Chan Din Kow - still teaching If anyone wants to know more about their former teachers from the 80s or 90s, please do not hesitate to contact me. Perhaps I can dig out some info on them. Old copies of school magazines also stored at the archives room. Glad to see so many old Georgians still remember the great times they had in SGI. "Sons of St George's, Valiant and True!"

    Khairuddin Wahidudin<>

    I'm a true & true Edwardian. I was at KE2 from 1964-1969. Either you are KE1 or KE2 but KE2 is always the best!in sports I mean. I played hockey, football and athletics. Shamsuddin Sharif was my friend in high jumping. I wonder where Loo Yuet Wah is, he is my rival in the 110m hurdles.Mrs. Gomez and Miss Khoo was my form teacher as far as I remember and Mr.B.A. Gomez was the headmaster. Then I went in KE Secondary from 1970-1976. Yes remember Junjung, Pak Long, Abang Cartoon and the fiercest Maths teacher on the planet earth Mr. Rahmat Ali. During the Maths lesson I tell you everybody were scared where nobody goes to the loo. I guess when you get older, you will always remeber. I was in Keir (that's green)house and Chikgu Fadzil was the housemaster. When I was in Form Four the Education introduced the dreadful science subject called Nuffield Science. The supposedly to be the science that focussed on more on practical than theory, what a subject. The unfortunate thing is my ! class was the chosen one. Pak Long was the headmaster. Some of my form teachers are Chikgu Azwa, Mr. Cheah, Ahmad Tajuddin, Francis Chang. Some of my classmates are Omar Zambri, Roslan Yahaya, Adi Maimun, Abdul Rahim, Murugiah, Solomon, Wan Hon Kong, Ang Eng Tai, Lim Kah Huat, Hilmi, Erman, Nor Azham,Ong Thiem Heng, Gan Boon Teong, Kamarul Baharin. I wish I could remember all of them. I won the sportsman of the year in 1976 (Victor Lodurum)and was in the Gymnastic squad. I did my form six in 1975 and 1976.I am now living in the UK since 1990 married and have 3 kids. So if anyone know me drop me a line.

    Lawrence Koong<>

    Howdy, some of you might remember me as the "Johnny Come Lately" who spent less than two years (81-82) at Georgie. Having escaped to Taylor's in 83, I trotted around to Adelaide, Sydney, London and finally home sweet home. Keying this at my office in the cowboy-town of Cyberjaya, I can't help but reminisce of the good-ole-days in Taiping. I'm glad to see some familiar names being mentioned here like Looi Teck Kheong and Maizurah Abdullah. Let's meet up at Si San or mail me

    Gan Eok Gee<>

    I was from KE 7, year 75 looking for friends who know me and want contact me. Born raise and grew up in Taiping FANTASTIC PLACE TO BE. Food great beautiful memories yogi

    Greg Terance Jayabalen<>

    I'm a proud Georgian, I left in 1988 just right after my SRP, to c'tinue my studies at vocational Taiping. So right now I'm in Johore Bahru, u guys , Ronaldroy (roti bai) Ravin, Mohan de brito, raymond shilendren, dineshkumar, jegathesan, saravanan. geradekong,albert,u guys from 1A1, 2A3, 3A3. To my wonderful teachers, Mrs Lessler, Mr Rama, Mrs chiu, Pn chin, Bro Matthews and lot's more. Thanks for yur guidance, coz i'm a very sucessful person now, I'm a grad in BEEE, from UK. Now a technical manager for asia smart card mfg. And married with a beautiful daughter. Mail in u guys lets meet up!!!!

    Fida Mohd Rasid<>

    I was an ex-student of tmgs (1997-2001), then i' continued my six former at smk king edward 7..i was in 502 2001.. to all my buddies yatie, fazila, fifa,aisya, akma,amilia,sue,wawa,syida,york mei,lai keow,ardila,neno,i will miss u all all the teachers who teach me pn.asidah(maths),cik zarina(bm),pn.salmah jaafar(sej),pn.sharifah(bi),ustazah faezah (agama), mr.sum (chemistry), pn.rozita(bio), mr.yap (physics) and last but not least miss low (add maths)..thanks 4 all ur all buddies in smk king edward U6A5 2003 aishah,eina, azura, mazura, fifa, suh ing, deepa, ambika, vicky,s asi, che din, ahmad...and all the teachers esp en.suhaimi, pn.umi kalsom, pn.siti mardziah, pn.latifah, tn.syed nasir..and all edwardian..and to late allahyarhamah che wan fatimah (semoga allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya,al-fatihah)....last but not least don't 4get me 4 those who know me.

    Maureen Da Costa<>

    I was in Convent Kota Primary from 1976 till 1981 and in Convent Sec from '82 till '86, in SGI in '87 and '88. School days were the best times of my life. I never can find the shiok 20 cents nasi lemak sold in Convent canteen ever again.

    Andrew Anthony Pillai aka Andy Avalon<>

    I was a student in SGI(1970 was my last year).My daughter told me about this page & she told me that i could keep in touch with my old pals.Just to let my pals know that if you woul like to keep in touch with me,you could email her address or write to me at Q9,Jalan Pokok Assam 34000,Taiping,Perak. Thats all.

    Bee Lee<>

    I left SM Convent Kota in 1987 and I have lost touch with almost all my schoolmates. At that time, we only kept addresses. We didn't have any e-mail addresses so it's rather difficult to keep in touch. I hope to find my lost friends soon.

    Hail Azrul Ishak<>

    Hi guys,im hail and left SMKE on 1992 im very proud to be Edwardian-a tiger and i had so many friends at K.E like Shahrul Pancut,Gagak,Belatuk,Razak al all to my friends football player for KE and u all know me just email to me.

    Eric Cheah<>

    the best thing to start off the new yr is to hear about this website from a fellow taipingite over dinner at my place in Melbourne, Australia. I was a KE donkey right thru from Primary to Secondary schools hailing from Pokok Assam-the best village in Tpg.! I've always been proud to be an Edwardian-a tiger. There are lots of pleasant memories of my days spent there. I'm surprised that not many of my peers have responded to this website. During my days at KE had chap junjong, abang soh, bulldog & a host of other nicknames for our teachers. Rugby matches were often exciting & full of drama especially when we played against the Malay College & Anderson School of Ipoh. I remember the time we cycled to KK to support our school team against Malay College. I became a teacher & was a trainee in Hwa Lian Secondary School between 1966 & 1967. I can still remember a bright syt I taught there - Peh Suat Ching. Wherever u are, it would be great to hear from u. To all my school friends & Pokok Assam 'gang' it would be refreshing to hear fr u all. Hey Zoomers where r u all? What about 'the young ones' our rival in Pokok Assam - hey guys we're old ones already ! Cheers !

    Mah Tze Chiang<>

    Hi guys and gals.... it's great to find this site about Taiping schools..brings back fond memories the way the postings go on about the teachers and life in Taiping. Hope everyone is going great guns and finding their own niche in this big world of ours! Was in KE in the 1970's.

    Jugdaiv Singh<>

    Hi! How many years is that have passed by.Maybe the water that has passed under the Kota Bridge would be able to fill up 10 oceans or more. Thats how long it seems to be that I have contacted my Alma Mater and my bunch of naughty ,on thego plucky friends and classmates. Hi, Im a Georgian from the great class of 1969.Came across this website while scouting around for old georgian friends.Remember Brother Peter.Wonder where he is now.Very222 strict in class.Add Maths.One of the sharpest minds in school.Where~s Brother Denis?Met Sameul Ong the other day,he's now a Cardiologist.Operated on Dr Mahatiir,when he had that chest op. Anyone came across VICTOR Lim? History,Geography,maths,English,that guy could handle everything. And has anyone heard seen or heard where OUR artmaster has gone to.Mr.Gerrard Perrera. Also used to be in charge of The St.Johns.AND ANY NEWS OF WHERE mR. TASS IS.Thomass Sant Singh. The one and only Geography master that there ever will be. He could draw a perfect circle with his bare hands. I guess Bro.Leo has passed on.May God bless his great soul,and give him a place in Heaven. Any news of Khoo Teng Hai,Loon Eng Seng,Sritharan,Keng Seng or Amrithalingmm? Muralidhar has already left for India years ago. Soon Heng Is with Maxis as an operations manager.Sri is with Telekom., How can we forget the fantastic outings to Burmese Pool.And the Annual Swimming Gala ,at Coronation Pool. Well Boys lets see what can I remember about those days to laugh about? Yeah.One morning Yong Yong and me went out of school on our bicycles without asking anybody's permission.We were spotted by one of the prefects who informed the head prefect.Actually at that time our Form Five Exams were already over.And we had nothing much to do.So,Yong suggested that we might as well go out and try to get some advertisemnts for our school magazine.When we returned we were immediateley asked to go to the PrncipaL'S Office. Bro Leo was there ready for us. But when we told the reason why we had left he chuckled and let us go with a smile."WHY didnt you tell this before?"And we had also got an ad from one of the shops along the road at Cathay Cinema.That was some money made for our school. Lets not also forget the friendly rivalry with the school that lies across the fence. Sometimes this rivalry becomes not so friendly. I happened to be from both schools,with the latter years being spent in SGI,but KE7 will always remain in our hearts as the one that challanges. Friend here is now a doctor,practising at Puchong.Come over if ever you are passing by. The name of the clinic is Klinik Raya.All are welcome ,especially all Taipingians.14th mile Puchong. By the way for all my business partners out ther and all ambitious businessmen,come to Puchong and try out your new ideas.It has now become Malaysia's fastest developing zone. Happy New Year 2004. And also Very Very Happy Happy Monkey New Year to all my Chinese friends out there... Can you hear the Monkey coming///Its already swishing its tail around as it breaks those branches along the wayYeoooowwwwwwwwww.Have a swinging time, then. Bye. Dr. Jack.

    Sue Huey<>

    Well, I am actually writing this! Well, I was from Convent Klian Pauh, and later SM Convent Taiping. It had been a really wonderful experience with the invasion of monkeys into our classes back in Convent Klian Pauh. Still remember the wonderful teachers that I had, including Mrs. Saw who taught me in Primary One, Puan Puteri our athletics coach, Mrs. Ng in SM Convent etc etc. They have all been great! I am now away from South East Asia, and it is really great to see this page when I think of home sometimes. I will be back soon... and probably will take a drive around Taiping again. I just want to say hi to my dear friends, Devakhi, Tze Peng, Wen Ching, Sumitra, Hooi Ping, Kheng Hui, Kevin Tan Sze Yu, Kenny & Kevin Anthony, Teik Hon, Kevin & Kenny Saw, Boon Yew, Jolene & Li Fang. Miss all of you a lot! If any of you Taiping folks are around the Bay Area from now till Aug 2004, do drop me a mail. Will be glad to drive you around here a little bit. :) Merry Christmas :)

    Siti hadijah Sarikawi<>

    Hi there!! I'm looking for all of my old frends from Sek Men Sc Tun Syed Shahabudin (1992/1993 to 1996) and Sek Men Sc Pokok Sena (1996 to 1997). Hope to get in touch with you guys....I've graduated and now working in KL. Special thanks to both schools for what I'm now

    Soo lai Goh<>

    Hello, I was a convent girl from 75 to 80. Now living in UK but I come back most years. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me

    Mohammad Ridzuan Ahmad Anuar<>

    HYe!!! i`m just completed my studies at King Edward Secondary School this years!!!2003....i wanna say sorry 2 all da teacher if i had make somethin wrong 2 them!!SORRY ....2 all my classmates from 5 SE keep on urs study dude!!!miss my english teachers!!heheh!!!!!!2 my ex-principals ..plz make this school 1 of da most greatest school in this country.


