What do you think? Tear down this historic railway station and build a new one?

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It surely is a heritage building. Tear it down? DEFINITELY NO! Build another new station next to it. KL station is still there and the new KL Sentral is now the rail hub. Leave the Taiping station as it but maintain it in it old look. Enough of destruction to things of historic importance in this nation.


Tear it down...? No way, as long as the Taiping hills stand...! No need to spend so much money to build new buildings. It may look old but if you do some maintenence work, it'll still look cute and sentimental.

cicak hitam<the_black_lizard_eire@yahoo.co.uk>

Capital NO! to a modern one .... it is a heritage building .... it is the first train station in Malaysia. 'Railway station and warehouse (1881)' and 'Railway track - from Port Weld to Taiping (1885)'.

Yahya Sepeda<sepeda@bikerider.com>

During my schooldays I used to stop at the railway station every schooldays. Thats because its along the route from my house in Kota West to KE7. Even the railway workers knew me and my gang from school. In fact I learned snooker at the Railway club next to the station. The railway club (I don't know if its still there)is famous in another way. Wonder how many knew that the once famous Aziz Long Belacan was made from be railway club (by the club caretaker). The station must be maintained and taken care of and any work on the station must be along heritage theme.


You have to be joking to even consider that. I was a resident of Taiping for many years and I still have my family members staying there. I was in Taiping last year Being one of the oldest stations in Malaysia I would appreciate if the building is maintained in its present form. It's our heritage and would definitely it would do well to keep for prosterity. Regards

Nelly Barrus<nellybarrus168@msn.com>

Renovation yes, for improvements. (An updated look perhaps.) But tearing it down? A no, no, no! Please do Not! Thank you. (In future, I intend to "balek kampong" and take a self tour down memory lane...!I've been living abroad for decades all these years.... Mostly in US and a few years in Central Europe.) Best wishes to all Taipingites, Nelly.


Please leave it as it is. It is beautiful. We are to quick to through away the past. Fremantle railway station in Western Australia has been kept in its origional way and is now a tourist attraction. A lot of money has been spent on maintenance an upgrading it. PLEASE DON'T DESTROY YOUR BEAUTIFUL STATION Where exactly is it. How do I get there? Kind regards Kathy

Hoo Choon Lye<hoo.choonlye@gmail.com>

Yes, the station is definitely a heritage building. No, we should not tear it down and build a new one. We should look for ways to preserve and build up interest in such heritage sites. I'm looking for any records of station masters that had served in the station since it was built. Can anyone help? Thanks.


Tear down? It's a big NO! It's a heritage and treasure of Malaysia. Incoporate it with newer colonial style building perhaps with modern facilities perhaps. I grew up in Kuala Kangsar & spent much time in Taiping. It'll make the newer generation remember of our own history. Don't let it suffer the same fate as KL Railway Station. It's slowly dying now after the KL Sentral was built (except during festive season) What a price to pay for modernisation... Note. Pls don't tear down my beloved Kuala Kangsar Railway Station as well...I still remember it was the place where you can see many army armoured vehicles at night stopping for dinner on their way to Gerik during the insurgency (fight against Communist Party of Malaya in the 70's).

Philip J King<phil_me_boots1@yahoo .co.uk>

I remeber your railway station from the time of the malasian problems having been a Solder out st kamunting i come from a Railway town in England named Swindon home of theGWR Railway now disapeared please keep your station as it is i used it many times and feel it is opart of your history


Well if u ask me personally it should not be tear down coz it is reali a heritage station. well i got some experiences.. I took a train to Batu Gajah n I REALISED something tht the station has been relocated n built a new one. i still prefer the old one coz it shows some old station which i can't find in singapore. It is jus a excellent one. Like SENTRAL KL STATION the old One is much much more nicer then the newer one. Maybe the old can be reorganised to make it a better one. For an example the photo above it is jus beautiful but nothing can compare to a newer ones..Well pls maintian the older oness n make it a better ones... This is wat i would say.. Till then see u

Adrian Lum<deviladrian10@hotmail.com>

Of course not.. this old railway station means alot n i think it looks good too.. but the road in front is abit too busy..