    Hi,my profile as follows.1)KE V11 Primary 1 1965-1970(Std 1A teacher Mrs.Gomez,2A,3A,4A,5A,6A.My friends whom I can remember Ghani Mat Dom,Wan Hashimi,Roslan Panjang long distance runner,Gan Yeok Gee ,Beng Leong,Jimmy Ng,Avtar Singh last time I met him at Jln Bandar Police station he was an inspector Trafic Dept. apa lagi kena saman laa!!!luckily our tiger singh ada tolong sikit,Terlok Singh ,Fauzi sprinter ,Johari cartoon (I heard he had just passed away)Sulaiman ,Badrul Hisham,Zamhuri(tough guy)Yusuf Samsuri best hockey player lastly I heard of him goin High!!!!Bernard ,David, Ganesan, Ramlan Shariff hockey goal keeper . 2)KEV11 Secondary 1971 Form 1A2,2A2 3A2,4Arts 1,5Arts2 in 1975.I can still remember Puan Nor Azwa ,Abang Cartoon,Junjung,CheGu Razak art teacher,Mr Jayapalan .I played soccer as Goal Keeper for the under 15 (emerge Larut Matang and Perak champion along with another Keeper Teh Yew Beng also school ahtlete in Hing Jumping some name in the team that I can remembered Abdullah Hisham,Badrul Hisham, Zuraidi (Mas Pilot)few hostel boys ahhh!!!! I try to recall few names but sorry la sudah lupa.I still remember that our team is so strong that even in the friendly we beat the senior team whereby player like Ni Yeop,elias Ng ,were playing in the senior lost to us our coach was MR JAYAPALAN brother in law to Mr Karathu former Perak coach.Hi,any of u out there happen to remember some those names mention pleasse do get in touch.I would be glad to share and bring back memories during school with Pak long,Junjung abang kartoon and his science project accidentally triggered flour bomb in science lab,Mr Fernandez The English teacher parade us to talk to a tree ,and how Junjung notice his name being written on the class fan made us stand for the whole period and sad to see Junjung watch Rugby from far trying to avoid cheering squad jeereed his name out loud.Yes ,now I remember another name ,remember Itek(Idris Ng) hahha!!!!remember tak any TMGS girl selalu kacau dekat Assam Kumbang ice kacang stall????I remember her MATA GOLI alaaa!!!! don't get offended time have passed ,sorry la maaf Dzahir Batin just to kenang the good old days u and your gang selalu kacau kita orang ,hooo!!!! i still remember the Juke Box at ice kacang stall near jln.padang playing Deep Purple smoke on the water and Grand Funk railroad locomotion and santana Black Magic Women,hey guys let's hear from u .Any of my friend or whoever out there from Taiping may u be from SGI,TMGS admire this girl Noraini Ibrahim Convent etc do write to me .

    mohd rasidi bin hussain<>

    I left sm king edward year 85.I really missed the teachers and everybody .joined the airline industry in 1989 and curently residing in kl.everytime i went back to taiping ,i must stop and look at the school .anyone can tell me whatever happen to cikgu haron,mr victor,sajad and all my friends in king edward i wish them good luck.

    dato seri yuen yuet leng<>

    It was so refreshing to come across this website for former students if schools in Taiping especially KE VII where I spent my most formative years from 1934 to 1947. KE and its special breed of illustrious teachers had moulded to develop into the man I now am - a conscientious and responsible Malaysian citizen, born Chinese, can be quite Chinese but in matters which are in the interest of national security, economy, social development and integration, first and last, Malaysian and with full cognition of each and every right of our component communities to continue to be what they are born as and in hopeful trust that sooner than later our peoples will be due process of developed understanding and mutual accommodation integrate in better form and substance into a truly Malaysian nation which will be able to face better the trials and threats that accompany the forceful descent of globalisation. We had great principals like RSP Walker, JD Joseph McCorkindale and Long HH after the war but the great masters just prior and after the war were rugby stars of their time, immemorable Yeoh Teng Khoo, Utam Singh, Robert Taylor and Lim Swee Chin. They regularly with other Edwardians like Lim Poh Hai, his brother Lim Poh Bok, Devan played for the Asian All Blues. Under their tutelage the KE VII rugby team was definitely of the few top school teams in the country and in 1947, the school team of which I was privileged to be a member, never lost any match against other schools. I remember we really trounced the GES Muar who came travelling. Our other elite teachers were Selvanaygam who breathed geography, Goh XX our teacher in arts a subject in which I was never any good and great was his disappointed when best "flower" still looked like a droopy mouse. Kai Huat was most impressive and entertaining with his poetic recitations like John Gilpin. His brother Kai Bee was a more serious character. Jesudason my form teacher in Std VI in 1941 and and man of literature postwar was equally mastery and agile on the gymnastic bars. His wife the daughter of a prospierous Chinese family in Ipoh and my Pri.II teacher in 1935 was quite unique. We were educated as we played and listened to her. Mrs. Koenitz my Primary One teacher I shall always remember as she could rememember our names years and years later. Mr.Doral was and will always be a revered part of KE VII for he breathed, worked and taught KE. Che Gu Ismail my Std 4 teacher was a strict disciplinarian and my nuckles had tasted his ruler on more than one occasion.The Monerasinghe brothers were coaches for our school hockey and cricket team. One of our notable cricket games was against the Survey Department who had an array of state players. We outwitted them when we forced a draw. As an opening bat with Kamalanathan I consistently stonewalled and took on all the bowling switching sides each time until light fail! I led and was the hero for the day. Most of my classmates like Ibrahim Khan, headboy Woon Ho Thye, Oh Bak Meng, Padmanathan, Lim Swee Leong, have passed on. I would like to hear from those still alive who have been overtaken in the queque of relentless time and age and also children or families of others to know their their present dispositions. I would of course be happy to hear from the younger Tigers and other younger Taipingites if they are interested in lores of the past. Coming across this website this morning has started a train of thoughts into the past that are nostalgic and yet a lttle sad for bygone days of our happy youth in simpler times. I shall stop now for the time being this develops into a book. Looking forward for informative and mutual response. Sincerely.

    Myzura Kamarul<>

    i can now convent has been my first step for what i m now.i got great result for my pmr and was offered to sm sains pokok sena in kedah.and now..i m doing my law degree..thanx so much to smc..for moulding my future.. i love smc!!

    Lim Cheng Hsu(Jay)<>

    Hi,guyz!Wow!It's like being send back to the past reading all these messages.Perhaps,it's fate that I stumbled upon this site. A little about myself(not too much wait I bored you guyz to tears ;)) I graduated from SGI in 1993.It's been 10 long years.Oh,how we have aged. LOL Can't remember well too much about those days but still can feel it in my bones.I have only one thing to say to our old school,"Once a Georgian,always a Georgian". Now,I'm residing in Singapore.Met a few old friends here years back.But,lost all most of the contacts.I guess most are busy getting married and meking babies ;) Haven't really gone back home for almost 2 years.Only took a short trip now and then to attend some wedding.Sigh! So traumatising.LOL I hope those who still remember me,drop me a mail,ok! ;) Hope to hear from you guyz soon if not sooner!Cheers!

    Lam Chee Kee<>

    Great site. Thanks whoever did this. I'm a Georgian - finished Form 5 in 1976. I was not a ideal student then... but I used to be a soccer player. Currently in NZ for the past 15 years where I did my degree. So thanks to the teachers who had diligently laid the foundation in me, especially Mrs Low. Heard she has retired. Wonder how thick her glasses are now.Would like to contact Leong Kok Yeow who left SGI in 1974 after his LCE for Ipoh or Butterworth. You would do me a big favour if you know him. Since being downunder for so long and craving for the Taiping laksa badly, would like a recipe.It would be nice if any old mates would like to make contact. Thanks again

    Ong Hean Chye<>

    Hi, I am an Old Georgian (class of '72). A number of us are trying to generate interest for a Grand reunion in 2005 when we will all be 50(sigh!!). I would like to get in touch with not only old Georgians of that year but also old Edwardians and Convent girls who graduated (Form 5) in 1972. Please drop me a line and pass this message on to as many people as possible. Maybe we can do battle on the sports field / swimming pool again..........

    khairul anwar bin masud<>

    Im an ex budak KE completed my mce in 1978. i was a hostilite and we do have our ke exhostilite association. i would like to com. with my collegues esp. of year 78' and non hostilites. im now in ipoh running my own eng. consulting firm. my prominent non hostilite friend is dr. azmi,a gp in bagan serai.others are welcome to contact me. it is a very welcoming site especially when ex students from various schools in taiping participated, hei guys we should be proud of taiping, the best town in malaysia

    ahmad azam abdul sabhe (JEM)<>

    hi everyone .... it's me ...looking for my old edwardian 1988-1992 ...please email me (mahathir , low, pashah , wan uban , jason , faiz, faizal grik ...etc)


    Student of TMGS from 1978 to 1982 and was in SMKE VII in 1983 before joining ITM in 1984. Great fond memories of schools and Taiping. Still goes back to Taiping every now and then. Miss my old classmates/buddies and would like to hear from you. Contact me at this email address.

    Izian Zamzuri Mohamad Isa<>

    Hi there, I am an Edwardian since 1979 (Standard One) and finished my secondary level in 1989 (Form 5). KE has always been my family school since most of us: me, my siblings, father, uncles, cousins studied there. In fact one of my brother now is a teacher in KE. I miss my school days very much and whenever, I go back to Taiping, I would always not to miss visit it... just to reminiscing the good old days. Have been in KL for almost 14 years... i know Taiping is the best place to stay coz of its people and beautiful landscape. I really love Taiping.

    Andrew Arulanandam<>

    SGI 1980-1984. Great school. Fond memories. Work in Washington, DC now. But, miss everything about Taiping -- particularly the food stalls. Old pals include: Peter Tan Pe-Teik, Sitharten Manuel, Low Chuen Chong, Anthony Paul Raj (all SGI). Cheers.


    I was formerly from Convent Kota from 1971 - 1983, that is from kindy to form 5. Left for Australia in 1983. Would like to hear from anyone from Taiping.

    mohd noor bin abdul aziz<>

    actually i have no story to tell but iam looking for my friends of 5 Sc 3 back in 75. Pls respond and lets talk about old times..