Elgar Lee<u047515@yahoo.com>

I am from Singapura and I am a fan of KTMB trains and railway station. It excites me everytime I see a KTM train or the railway station. In my country, there is still the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and Bukit Timah Railway Station. The former is in danger of being evicted by the Singapura Government while the latter does not serve passengers. In my opinion, all KTMB things should be preserved as they are rich in heritage. Therefore, Taiping Railway Station should not be demolished and rather, it should be preserved for its rustic charms.

Owen Cornell<silvabac@westnet.com.au>

I resided in Taiping between 1957-61 where my father was stationed in the Australian Army with 28 Comwel Brigade . I attended boarding school in the Cameron Highlands and had to take the train from Taiping to Tapah and return as school was in or I was on holiday. I have very vivid memories of my departures from Taiping and returned to Taipng in 1997 - I saw the station and returned to the house I once lived in at 14 Lake Gardens Estate.The station should be retained as a heritage site in the beautiful city of "heavenly peace" -- my opinion is that the facade of the old staion could be incorporated into a new station on the site - this would retain the old with the new .

Tan Ling Hong<linghong@mailcity.com>

Both my parents are from Taiping and my dad work for KTMB as Ipoh railway station master. when I was a kid, we used to travel back to Taiping by train. It only cost each of us 70sen as my dad got a discount. it was an enjoyable ride, way better than express bus. The point I want to point out here is Taiping railway station is rich in historic value and should be preserved as a hertage building. Other stations like Ipoh, KL are modernizing while the smaller stations are closing down or closed.


No, no, no, no, no........ and a thousand no. If any construction work is unadvoidable, is must only be renovation. The original structure must be retained, like the work done onto to the bridge in the lake garden. By the way, do think of reconstructing the 1st railway of Malaya.

Tan Kia Meng<tan_kia_meng@hotmail.com>

It would be a criminal act to demolish the old railway station in Taiping. I suppose I can say it because I don't live there anymore and I like to feel nostalgic about how things were in the "old days" whenever I visit my home town. But I think the people living there also have very strong attachments to what is a very charming building. Reading the many comments you have collected, I get the feeling that I am not alone with these views. What is old is not necessarily bad, and this case is just one such example. Keep the station the way it is!

Asyikin Malek<eqe3n_2907@yahoo.com>

rebuilt? erk..i dont think so..it is our heritage building and have it own value. why not improve in terms of the surrounding, landscape elements, proper planting plants. its better!

Sundram H. Sundram<shsundram34 @yahoo.com>

I agree with Zakaria Yusof.I think the Railway Station should be left as it is. I can quite understand the need to meet todays standards. That wanting we can renovate as much of the station as necessary while leaving specific portions to remind the historic sites withoin the station. Remember, once changed we can never go back. The loss will be felt as the years go by. I was transferred to the Taiping Inland Revenue Department in 1963 and remember arriving at the station on a cold morning in October 1963. I had during my stay in Taiping spent several carefree afternons at the place. It had a nice canteen then. As i have said a change will be best served by leaving specific portions untouched, while renovating the station. This will meet the the demands of the current generation while leaving the nostalgics to nostalgise.


yes...we should rebuild the Railway station by improving the facilities. this is to attract tourist and for the convinience of the local people.i think it is best if we coule built a new one. thankyou.

Simon Ong Kim Beng<simonkbong@yahoo.com>

Not a total demolishing work but a spruce up for inclusion of modernity blending with the old architecture. To include its historical begining of pictures and artifacts of the era then. It would be a nostalgic visit for the old and an insight of values for the young. Its the first railway built in Malaysia - the start of industrialisation for the tin trade - the begining of mobilisation. I am proud to be associated with the first railway ever built as my grand father Mr Ong Kim Thye was once Taiping Station master I am told.

Frank Bowron<frank-bowron@rocketmail.com>

Absolutely not! They pulled down the old railway station in MY home town in UK and put in new platforms and an 'up-to-date' building. The place has no atmosphere anymore - its just a place to buy a ticket and wait for a train. Taiping Station is more than that, its something of a social centre and definitely has atmosphere. Truly a Heritage Building and Taiping wouldn't be Taiping without it; if they pulled it down it would be like losing a favourite old Auntie... Frank Bowron (married to a Pokok Assam girl and a regular visitor).