    Tung Kin Foong<>

    Old Tiger..grrrrr...year of '76. Hey,somethings not right ,how come this site starts off with some guysplaying basketball? I look forward checking up on this site regularly as it really came as a surprise. Excellent work being done here.

    nazirah ibrahim<>

    Hey guys....i'm a former Convent. Student of 1997-2001 and will proud to claimed that I'm a Convent Girl forever..i'm still in taiping but always miss to be in this school again as student...a lot of sweet memories. i miss my school life at convent so much...! i miss the teacher, Puan Fatimah, Ustazah Rozita, Ustazah Maleha, Puan Roslina, Mrs Ng, Puan Roziah, Puan Rahimah, Puan wishes to all of them...=) for those in the same year with me.. [1997-2001] whoever u are..kindly drop me an e-mail at i would like to know where r u all now...and probably we can make a reunion in future... ~Simple In Virtue Steadfast In Duty~ p/s: where's convent picture anyway?

    Adika Adnan<>

    well,i am an edwardian batch 1988...hope to see anyone out there that still remember me...have been out from Taiping since then as am now currently working in KL - doin' research work for a bank. my good friends Michael Ong,Say Lam,Wan,Lucian,Wong Yew Jin, Saaduddin, Rizal Kudus, Faizal & anyone who knows get in touch yaa...

    Anis Hidayu<>

    Searching for those who joined convent kota taiping in 1976 (Class 1A1 under Allahyarham Puan Mariah - Al FAtihah untuk beliau). I was there until Standard Six (1983) before I left for KL....

    ann chua<>

    Hi all,i'm graduated from SMJK HUA LIAN in year 2000...why dont have my school photo???anyway is very happy to see the beautiful scenery of taiping. take care!! contact me at 02-91370932 =@


    Left TMGS in 1995. Had a few best friends. You guys means a lot to me. We grew up together, made mistakes & learnt our lessons well. Miss the good times, but I'll never revisit them. It had been fun & it was also painful. Glad school days are long gone...

    Loh Cheng Kiat<>

    I left King Edward VII School, Taiping in 1978 after my MCE examination. After that, I moved to Canada to further my studies. I have lost contact with most of my childhood friends and classmates. Contact me at or

    sivanesan s/ o G.B.veloo<>

    my memory of the school i studied in the years from 1967 till 1969 are still lingering in my heart and school HM at that time was one Mr.chung who at that time was driving a Morris Austin. i am at the meantime looking for a classmate(indian muslim) who had 11 fingers thank you and i will be paying a short visit to the town of eternal peace yours sincerely G.B.Sivanesan


    Hua Lian !!!! Isnt there anybody came from Hua Lian? Where are all the old Hua Lian students?


    I an ex-TMGS Girl.I left TMGS Taiping in 1991 and continued my studies in ITM and futher my studies at Multimedia university,Cyberjaya.And now i just finish my master in mutimedia.Some of the happiest memories of my life were spent in Taiping. I really miss the memories with my friends in TMGS(1989-90) Julia,kema,khaty,raja,ila,wati,5ap class. I miss you'll so much.... Hope to see you all in one my lovely mom i loveu u so much

    Goh Ai Lean<>

    It's really nice to have foudn this site today. I am a former TMGS class of 96. Anyone know me here? I was browsing thorugh and can't find any that rings a bell. I left Taiping after 96 and is now in Singapore. Taiping is the greatest place to grow up. Remember all the rivary between Convent and TMGS, KE and SGI? And the way we roam around in our bikes. And all the jokes we played on the teaches in TMGS. Remember the water balloon Felicia threw on Puan Pepsi? and the time we make a Temp Teacher Cry? I wonder hows all the teachers like Miss Lim, Puan Pepsi, ..... and my favourite Cik Helen. :) I haven't been keeping in touch even with my former classmates and really hope anyone that thinks my name rings a bell to email me. My fond memories of Taiping goes on and on. I miss Taiping


    Hi there I was looking for pixs on our Convent Kota secondary school and website too but could not locate any. Was in Convent Kota from 1975 to 1979 and those were some of the best days of my life. Would love to revisit that era again thro pixs or website so can a kind soul from out there help me please? Thanks so much!! Am still in touch with some of my Convent friends

    Andrew Eu<>

    Indeed, fond memories just by looking at those well taken photos of Taiping. I am a Georgian of class 1985 and literally grew up in SGI!!!! Well, my parents were the canteen vendor from the 60's till early 90's. A good solid 30 years providing cheap (some time free) and good food to thousands of students. Hope to catch up with all the SOONs from class of 85 - where are you guys/gals????

    Lau Kong Cheen<>

    Hey...this is cool! I'm a true blue Georgian! What great memories of the school I have. Great teachers, wonderful classmates and perfect study environment! I don't think I could have asked for more.

    Boon Sooi Teoh<>

    Good to bring back those nostalgic days of the alma mater, a great school! A true Edwardian attended school from 1957-1967. Our mind is so powerful that we can still remember the very first and few last days of our attendance in both the old and the new building of K.E VII School, the class rooms, the teachers but strangely not all the old classmates! Alas in our heart we will remember the good and bad days we all shared before! Thanks to all the teachers and staff who have had given me and other pupils their best guidance, care and for their dedication to see each and everyone excell and achieve something in life. It also brings back the torturous day of training with Chegu Isa & Khir when I represented the school in rugby union U15 and then to being one of the 4 players to be awarded 'School Colours' in 1967. Till this day I am still very passionate with the sport and also keen to know how the Tigers fare in their games. What can we say and not bring about poor late Pa Long??... No long hairs (remember the barber zipping away on the school corridor), No red marks on report card, proper attire at all times; badges, socks ties, absent in meetings for any clubs all came with a warning or whack on the backside. It is a no nonscence regine of the '60s & probably '70s! But in hind side it all meant to be for our own good character building! I am looking forward to get all those memories back from classmates of 1967-form 5. for a reunion one day. Email Tigers!

    Jason Ching Eng Chin<>

    A BIG BIG 'HI......' to all my friends from Taiping, and all my 'buddy' from SMK Hua Lian for the year 1992 to 1993. kindy drop my an e-mail or sms and ever give me a call at 016-5342845 or 02-94798208, thanks man..... Hope to receive your call. Take good care.

    Shirley Liu<>

    I was from SM Sri Kota in Kpg.Boyan.From 1986 to 1987 there was the only girl class in this school.Those girls were very smart and I am one of them.I remember our form teacher was Cikgu Rohani.She was a nice and a friendly teacher.I'll never forget why our class never got the cleanest or dirtiest class award in school.And Cikgu Rohani used to say we should get the cleanest class because we are the only one girl class in the whole school.But......never.Anyone out there from SM Sri Kota still remember this class?I will visit my school again in my next trip back to Taiping.I don't know when....because I am too far away in Austria.But I will...

    Yeap Khoo Yew<>

    Hi there! I was in KE 2 from 1988 to 1991 and SMKE from 1992 to 1996. Aye,there is so many old sweet(not to mention those which gone bad) times.

    Fong Loong Cheong<>

    I'm a georgie boy. Left school in '73. Now trying to organise our 30years reunion for school mates. I understand that the old school has a web page Been trying to access to web page but failed. Have I got the right address? Does the school library still have the school megazines of 1973?

    Tajul Azwa Haris<>

    Hello, I am The Edwardian. Special Batch 97. To all Edwardian..... Keep It Greater Then Before

    Peng Lin<>

    Great site! Lots of wonderful memories came flooding back, especially when reading all those messages in this section. What can I say, those 11 years spent in Convent from 1987 right up to 1996 was simply awesome. Puan Rubiah, Puan Ramlah,Mrs. Nanjit, Puan Jamaiah, Mrs. Tan Tat Hock, Mrs. Ravi, Mrs. Rajan, Puan Lily Willin Lee, the unforgettable Miss Foo Kon Tai - these are some of the teachers from Convent Kota that have made an impact. The friendly kacang putih uncle, Mary Anne's uncle. Back then, frozen syrup sticks (the one in long, clear plastics) for 10 sen were everyone's fav. From SMC, there's Mr. Ooi, Mrs. Chuah Teong Ping, Mr. Tnew, Mr. Voon, Mrs. Shirley Ong, Mrs. Yeoh Sek Say, Puan Fakhitah, Mrs. Chuah Yoo Sen, Mr. Tan, Puan Long Kamariah, Puan Narimah. I'll never forget how my class 1C/2K1 always got the Kelas Terbising 'award' and Kelas Terkotor sometimes, without fail every Friday. And what else, Encik Yusof will make us run the padang, or it would be a ritual! of 'bangun, duduk, bangun, duduk' before he started teaching. When it comes to Form 3, there's the unforgettable Mr. Cham, discipline teacher-cum-motivator, making us sing Kau Boleh after recess everyday! Do-Re-Mi's class(Pendidikan Moral in Form 3K2), where almost every lesson is spent with us students coming up with lakonan, and more lakonan (to entertain her). Remember Teacher's Day in 1994, Mr. Khoo Boo Tong and Mr. Koo Eng Tong chased Mei Har and another girl (couldn't remember who) round the school field with orange cordial in their hands, (Puan Normah wasn't around that day!) and everyone ended up soaking wet that day!!! 4 Sc 2 and 5 Sc. 2, I had my wonderful, crazy partner, Wai Fun to put up with my mood swings, and I with hers! And the infectious laughter... Sumi and Ah Peen, sitting near you people was fun! How we used to sneak kacang putih to Physics lab after recess, the fun we had conducting the landasan troli experiment, when V. Lee proceeded to shake the frog!'s leg before she started dissecting it! People like Shelley, Heong Lean, Lydia, Wai Ying, Ying Mei, Chui Har, Guan Im, Connie, glad we're still in touch now. Lip Cheak, Ee Laine and Wai Fun, remember the seating rotations we did in class, and all the toasts we made when drinking water! Great time we had, with crazy, crazy classmates, and the outing we had (don't remember the name, Lata something, near an army barracks opposite Taman Lake View). Mei Ann, you took Chen Joo's Coke and hid it in the pool, and she couldn't find it! I could go on and on and on, don't know when I'll ever finish. Thanks for creating this site - it's a gift for the people of Taiping! I'll be BACK someday - for good...

    Michael Narayanan<>

    Bro Cprian's Lost Patrol - I was one of them. He was an Irish red head, a little blond with reeely white skin! But a real La Sallian Brother and an elder brother to me. We'd trekked up Maxwell's early in the morning to reach the trig point. Somehow (not by chance!) we lost our bearings, spent the night wet wet wet with leecches for company and, like the proverbial bear who went over the mountain, crossed over to the other side of the Keledang range, to see what we could(nt) see! because we were quite ignorant of our geography - oops sorry Sant Singh!

    Zainal Abidin Ahmad<>

    Hi, I was in KE 2 from 1972 to 1977 and continued my secondary school at KE from 1978 to 1982. Still remember most of my teachers in primary and secondary school. Among them are Pn. Habsah (Strd 1), Cikgu Shariff (std 6), Mr. Gomez (HM of KE2), Mr. Ng (BM teacher in Form 3), Ms, Chan, Cikgu Razak, Cikgu Mustaffa, Mr Cheah (Math), Cikgu Sulaiman, Ms. Khoo, Mr Tan (Physics teacher), Pak Tong, Pak Long, Junjung, Mr Sajad and many others. Thanks to all the teachers. Thanks for the persons who put his effort and initiave to build up this websites. For all Edwardian, Magni Nominis Umbra

    Janet Lee<>

    I see, this page is at the moment dominated by folks from the `Western-hemisphere' of Taiping schools...SGI, Convent, KE (that's what we kids from Hua Lian used to called King Edward school). I came from the notorious Hua Lian in Lake Gardens, where kids were smart and good in arts they made school year books that looked like expensive glossy `Tatler' magazines but badass enough to beat up the headmaster...remember the student who hit the principal with a slipper? Anyway, I wonder who out there knows about this site...heck, who is the moderator here? Is there one? How about starting a guest-book for folks to contact one another? Oh, I work in PJ now, I'm active in the KL performing arts, in a smallish way...aside from work that pays the rent. I'm also involved in community work, this is in a way to make up the lost years that I DID NOT spend in the Rotaract Club, I thought they were bunch of smart-ass snobs...hahaha.

    Loh Siew Tee<>

    Even though I left SGI in 1971 after Form 3 , I still remember fondly of my time there. I always wonder what happen to a lot of my classmates?

    Andrew Su Meng Kit<>

    Calling all old Georgians, if you would like to update/include your name and contact number with the Old Georgians Assoc. (OGA) of Kuala Lumpur, pls contact Mr Paul Liew (013-360 1648).

    Kah Pheng<>

    Well what can i say being a Georgian for 11yrs (left in '89). All i recall are great memories. Guess many of us especially myself still bring along the many experiences being a Georgian till today. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all of my teachers and friends. Look forward to be in touch with allmy long lost contacts. Cheers!

    Simon Ong Kim Beng<>

    I remember King Edward the VII school when I enrolled in 1967 with my mom to see Mr Long Heng Hua - it was a cold and huge room. Mr Long was just going through his "cane" business with one of the students. It was a scary feeling for me. I am proud and glad I was in King Edward VII for I met the "teacher of my life" that touches me and thought me all I know not from her classes but from what she knows of me. She thought me how to sing, how to play, how to "fly", how to swim, how to save, how to write, how to see, how and what to say - its all in me - in our minds. No doubt I was sent out of her classes but without her I would never have been among her top English student for the class of 1970 and would never have been me! M/s Leow Kam Fong, linguistic honours, I honour her and her being - COSMOTOTS will live forever!

    Abdul Gafoor<>

    I studied at SGI from 1952-1959. I am currently residing in JB with my family. I have very fond memories of my days at SGI and also life in Taiping.I used to reside in Pokok Assam. I would love to hear from Tan Sek Hoon, Francis Hor,Dr Gurunathan and A. Sivaraman. Even if it's their family or friends, i would still like to know about their whereabouts and I truly appreciate any help at all. It has been a long time since I heard of Taiping and I must thank you, Kayes, for this wonderful site.


    well, actually i'm trying to organize a reunion for class 1995-1996(Convent Taiping), but i'm still searching for all my friend. so hope that all of you could contact me A.S.A.P

    Noor Azlina Din<>

    Hi everyone! Graduated from TMGS in 1993(1989-1993). Had the best time of my life growing up there in Taiping. Currently residing in Dublin, Ireland. Hope to catch up with those missing time with some old friends from 5Sc1 n 5Sc2...esp Wendy Tan, Jacinta, Shahrimi, Shuana, Saza and a few more... Hello to all of fellow sisters and teachers in TMGS.

    Raymond Shilendran<>

    Well i always beleive its a small world out there. just for the record Dinesh Kumar 4A2-5A2, was my classmate. Hi dude. I was a georgian from 1A5, 2A4, 3A3, 4A2, 5A2.There are so many memories to remember good ones and as well as bad ones. To all the georgians that might have known me(nothing so great about me) I would like to say that i am proud to be a georgian and your friends. To the teachers whom have tought me, if i had never said this.. "Thank you very much for the guidance given" To my fiends and classmates, i wish that our schooling times never end.It was great being in school. memories will be there forever and the fact still remails that we are the Georgian and "Sons of St.Georgians Valiant and True"!!

    ES Low<>

    LTGS and then TMGS up to Form 3 (1960) Hi there. Thank you for this site. I like it a lot. It's not fancy with frames and buttons - just straight to the stuff that counts.

    Chew Lay Peng<>

    These pictures are very well taken. It reminds me of how much I miss my school life in Convent and all my schoolmates ... btw, where are the pictures of CONVENT Girls School?


    Simple in virtue, Steadfast in duty` lovely school.S.M.K CONVENT TAIPING Even though I had studied quite a many place but convent is the best among all. It 's been 3 years I had leave the school but it feel like yesterday I learn about add mate, bio and many 'lesson' I had there including the 'informal' ^_^ u knowlah 'girl power'. Thanks for those who had teach me about life and everything...since I from 1 RK and until I in 5 sc 4. (Pn khairiah, mr voon, mr tan, pn long, mrs yeoh and to all 'cikgu'smc 95-99) u all the best teachers in the world.yup! I really meant it.[in memory allahyarhamah Sa'imah ]. for my x- classmate s esp. for those in my 'team . Thanks for being there whenever I need u all. Gosh...I really miss u all...and the most important at all hopely convent would stay to be the best school in taiping forever..... aloha!^_^

    Chong Boon<>

    Well, what can I say about this site? It's simply wonderful! Finally, someone has done a great job in bringing back the old memories for all Taipingites! Having graduated from SGI back in 1992 (form six), I have been working in many other Taipingites and ex-school mates. Old school time memories, sweet, sour, happy, bitter etc keep flashing on my mind. The moment when we enjoyed our basketball session with Mr Ong (coach), canning by teachers, sharing jokes with the likes of Mr Onn, Mr Wong and many more, having our "kebun" session, playing football on the field, bullied by some seniors....well, it's all now a wonderful memories. To my lost touch friends like Wong Yee Leong, Beh Chin Huat, Sham, Choon Siang, Kah Wai, Desmond, Yap Pi Huat, Kenneth Tan and all the rest of the "batangs", hope you all are well and if you all happen to read this message, please contact me thru the above e-mail address. To all the teachers, Mr Onn, Mr Ong, Mrs Chan, Bro Mathew, ! Bro Charles (retired), Mr Victor Lim, Mr Patrick and many more, sincerely thank you all for the guardian and coaching thru out my secondary education in SGI. Thanks for the person who created this wonderful site! Cheers!


    hello i,m parthiban ilangovan.i,m x student.know i,m studying at utm skudai ,civil engineering(3rd year-2002).i miss lot of my friends(jaya sarawanan,daniel jeyaraj,surendran,kashinder singh and so on).i studied there from(1988-1996)standard 1 to form 3 .i love also can't forget my principal puan sujatha vasanthan and my maths teacher mrs.lam(form 2).Although,i've studied in different school in f4 and f5 but i,m still georgian.To my friends,pls mail me or call me H/p no. 0124527852.always keep in touch.bye.

    Muniandy Chelliah<>

    I am an old Georgian. Now I am 56 yrs. and I am working as a biochemist in one of the private hospitals in Penang. During my days Rev. Bro. Phillip was the principal and Bros like Bro Cypirian, Bro Alexander, Bro James, Master Joe Fernandez, master Chong and so many others. The days were really wonderful and remarkable. Since 1966 I have not been to the school. I still remember when I was in form one under Bro Cypirian we called him him the golden hair we played hockey. I wonder if they are still around some where. I know Bro Phillip has passed away. Anyway to those of you out there, keep up the good name and good work of our school.


    What about the picture of the girls school ..especially Convent secondary school !!

    Tang Seong Meng<>

    Harlo all, I am an Ex-Edwardian student. Pure one too. Started with from Primary School King Edward till Secondary School King Edward. Graduate from Secondary on 1996. Pursue my study in Singapore and graduate from Ngee Ann Poly on 1999. Surfing this website sure bring sweet and sour memory... Keep this site on.....!!!!

    Cher Mai<>

    Aiya, after all these years I still remember about SGI. The best thing about SGI is the canteen food. Last time when Ah Yee was the vendor, macam macam we can eat and cheap and sedap. From the popiah-chee, the chilli oil char mee, the mee rebus, to the lengkong and ong-lai chui, wah see peh ho chiak! About Taiping, I very seldom go there already. I still go Taiping once a while to see those new Ah Beng Ah Seng and Ah Hua Ah Lian in town. Last time they are not there one but I think they're new immigrant from Sipatang, Tampulok or Selama one lah. In case you know me, drop me a mail lah, I think I know Kok Kun in Intel. Miss you brother! All the good wishes to my most favourite teacher Mr.Beh who is my ex form teacher for 5E1. Not forgetting all the siaw kia like Wong Chee Leong, Liang Kim Meng, Lim Soo Keong, Aw Tiong Joo, Joo Swee Keong, Danny Lim, Yong Soo Kiat and long time no see Chong Bau Yen, Ong Cheng Hua, Ooi Kah Hooi, Eddy, Khairul Yaakob, Yusri, Prem Evil, Thillai Kumaran, Logandran and lots more . See ya guys...

    Dinesh Kumar 4A2-5A2<>

    well what can u say..i'm a GEORGIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was there all the way from 1980-1990(pri & sec).i would have gone to upper six there but unfortunately my brains wouldn't cope. teachers..cikgu Jamil,cikgu Zamani,mr rama,bro louise,bro matthew,mrs ariea,mrs tan,mr wong pak keong and a few more and there was these non favs(shall keep it annonymous)= to all u teacher's THANK YOU and my buddies; Jegathison aka jungle boy, mohd,devendran,wong yee leong, rahizam, solomon chong,gerald kong, yap pee huat(gengstar),kok kah wai,desmond,oh kah onn,thaya,thiagarajan,kamarulzaman, sharizal(groblelar),sivanesan,mohan de brito and many many many more. Some you guys remember the green shop behind our school..tat was our smoking conner:) and bus station after school(cool ehh),, and also the ponteng class(i hated maths and geog)flunked geog but got thru maths just barely:). And the funny thing is, 4 of us;Bernard Lim,Wong Yee Leong and Wong Kar How..we r working at the same place now. If any of u guys still remember me pls mail me to the above mail add ok. And to you Bro. Charles,though we are not very keen of you back then, my THANKS to you and take care sir wherever you are. To our arch rival the Edwardians * PEACE *

    David Yu<>

    I am trying to look up an old friend by the name of Thomas Thum from SGI class of 76 (Form 5). He used to stay at Kota Road and his dad was a tailor. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks Regards

    Nisha Yaseen<>

    I'm looking for Mohd Amin (Form Upper 6) in 1993. He stayed in Taman Assamara, Taiping in 1993 also. I still remember you. Amin! Did you remember me ? Please contact me !If any of you read this, please contact me also !

    Sarah Cheng<>

    Anyone from SRJK Convent HIJ Taiping - 1958 -1963 and SMJK Convent - 1964 - 1966 ( Forms 1 - 3) I then shifted to Kuala Lumpur! I still remember Lalitha, Anusuya, Ong Lim Suan. If any of you ladies read this, pls contact me!

    Lee Siu Fai<>

    Hi, Can anyone rememeber me. The days of our lives will live on forever in our hearts. My dad was famous as nickname "umpai Lee" (detective Lee in cantonese). We were all over Taiping on bicycles, catching iken kelly in shitty drains, peacock fish, chasing kites, spiders, swimming at burmese pool, hye lai and other pool (can't remember one near Aun Say Garden). Had many memoirs, a bottle of coke is luxury those days, when we can afford ABC and Tau chiu. There were regulars of us at that time: Mamak Azmi, Old Goats Hearts (Loh Yeong Sum), Hassan, Wei Sin, SAw Swee Hock, .......and myself. There were rival groups like "survival"...Mai Lee, Ean Hooi (many people were after his two sisters), Beng Chi and others that I picture the face but not their names. Pak Long's cane was untolerable but no one can match with double wipe single stroke by Geography teacher "Lee" - a bloody heavy smoker and ask one of us to keep an eye at the door. Abang katun still conducting the school song and the negara ku. MANY < many < moments !!!!!!!god bless all!

    Muzaffar Mohamed<>

    Attended KE VII Primary from 1968 - 1973.My Standard 6 class teacher Cikgu Tharidi would ask any boys who talked in class to sing.There was a story that the old toilet was haunted.It looked scary even during the day because there were no lights(dark and gloomy inside).Went to KE VII Secondary 1974 - 1978.The late Mr. Long was the Principal and the dreaded Junjong was the Senior Assistant.He always complaint of "I can still see boys parking their bicycles at the basketball court".

    Lynda Chooi Hong Loh<>

    I graduated from Convent School in Taiping. I am looking for my classmates. I graduated in the year 1973 in Form III, then I went to Vocational School in Butterworth, Penang. I have not idea where my classmates are now. I moved to the U.S. in 1978. I am married with 2 children. Lynda Lee


    Just want to say thanx to all the teacher at Sekolah Menengah Dr. Burhanuddin. I left the school in 1995. To all my ex-classmates of 5 Vokay Tech 2, pls mail me k....


    Former TMGS, class of 1991. School's hockey player, and Mr.Kanna was the trainer at that time. Recall Mr.Sum -taught chemistry, Mrs. Ng -add math, Ms.Ho- biology. Still remember Mrs. Lawrence Wong, Mrs. Lee, Puan Rohana, Mr. Mark... Schoolmates and classmates : Liew Mun Kit, Tammy Serenti, Usha Shantini, Syarifah Daria Roza, Raja, Leong Mei Mei,Mumtaz, Joyce, Rosnatun, Adelina, Eliza, Huang Mui Swan. I wish I could recall all the names. Went for a while to K.E VII in 1992. PS to the webmaster : this website is a brilliant idea for connecting with old friends. If we could send a picture(class pictures) along with our messages, it would be very cool.

    Jaclyn< >

    I was a TMSG girl from 82-86, spent 1 month at SGI for lower 6, and the rest of form 6 at Dr.Buhadurin. I never like my form 6 life. That's no life! I hope to be in contact with those from TMGS, either the student of 82-86 or the teacher. I'm looking for Mrs. Lee, the English teacher, Mr. Kana the accounting teacher, Mr. Saleh, etc. Please email me.

    Lean Keng<>

    Hi to all my old friends and teachers in TMGS. Special thanks goes to Mrs. Choong (Art Teacher), Ms. Eswari(I have met her in 1997 at PPUM, she is still as gorgeous as ever !!), and Mrs. Goh. Those days in TMGS is a memorable moments for me. While looking at this website, memories of the good old days came by. I'm looking for all the old friends in TMGS,especially those who left Form 5 Commerce One in 1976. Well, I miss you guys (Yit Kuan, Mooi Yeok, Mei Lin, Mei Loy, Sook Fun, Wee Cheng, Swee Keng, Bee Chin) and hoping to get together one day for a good reunion.....

    Lilian Wardle<>

    The picture of the best school of all is missing - Convent HIJ. Kindly rectify. Lilian Wardle Manchester RRL School of Geography University of Manchester Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PL Tel: 0161 275 7671 Mobile: 07968 160467 email:

    Kharina Khairi<>

    While i'm looking my old friends in TMGS, I found this web site which I can share my memory while i'm studying in TMGS. I really miss the memories with my friends in TMGS. We're spent time together and have great time from 1991 - 1994. However, the great time was in class 2B (1992). The naughtiest in afternoon session. But we still maintain the grade...:-). To Miss Sapurabi, Mrs Wong...and who know me...thanx for everything. Now i'm in UPM to continue my study in Master and will be finish soon. to Lin, Mai, Jovi, Ame, Wei-pheng..siew mui...mei yin and the rest...retna, haz.... I miss you so much.... Hope to see you all in one day...




    Our dad is a former Georgian.So he wanted both of his sons to be Georgian as well.After studying in SGI since primary to secondary, we are really proud to be Georgian as what our father felt. There are millions of memories to share but in short that were the best days of our lives. We will always be a Georgion and our sincere thanks to all the teachers especially to Puan Sujatha Vasanthan. Prashand - class of 1994 Venodevan - class of 1997

    Kenny Antony<>

    Going thru all the comments and letter posted here was the best trip I had down memory lane. I was a student at St. George, class of '94. Since graduating from Tpg, I can say I've been around a few places but nothing beats home. I still come back every chance I get since my parents are still living in Tpg. Have to make it a point to pay a visit to school. I too was under the tutelage of Mr Ravinder. To a 14yr old, he was the terror of the school. But, most importantly, he was among the best teachers I ever had. Same goes for Mr J.S. Solomon, Mr Oon, Pn Sujahta, Mr Mahendran, Mrs Chua CB, Mrs Chan Ding Kow... I still find the experiences and memories in secondary school to be the richest and certainly my fondest. To all my friends... I know some of you are half-way across the planet (Julian, Ong Eu Jin...) but if you ever stumble across this message, be sure to drop me a line. As for the rest of you (you know who you are), keep in touch.

    Emilly Amir<>

    I an an ex-Convent Girl.From Standard 1 till Form 5 , I'm a Proud Convent Girl.I think most of the scholl know me, I left school in 1995. I been blessed with such great teachers and peoples such as Puan Arbaayah , Cik Sharmini , Puan Rubiah, Ustazah Azizah , Puan Lau, Miss Foo Kon Tai ( the unforgetable), Puan Nancy, Mrs Ravi, Pn Laili, , Pakcik Zainun was there during my primary education. Not forgeting the teacher at SMC, Cikgu Raja Nordin , Puan Zainab , Puan Naimah, ,Puan Wong, Puan Long Kamariah, Puan Ustazah Maleha, Cik Chuah Ying Ying, Puan Shirley Ong, Puan Vernon , Puan Goh, Mr Vincent Soo , Puan Laila. I felt bless for the years I study there.And will proud to proclaimed I'm A Convent Girl.Well, that is my memory of my schooling back here intaiping since 1985 until 1995.With that also I like to say Hi to all the person that knew me and your are welcome to contact me...Hope to hear from all of u soon

    Nelson Fernandez<>

    hello Taiping folks. To the website creator, thnks for giving me and many others a chance to walk down memory lane. To all Form Sixers at SGI (86/87), do write. we have a lot of memories to share and i think we should get together for a reunion. to ravi (noky), kamales, sharmini, shima, roslan, omar, jaafar, deva, malini, manju, pandian padma and the rest of the gang..if you see this..write!!!

    Zulinda Zahid Jamal<>

    First of all,I'd like to thank Kayes for the webpage.As I read through, I found 2 emails from my friends of the days when I was schooling in SRJK Convent Kota and SMJK Convent Taiping from 1969 to 1979. Memories from my schooldays are....... Unforgetable............that's what they are.......... friends and teachers are...... For those who were from SRJK Convent Kota during my time, do you still remember Sr.Emannuel(Annie), Miss Pauline Dorai, Pn Azizah, Pn Ahsaniah, Pn Laili, Pn Sariah, Mrs Ho Ah Chai, Mrs Tan Tat Hock, Mrs Irene Lim, Mrs Chan Kwai Weng, Pn Muhitah, Miss Ang Siew Hock, Miss Ong Saw Kim, Ustazah Saadiah, Pacik Zainun(gardener), Ah San(carpenter), Louise(sweeper) & Rohana(Office girl)? They are all retired now except for Pacik Zainun & Rohana.Pacik Zainun is still staying in the same house which is at the side entrance of the school (remember the small gate?) I still meet them on & off in town as I'm living here in Taiping....home sweet home. Not forgeting the teachers from SMJK Convent Taiping, Sr Teresa, Miss Murugaisu (discipline teacher), Miss Soo, Mrs Ong Ah Guan, Mr Voon, Mr Goh, Mrs Monica Toh, Miss Yoon, Cg Baharum....they are also retired & are still in town except for Sr Teresa. Those were the days my friends...Jenny Simon,Ramlah Sham, Zuwaidah, Haslina, Chuah Chan Hoon, Muniamah,...fond memories we'll never forget..... I'd like to specially mention here that my parents were also teachers here in Taiping and my hope is that they are still remembered by their students.They are Cikgu Azizah Mohd Noor who taught in SRK Convent Kota for 32 years until she retired & Allahyarham Cikgu Zahid Jamal who was a teacher in SRJK St George I & later taught in SRJK King Edward II until he passed away in 1986 at the age of 49.

    Lam Sau Cheng<>

    I left Convent Taiping in 1989 and continued my form 6 studies in SM Dr. Buhanuddin in 1990. We Science Stream girls from Convent were the FIRST batch of Six Formers tranfered to SM. Dr. Burhanuddin. It was a dissapointment to all of us that we weren't able to continue studying in our "brother" school i.e. St. George but we went through 2 years in form 6 .......the annual Geogian Prom Nite, that year had to make a few "adjustments" allowing girls from other schools to be their respective dance dates!! I enjoyed all my 11 years in Convent Primary and Secondary. Sports Day in Convent: There were more boys that parents....It feels good to be a school runner then....I'm now a coach in the school I'm teaching and I still enjoy the outdoors. All my other friends who now work in KL still get - together and talk about the great times we spent together. I now work in Puchong and staying in Subang. They say Convent gals and the Geogians have a thing for each other .....maybe it's true because I found my soul mate in a georgian, whom I married after 12 years together last September. Thank you Taiping for getting us together.

    Yak Kok Kun<>

    I'm a La Sallian, SRK St. Geogre(1983-1989) and SM St. George(1989-1993). I'm proud to be in that school. All those teachers and school mates, I wish them all their best in the future undertaking and may god bless you all. Mr Victor Lim, Mr Patrick Teoh, Mr Jamil, Mr Francis Ho, Bro Charles, Mr Wong Pak Kiong, Mr Yeap Heng, Mr&Mrs Low Sai Seng and there are few more name that I forgotten(sorry). Thank you very much. I'm now working in Intel Penang. A lot memories been made and some good, some bad(wish never happen before) but come to the end of the day, you know that you have a been La Sallian and you love it ! For those is still studying, Love your school day even though you forget to do your home work and teachers is going have your butt for lunch. Once you out of school is a whole different ball game. For those La Sallian that know me pls! e-mail me!

    Abu Bakar Omar<>

    Born and bred in Taiping. Studied up to Standard IV in Sekolah Kebangsaan, Assam Kumbang(1959) and later proceeded to Special Malay Class I('60), Special Malay II('61) and Standard 6A ('62) in KE VII Primary II. The HM was Mr Khoo. Class Teacher was Ms Khoo, again Ms Khoo(different Ms Khoo) and Mr Leerdam for Standard VI. Those days being kicked in the 'but' and being hit at the back of the palm with the sharp side of the long wooden ruler, was not uncommon. We accepted those treatment as part of up-bringing. Promoted to Form I in KE VII Secondary. On the first day of school received a tight slap from Encik Radzi; whose wife is(was) Ms Khoo. Until today; at the age of 51 I could not explain the reason for being slapped on the face; on the first day of the Secondary School(1963). This was also the last year KE VII Secondary School had an expatriate Principle Mr McCummiskey, short, stout and bearded Englishman who carried a rattan cane with him. He was later succeeded by Mr L! ong Heng Hua(fondly known as Pak Long) who also 'educated' most students with his cane. During my time all the boys had the share of the cane. But it was done in good faith. I sat for my OSC/MCE in 5 Arts. The Form Teacher was Ms Yeap Gaik Khoon, Maths Teacher Peter Tay(who later became the Principal of Yuk Choy Schoolin Ipoh), BM was Cikgu Isa Ramli(retired as Deputy DG of Education), Science Teacher(Forgotten the name but the nickname was Abang Cartoon who stayed in Jalan Padang and cycled to school) Geography Teacher Mr Lim Swee Chin or fondly known as Bull Dog. Teachers those days were serious and meant business but they create human out of us. I am not so sure whether students of these days share the same glory that we had. I stayed in the School Hostel all were Malay students except for two Indian students Yellomalai(studied in the Malay Medium) and Maniam who hailed from Matang. I still enjoy visiting Taiping especially the lake gardens and of course passing by the s! chool as the class room is visible from the road. KE VII is a great school.

    Zarina Hamzah<>

    The most memorable about my school is my school anthem. I could remember it word by word even after 21 years leaving the school. I studied at TMGS for 12 years (from kindergarten until my SPM in 1980). Presently I'm residing at Shah Alam and works in K.L. Do you remember the song "Yesterday Once More" by Karen Carpenter? I love that song and whenever I listen to it I will recall my happy school life . I hope yesterday will be forever. Million of thanks to my great teachers - Mrs. Zainal, Miss Lam, Mrs. Thang, Puan Jaharah, Miss Saw, Miss Looi, Mrs. Khir, Mrs. Ravinder, Mrs. Lucas ,Mrs. Goodman nee Miss Teoh, Puan Wan Zaleha, Puan Wan Teh, Mr. Kwa and my dedicated headmistresses Mrs. U Teck Hua and Miss Satwant. God Bless All Of You.

    Leslie Donnelly<>

    Some of the happiest memories of my childhood were spent in Taiping. I started school at the Convent in 1952 and left in 1955. My first teacher's name was Mrs. Campbell. There were many different nationalities in the class from all over the world. I remember doing the Minuet dance, we were dressed in period style dresses, and other children did a Maypole dance. It was for the Queen of England's Coronation in 1954 and on the Lake they built a replica of the Golden Hind, that was pretty spectacular, especially for the children. I remember other parts of Taiping, our house and the many friends that my brother and I had at Kamunting, where our father worked. Leslie Donnelly


    Fuhhh!!! Hard time tu!...King Edward will live forever...As long as the Taiping hill stand! For 9 years in K.E. 4 years in K.E.(2) & 5 tremendous years in K.E. Secondary School ...banyak pengalaman pahit & manis...mostly yang pahit la...why? Archivement aku kat K.E. tak banyak..senang cerita banyak yang tak berjaya...sama ada dari segi akademik ataupun sukan...hmmm...silap aku jugak kot... But now, here i am...a graduated student of Diploma in Computer Graphic & Design, Cosmopoint KL.

    Chong Lu-Lu<>

    Firstly, thanx a lot for this website. Bumped into it while surfing. Was a former TMGS girl....from 1982-1986. Memories of the yesteryears keep flooding back after reading those lovely articles by ex-Taipingites. Reading Looi TK's article reminds me once again about the shortness of life ie. having fond memories of Eric Boey who passed away unexpectedly in a RTA in 1999. So, it's good to take time to reach out to those we care and love. Schooling in TMGS was like a 'living hell' esp during exams, now, I think it is one of the best and happiest days of my life. Missed the gossips with my old friends...Chua Bee Leng, Joyce Chee, Sharon Khoo, Wan Fong, Megawati, Wan Suzynarita, Eni : missed having those silly crushes on our chemistry teacher the gorgeous Mr Sum, Mr Ong(physics) and the education of Biology by the lovely Ms Ho, the constant nagging of Ms Satwant Kaur, now the nagging is like sweet music to the ears. The never ending competitions in everything with the Convent girls were the highlights of everything. Missed those good 'fights'. Lastly, to my group of friends, hope that we can meet up again.

    Chee Yuet -Oi<>

    Looking at the side gate next to the Grotto of the Main Convent school reminded me of the time when I was late getting to school and I was caught wearing Japanese slippers and was fined ten cents by the Prefect. The truth about wearing the flip-flops was because my white cotton latched up shoes were either not washed over the weekend or they were still wet from the washing on the Sunday evening! So the next time I knew better. I should have used a couple of plasters on the toes or dry my shoes by the fire at the cooking stove in the morning when my mother cooked our lunch prior to her leaving for work. When I looked at the dormitory floor of the school building, I remember I had my lst experience of eating butter and using a knife and fork at breakfast when I stayed over night in the dormitory after the Christmas Midnight Mass at St. Louis Church when I was in Form Four going on Form Five in Dec.1969. It was a big luxury for me to taste butter on toast! The whole experience of using a napkin and being served a cooked breakfast was such a privilege for someone who only knows how to use a spoon and chopsticks and who always had to fight for her portion of food among her four other siblings! Sweet memories of happy times at Christmas time.


    I left SM King Edward VII in 1978 after my MCE.My fondest memories were of my years in Form 3 to Form 5. Among them were the scool band and the Scouts. My principal then was the late Mr Long.

    Mior Shaifuddin bin Zakaria<>

    I was a student of King Edward VII (2) Taiping since standard 1 in the year 1966. My former headmaster was Mr Gomez and my former class teacher was Mr Boey. I would like to get in touch with my old school mates(primary school) such as Abdul Latif b Mohamad, Mat Rodzi b Abdul Ghani, Mai Mang Lee, Zakaria and those who stated their schooling in standard one A in the year 1966. I left King Edward VII secondary school after form 5 in the year 1977 to settle in Ipoh. Please write in and could try to refresh our schoolday. bye.

    Zainah Ibrahim<>

    Though I was there in KE VII for my form six(1980-81)for only two years there are fond memories that I can never forget. Among the sixers we were very close. Our year was one of those years where we produce good passes in the STP result. Almost all of us continue to pursue our higher education. Thank you to our loving and caring teachers; the late Pak Long (Long Heng Hwa),Cikgu Mustafa (the Army guy who always told us why he had to wear thick glasses because of his involvement in students' demonstration in UM)), Mr Foo (or well known among us as Mr Kenyang coz' he always visited the canteen)Cik gu Harun (he was the warden for the boys' hostel) and others teachers too. For those who still remember me please feel free to contact me.

    Swee Lin<>

    I left Convent Secondary in 1987 and continued my form six education in SGI. Had lots of wonderful memories in both schools. I'm now a teacher. My first posting was in SRK King Edward VII (1). When my friends found out about it, some called me a "traitor" !! I guess most of you out there know about the "on going rivalry" between the schools in Taiping. SGI and KE, Convent and TMGS.It existed since my parents' time !! Well,is this still going on?!I really miss my school days and often wish I could go back in time. I guess being in school is one of the best time in one's life...

    Noor Azuan Hashim<>

    Hi! I'm Noor Azuan of TMGS (1977-1981). I was TMGS student for 11 still visit the school when I "balik kampong". Proud to be one of the Taipingan and always proud to be one of the student in TMGS. Those times bring a lot of my memory...can still remember I was in 5 Science White 1981..Mr Sum (Chemistry and form teacher), Mr CBB, Pn Wan Zaleha and many others.. I was in King Edward for 2 mths before I when to USA. I still remembered our Lowersix Science 2 present a qoir song during Mr Long retirement..Junjung the deputy..and of course the friends there.. Really nice to remember the old days.. Oh Taiping! Really a great town....

    Looi Teck Kheong<>

    Hi Taipingites and Ex Taipingites, I am a former Georgian [form 1 (1978) to 3 (1979)] and ex Edwardian [std 2 (1972) to Std 6 (1977)]. Coming from two rival schools, I naturally made friends from both sides. Thanks kayes for taking the time to post up these photos - they bring back flood of memories, mostly warm and fond ones. As i read the postings here, I saw one from my good friend Eric Boey, (ex Edwardian). The sad thing is he passed away unexpectedly in a road accident slightly more than a year ago (1999). Reading his posting here reminds me once again about the shortness of life and why it's important for us to take time to reach out to those we care and love. I had a great a time in King Edward VII (KE-2). Friends like Chan Kok Liang, Eric Boey (dcd), Kanaseelanayagam, Loong, Beng, Hin, Huat, Meng, Yow, Salim Khan, Azman Wadood, Sharifuddin, Kamal Rusmin (dcd) and lots more made a difference at primary school. In fact, most of us are still in touch by email. The teachers, Cikgu Sharif, Cikgu Azizan, Ms Khoo Sin Nya, Mrs Ng Poh Leung, Mrs LW Ng, Mrs Chang, Mr BA Gomez (principal) and many more - they are remarkable individuals. The friends I met at Georgy: Robert Tan, Ching Fook, Jason Chin, Cheok Meng, Tuck Meng, Conrad, Kheng Huat, Suresh Kumar, Aminuddin, Kian Siew (dcd), Say Kiat, Igbal, Lourdes, Albert, and many more in the Scout Troop made growing up so much fun. The teachers such as Mr Maha (english), Mr Low Sai Seng (Sains Paduan), Bro James Saw (Geography) (dcd), Bro Matthew Bay (Art, Swimming, Life Saving & Scouting), Mr Yeap Heng (Form 3 class Teacher), Mr Patrick Teoh (Sains Pertanian), Mr Ong Ah Guan (Maths), Cikgu Abdul Rahman (bahasa), were excellent role models. I would not have made it without these crucial years of grounding in the basics. I still miss the Maxwell Hill and the Lake Gardens where I go for hikes and runs whenever i return as my parents are still in town. Not to mention the Burmese pool for camping and the Taiping town for lots of eateries (wanton mee and char keow teow) and activities. The schooling experience was never the same again after I left Taiping.! O! nce again, thanks Kayes for taking the trouble to keep this website going. cheers Teck Kheong Singapore

    R.P.Chow @ A. Rahim B. Abdullah<>

    How come nobody has mentioned Mr. Joe Francis...teacher SGI master...Rev. Bro. Henry...Rev. Bro. Anthony... maths teacher/music master...Mr. Sant Singh...Mr. Santokh Singh...Rev. Bro. Leo (Bro. Sub)...Rev. Bro. Alban...headmaster...Mr. Lee Swee Keng...geography teacher...the late Mr. Ooi Chek Huat...the pinching 'pinching' maths teacher..we old georgians SALUTE all of them...we are what we are today because of their guidance.. MAY ALLAH BLESS THEM...

    Lam Wai Hon<>

    Georgian ! Always proud to be one. Upper Six - Class of 1989. For me, the teachers I would always remember - Victor Lim, Bro. Matthew, Bro. Charles.


    I was in Convent Klain Pau for a year. Then moved on to another primary. Had a good time time there althought I can barely recall. Spent my five years in Sri Kota. Phew, I dunno what do others think about this school but I grew to like it. It ain't bad after all. I'm glad that I was there. If not I would not be where I am today. Thanks to the superb teachers and friends. It does not matter which school you are from. It's the way you carry yourself. Class of 1997...HURRAY! We had a fantastic year! Hope you all are doing well out there. Do email me if anyone of you see this! Ta

    Fara Natallynn<>

    It is an unforgetable moment while schooling at TMGS . One of the best school in Taiping . Heyyy .... why you say not ??? It is the best !!! We achieve a good result in eveything ... sport , academic ... and many more . I still cannot forget my school life . The university life are not as exciting as school life . For all pals ... enjoy your school life !!!


    Why that is no sekolah menengah simpang in this webpage. I'm so disappointed about you so sad or you can do me a favour just put in the photo of SMS. We on behalf of SMS are very much appreciated.Thank You ! Looking for your good news !

    Chong L CHOE<> Looking into photos of SGI brings back fond memories of my younger days there (1972-1976.)Completed MCE in '76 and left Taiping. Surfing the web to discover the departure of my friend and teacher Father James Saw was devastating.The society and especially SGI Taiping has lost a wonderful man. Guess wherever Father James may be, he will always look over SGI. What a great lost that words cannot describe.

    Faizal<> Used to be in SM St Georges Inst. from 1993-1995.. (1A3,2A1,3A1,4E1) The most liked teacher : Pn Nursinah, Pn Rosmah,Mr Ng and Mrs Sujatha.. Thanx very much.. I'm recently in UTM Sekudai.


    Teacher in SGI 1950-65. "Lady Precious Stream". The Big Parade 1965. Bro. Cyprian and the "Lost Patrol". I wrote the songs and sang them. Bro. Thomas - the Scotsman. We made things happen. You'll never see our likes again!

    Gerry Fernandez<> Old Georgian From 1959-1968 Currently living in Perth Australia Headmaster @ Primary SGI - the late Mr. Augustine (emigrated to Perth) HeadBrother @ Secondary: Bro Leo Love to know what Bro Christopher (pet teacher SGI High) is Doing Think i've met Bro Chan {who is out of the brotherhood) in Perth My old Taiping Address 36 Creagh Lane( if that still exist)

    Wati Johnson<>

    Went to TMGS all the way from 1976 to 1987. Good school. Ms. Amirul was my elementary school teacher.


    this is a great site man! i'm a georgian, class of 93, i love that school, memories always come back whenever i pass through the school,did any of you Edwardian guys know that Mr Junjung was in SGI 1n 1990 before he retired. another Edwardian teacher that was in SGI before he retired was Mr Mahendran,thought me English in form 5..i always love his classes because this guy travels a lot and he always tells us stories of his 'adventures'. The other teahers that i can remember are Mr Victor Lim, Mr Patrick Teoh, Mr Jamil(stone),Mr Francis Ho(Thundercat),Bro Charles, Mr Wong Pak Kiong (wonder if he's still teaching). Anyway, i understand that most of the 'old' guys are retired, just want them to know that they have thought us well.

    HK Tan<> ."bring the good old bugle boys and sing along. Sing it with the spirit that has been with us so long. All thru fifty golden years in fifty golden strong" sing along the tune "Marching thru Georgia". Thats Georgian Golden Anniversary in 1965 when I was in Form 4 Science. Remember the school anthem common to all La Salle schools "All thru our classes a voices resounding Promptly to her mater her call... My best part of my life in St. George's Inst. from 1956-1966. Any old Georgians out there can keep in touch with me esp. old classmates. My e-mail address is HK

    Tang Yuet Oi<>

    Klian Pau Convent and Convent Secondary School. Our geography teacher, Miss Chua who is rather large in size, got very angry with the class for failing her test and about half the class got walloping with the cane on our palms. Then one day many years later(I think it was 1988 or 1989)I saw her crossing the road in Melbourne Central, Australia, while I was sitting in the taxi at the red lights! I was so surprised and had to tell the taxi man about the beating I had when I was in Primary Five. My favourite teacher in Primary Six is Sister Ignatius(a M'sian nun)who taught me a lot to have faith in God and she was always very patient with us in class. I was sad to leave the Primary School and had wished in my heart that she would be my teacher again. This happened when I was in Secondary Two! She continued to be my guardian and counselor until I was ready to leave for UK and I still remember her comforting words when she said "When you do well, you could be a nurse tutor one day. May the Lord use you to be a light to others." Well, her wishes come true years later whenI obtained my degree in nursing education in Australia and later my masters degree in education. Primary school to me still holds pleasant memories while secondary school had some unpleasant memories but still overall, the pleasant ones still overrules the not so pleasant ones. I suppose life is like that and I learn to hope for a change even when the going is tough. I also received kind assistance from Reverend Mother Pius(an Irish nun), who was also mistaken by some pupils as "Mother Puss". It was because of her concern that I was given a free bowl of noodles (by a Mrs. Chang at the canteen) for lunch every day throughout my secondary school days. She helped me obtained federal scholarship, paid for my MCE examination fees as well as my yearly special fees and also for my X-ray fees prior to my going overseas. Then when I was in London I caught up with her as she had returned to UK and working as a superintendent of a Catholic Hostel. She was very proud of those of us from the Convent School as there were at least 8-10 or more of us in the same hospital. I had never forgotten what she reminded us about our motto "Simple in virtue, Steadfast in duty". I kept my promise to her about helping a needy pupil in my school with examination fees as she didn't want me to repay her. She paid for my above expenses out of her own pocket and this ! has impressed me of her action in Christ love. I realized that I was fortunate to receive such pastoral care from my school. This has shaped my concern for students in my care in tertiary nursing education. My hope is that teachers will be more caring to those under their charge. Education is preparation of a child for the future which is more than just academic success.

    Hasnah Burdge<>

    Wow! It is quite a reach to remember back then, almost 20 years ago. I went to school at SMJK Convent from 1974-78..had a blast with schoolmates. I remembered one time in particular where I stood up and asked a very legitimate question..." Why can't girls play soccer too?". I then proceeded to form a team with the blessing of the pricipal at that time (Sister Teresa). I irritated the P.E teacher though...can't remember her name. The teacher that inspired me the most was my Biology teacher.....Miss Ong (?)I think? She told me to dream big and that nobody should ever decide your future for you!!! I have since graduated and went on to attend college in the U.S and am now working in the States. Would love to correspond with any who went to school at the same time I did.Some names I remember from the past, Ooi Poh Poh, Chuah Chan Hoon, Jasmiah, Azmon, Haslina, Thomas Yeoh (Geogian), Paik See, Marie Sansighn, and many many faces. If you are out there, e-mail me. Rock On!!!!!!!

    Ooi Poh Yan<>

    TMGS The cleanest school all my fren there i miss u all so much especially those in 500 & 501 (1997)

    Gaik Ong<>

    Hi.. well, i'm an X of TMGS and convent sRI kOTA.. my memories.. well, been really good.. i enjoyed most of my time in school.. well.. i can tell u it's great! So enjoy your life and... I can tell u that is THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

    Joan Llewellyn<>

    I suppose most of the people who send you an email are former students of the Schools in Taiping. Well, I am a former teacher from a long time ago. I was the science and health teacher at Treacher Methodist Girls School in 1958 and 1959. I am an Australian and was in Taiping with my husband who was a chaplain to the Australian forces in Malaya at the time. I loved my time at this school. I loved all the girls I taught. I still think about Taiping very often and would like very much to go back for a visit. If any of my former students read this, I would love to hear from them.

    Jeanne Ng<>

    WooHoo! Been in Convent right from Darjah Satu to Tingkatan Lima!! School was Alwiz awesome.. although at the time we complain a lot lah... u know how it's like... From Convent Kota, i'll alwiz remember Mrs. Ravi and Puan Rubiah!! Had the most fun in yourclasses!! SMC rocks as well. Form 3.. after recess must sing MaLAYSIA BOLEH!! jika kau fikirkan kau boleh...... haha. for PMR lah!!! and then.. if never bring KH book to class (in Form 1) Encik Yusof will make us RUN the padang in our uniform.. damn cunlah.. haha.. christina saw, u da bomb.. hafta sit under the table!! classic case lah u.. :P Form 3 also.. everyone had batik project due.. smart lah.. all ponteng class to do project.. 2K1(my class) only had 5 people in class!! haHahA.. kenalah.. ketuk ketampi during assembly!! Malufarting..:P aNd.. Form 3 Sains Bab 1.. thank you Mr. Vincent Soo for TEAching us THAT chapter!! haHA!! and the photography/chess club trip to maxwell hill.. man THAT was an EXPERIENCE i must say.. the group of us hiking up to.. gunung hijau wasit? got caught in the storm.. lightning striking the trees around us.. sometimes can feel the current thru the roots of the trees.. and then when we reached the road, lightning struck the road RIGHT in front of us!! mei wan.. i remember u kena shock whole body lah.. chialat man... ahHA.. then we taped Mr. Tnew's Snoring!!! DAMN LOUD MAN!!!(like rhinoceros) haHA.. no one could sleep that nite.. :P and Mr. Ooi was with us as well! haha.. laughing at the taping! hehe..and Mr. Voon our ever awesome Photography Club guru... who taught us AD Maths and Physics too!!! Those were the days... Man i've typed so much i betta stop.. CoNvEnT RoCkS!!!!

    Eric Boey<>

    Left King Edward Vll in year 1982. Was a Edwardian all the way from primary till secondary. Had a great time there. Memories of fights (fist/sporting matches/girls etc...) with the "school across the drain" (no offence ok. inter school competition). Just a note to say that now I am in Subang, I met up with lots of Taiping people and here we are no longer bitter enemies like during the schooling days but we are proud to let others know that we are Taipingnites or "Perak mali takda Sombong" and there is a certain closeness. How we kacau "Junjung" (Mr. Ravinder Singh)a man with a white turban and wears a neck support for some time and got away with it. (Do it smart).Anyway, if you should come accross this, no hard feelings ok, Mr. Ravinder. Would like to say a big thank you to my ex teachers both in primary and secondary. THANK YOU (Primary) Ms Teoh, Ms. Ng, Mrs Ng, Ms. Khoo, En. Shariff, En Azizan, En. Kamaruddin, Mr. Boey (my dad) & others that I can't remember. (Secondary) Mr. Thong, Mr. Long or fondly known as Pak Long, Ah Pak Kartoon (Mr. Lim Eng Keat), Mr. Ravinder Singh, Pak Chia, Pak Ho, Ms Janet and many more that I can't recall. A great thank you again for guiding and grooming me through my young schooling days to be what I am today. Thank you. As I've read through, the memories posted and for those Georgians who lives far away, I would like to mention that Mr. Ng Beng Por (a uncle of mine) passed away a couple of years back in Kajang, Selangor.Lastly, to my group of friends near and far, been great knowing you guys and hope that we can meet up again in ICQ soon.


    when i think of my school dayz...the first thing that comes to mind are my wonderful friends. we always had fun running around & making noise. by the way...the school is Main Convent...the best around to me.long live the convents in taiping. will make it a point to visit my school when i come back next. PeaCe.


    I studied in st georges from primary to secondary... my life in st.georges institution is indeed the best. i indeed miss it very much especially the times i spent with my friends and teachers.. May god bless them !


    hi ppl i was from smc taiping ..i left school since 1997..for me, secondary school life was the best for ..enjoying with all the i would like to thank all my teachers that always be my side when i need them...MRS NG, MRS CHUAH,MR VOON,MR TNEW,PUAN AMINAH,MRS ONG, PUAN LONG, PUAN CHE ZAINI,MRS YEOH,PUAN LAILA, PUAN KHAIRIAH,MR TAN,MR OOI,and MRS CHUAH TEONG PHING..A BIG THANK TO ALL OF YOU LISTED HERE THANKS. anyway now im studing in stamford college doing diploma in economics..this is the final to all the frens , all the best in future undertakings and do keep in touch ya...miss you pll relly really alot

    Khor Boon Tat<>

    I am a georgian and graduated in 1995, i would like to said: "THANK YOU" to all S.M.ST GEORGE teachers.


    Thinking back of my school days....those were the best days....:) I was from SM Convent and left that school since 1997.I would like to thank some of the teachers, Mrs. Soh, Mr. Voon, Pn. Moi, Ms Chuah, Mr. Tnew, Mrs. Ng and all the teachers that give their best to the students! I am now studying in Sunway College taking up NCC( Computer Studies). I'll be taking my 2nd year this april '99.fellow keep in touch.....miss all of ya!


    megat syamsul best friend in tmn sri kota... and the best of the best teacher is farizah....from s.m.king edward 7.....


    i've been a pure convent girl since primary to secondary.A convent product i should say...*smile*. Teachers whom i like to thank includes my form 5 teacher, Mrs Saw. I love your add maths !!!!!!!and a big hug to my fellow classmates of 5 Science 2 of 97'. I'm a 1st year Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering student in Taylor's College KL. AM currently staying in Cheras.

    Chin Lee Koon<>

    I gratuated from SGI Taiping, 1996. My favourite teacher is Mrs.Teh, my form teacher - U6A2. Why? well, she did help all of us in U6A2 a lot. May God bless her !

    Yeoh Chien Wern <>

    Graduated from S.M.K. St. George Taiping, year 1996.Currently doing Mechanical Engineering in UNITEN. My most admired person in my school is Pn. Sujatha Vasanthan, Headmistress of SMK St. George.

    Damon Chung Pak Oi<>

    Left St. George's after School Certificate way back in 1969 and went to England in 1970 with our Taiping Clique - Jerry Tai Lai Seng (also here in Australia), Tony Wan Hon Mun and a couple more who I can't remember their names, sorry! If any of you out there who still remember us and have lost touch all these years, please drop us a line on the net. I can't say I have a favourite teacher whilst at St. George's but I respected most of them especially Ng Beng Poh, our Biology and Chemistry teacher. One specific teacher from Primary School I will always remember is Miss Foo Kon Tai. I hope she is well and healthy. Hope to hear from somebody from the old Taiping days.

    Aspanizam Ahmad<>

    Hai....there....can you please include more pictures of schools? Actually I'm an ex-student of SERATAS. Can you please put more pictures of my school because I don't have time to go there and take pics for my album. Before I graduated, I just took pictures of my friends and not the school......please!

    Ann Low<>

    Graduated in 1987. Currently working in Shah Alam. Favourite teacher is Ms Mok.


    I'm from Hua Lian High School. Now studying at Nanyang Technological University, School of Applied Science, Material Engineering, Singapore. I love everyone in Hua Lian.

    Noor Affidah Zainal <>

    Something that I will never forget ! First day in Form 6 at Sek. Men. King Edward VII, back in 1983. The Principal was Mr. Sajad and the Assistant Principal was a Punjabi teacher (well, sorry! I have forgotten his name). And this Punjabi teacher was very popular among the school's students and was known to them as "Junjung". because he wore a "turban" on his head. On the first day at school, I was asked by him to get something from my previous school (certificate etc). And it happened to be that my previous principal (TMGS) was also a Punjabi but a lady. When I went to see her, she asked me "Who sent you here?". So I answered "Mr. Junjung". There I went, a big blunder for that year! The next day during school assembly at KE VII, "Mr. Junjung" announced loudly that there was a student trying to insult him and this student was ordered to see him after the assembly. And of course it was me lah tu ...... So apa lagi, I really "got it" from him. Thought I said sorry many many times, he still punished me. Poor me! Not only I got punished by him. I also got played out by the other students. Everytime they saw me, they would say "Junjung" and salute me! Looking back at the incident now, sincerely, I really was naive and did'nt even know a teacher's real name. I wonder where is this Mr. Junjung now? Anybody out there can help me?

    Marfuza Zainal<>

    I am an ex-Convent Girl. It has been 11 years since I had my education there. From Standard 1 till Form 5. All my class teachers are still in my thoughts - Puan Arbayah.. Puan Wan Teh, Puan Rubiah, my beloved headmistress Miss Foo Kon Tai, Mr Tan,Puan Zarinah, Cikgu Raja Nordin and Mrs Lau. Not forgetting my best principal.. Puan Normah Mohamad. She was the one who makes me strong and patient all the time. You know what? We have been given heavy homework in every subject during our school break and that sounds so cruel. But then, that was Ok for me. If not for that bundle of workload, I will not be as hardworking as I am now. Well.. anyway, I want to thank all my teachers wherever they are now.

    Aw Kok Weng<>

    Really miss those school life. Anyway why do not have the pictures of Dr. Buharuddin school and Darul Ridwan school? Very interesting and memorable site. Well done.



    Chan Lee Meng<>

    Hi, just wanted to tell you that this is the best Taiping site I've seen. The rest were mostly "no Taiping site ah? I better set one up myself" types. Yours is the most extensive and informative by far, and you have some decent pix online. I can contribute more pix if you like, as I've done a lot of photography during my time there.BTW, I was born and bred in Taiping. Lived there till I was 18. My parents are still there. Anyway, if you're printing this, please don't list my e-mail address. I don't like getting Spam. One thing though, your sources for the origin of Taiping's name are dubious at best. As far as I know, Taiping means "Great Peace" which was meant to signify the end of the tin wars. Anyway you can always check with the real historians at the muzeum. Regards, Chan Lee Meng In.Tech The Star.

    J Muhammad Gowdh<>

    I am a KE VII Tiger- Form 5 in 1966, left school 1968. If you remember me do drop me a line. I'd love to hear from my old friends, especially my old girl-friends! I'm sure we have a lot of sweet memories to recollect and re-live. Long may the Taiping (Maxwell's) Hills stand. My curses on anyone and everyone who wishes to destroy our beautiful Lake Gardens and our beloved Maxwell's!!!!! Magni Nominis Umbra (also Magni Nominis Black-Bra and Magni Nominis No-Bra!!)


    Firstly, thanx a lot for this website. Bumped into it while surfing. Was a former TMGS girl....from 1982-1986. Memories of the yesteryears keep flooding back after reading those lovely articles by ex-Taipingites. Reading Looi TK's article reminds me once again about the shortness of life ie. having fond memories of Eric Boey who passed away unexpectedly in a RTA in 1999. So, it's good to take time to reach out to those we care and love. Schooling in TMGS was like a 'living hell' esp during exams, now, I think it is one of the best and happiest days of my life. Missed the gossips with my old friends...Chua Bee Leng, Joyce Chee, Sharon Khoo, Wan Fong, Megawati, Wan Suzynarita, Eni : missed having those silly crushes on our chemistry teacher the gorgeous Mr Sum, Mr Ong(physics) and the education of Biology by the lovely Ms Ho, the constant nagging of Ms Satwant Kaur, now the nagging is like sweet music to the ears. The never ending competitions in everything with the Convent girls were the highlights of everything. Missed those good 'fights'. Lastly, to my group of friends, hope that we can meet up again. tHATS ALL.

    Goh JT<>

    What shall I say about my own hometown? Hmm... never been the best. Maxwell Hill, Burmese Pools, Lake Garden, aaa..Taiping 'Char Koey Tiau'. Still remember and could felt the taste but sadly the uncle have move shop. School time? Fuhhh...! Lots of memories..sad, happy, funny and serious too.Aaaii, during the time we still wear white shirt and GQ belt or long sleves with 'Fung Keong' basketball shoe to school. That's the time I remember, I kena 'saman' coz of school rules. Who else nothing but Mr. Ravinder S..., Wong PK also dangerous but English odd little bit. I like Mr. Tarmizi.. liek an Ustaz. Don' forget about MR Gee, he told us a joke about the 'Crocodile Underwear' and 'Why do Tarzan Have To Yell'. Kan..funny!! For the Georgian session 1987 to 1993 you could remember, that 1st table canteen is for who, right? Anyway, for who still remember me, please drop me a line or two. Dun care what you have just mail me some. For my friends who i could remember, Premkumar, LingSH, Lim Cheng Hsu, Chua Yew Hean, David Yak KK,Yong SK, Teoh Ban Lee, Teo EG, Jo'Aidy, Farid, Wong Tuck Hon, Jimmy TeohJ, Raymond ChinWC, Yu Man, Goh Kay Lai, Tean Cher Mai and ya'll. Long live Georgians.....

    Ahmad Amirul bin Mai<>

    hello every body.I studied in SRK St George 2 from 1988 to 1993.For those who have been in 4M(1991) to 6M(1993), i hope all of u can still remember me.(remember our class teacher, Mr Tee always call me Tok Mudim).Tak pe la kalau tak ingat.But guys, i miss all of you.I almost lost contact with all of u. But i hope we can manage to have a reunion function or yang sewaktu dengannya.





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