L.M. Kassim Brunkalla<lenzbenz@hotmail.com>

Rejuvinate, not renovate, not update. The outsiders' interests in Malaysia are of times gone by everywhere else. Malaysia is a bit of a time warp to a more peaceful era, simpler times, and country charm. I live in the USA, but the charm of the far east is a good draw for tourists. The more western Malaysia looks, the less westerners need to leave home to see it. I brought my son to the region in 2000, and his comment when he left, was surprising. He said, "All those people bragging about how great America is, don't get out much." Kassim

Tony Tan<atan@addinc.com>

Having just visited Ipoh and seeing the back of the old railway station destroyed, it would be a tragedy to see the Taiping station go the same way. I'm not sure its a heritage quality building but I sure waited there alot as a kid and have many memories.

Paul Aldridge<paulaldridge@hotmail.com>

Never, never, never destroy it. It would be an act of absolute vandalism. These old buildings MUST be preserved.

EH Yap<raymondyap@yahoo.com>

i think our railway station definitely needs a renovation to give her a fresh new look, but retaining her majestic charm and beauty. new facilities could be added but not tear away the old building.

Christopher Harbord<chrisharbord@aol.com>

Hello, my name is Chris Harbord and I have worked on the railway for 40 years and I will be coming to Taiping in December of this year.May I suggest that you leave your wonderful station just as it is. Its looks very fine and has lots of character. Whilst I am writing to you can you tell me whether there is a train from KL to Taiping which leaves say around 08.00 a.m. from KL. In my timetable it looks that there are now no day services because they have been replaced by bus services for some reason. Do you know why. Regards. Chris Harbord

Johan Bin Din Cheong<johandc@celcom.net.my>

I've been stopping at Taiping station almost 6 times a year since i always go to do my outstation duties/meeting in Penang or in Hat Yai. Tearing this station down to make way for the Rawang -Ipoh Ipoh - Padang Besar is a BIG NO NO!!! JUst need a little touching up and change the signalling into th modern ones instead of the hand-held pully system. Johan Cheong Celcom Engineering Division, KL

Zulinda Zahid Jamal<zulindaz@tm.net.my>

Being one of the first stations built, the Taiping Railway Station is indeed a heritage to be shared by all. It should not be torn down and replaced by a new building. It only needs some renovation to upgrade the facilities and the original building structure retained as it is.The management should also put in extra effort to maintain the cleanliness of the area. The Taiping Railway Station is charming in it's own way and will always be.


It is a lovely heritage building and Taiping was one of the first stations built. It could be retained and upgraded on the inside with modern and clean facilities- especially the washrooms. I last went there in Nov. 1998. It is possible to retain the structure and retrofit the interior- I should know because I'm an architect. There are some good architects in Malaysia who are keen to do good conservation work. The person with the power to do anything is Mr. Nasir Nordin, General Manager, KTM Property Division. Together with the Taiping Town Council, they can do something if they so wish. So if you feel strongly, petition them.


I think the Railway Station is just beautiful as it is. There are enough modern buildings. This station has a style and character all its own. Where I live now they demolished so many of the old buildings and now they are sorry.

Jason Devadason<darkcurves@yahoo.com>

What!!!!I hope no one even thinks of tearing this historical railway station. It has got more history than the majestic KL railway Station. I think it should be maintained properly. That's all. Nothing about tearing it down. I agree with Zakaria bin Yusof.


the station should be left as it is. there should be simply no questions about.taiping has always been and will always be a wonderful place if we know our history well.some modernisation plans have made some certain buildings to lose it's luster.....take for example the 'OLD CLOCK TOWER' and the modern buildings that surround it.

Chee Yuet-Oi<yochee@asiaonline.net>

Renovation is much needed for an upgrade and if rebuilding the old part must be preserved as a tourist attraction. If somehow the Town Planning council could make it to be a clean (non-smelly toilets, with toilet paper and with liquid soap dispenser), quaint little station with souvenirs of Malaysia and a Historical display of Taiping Town with photos of the Town's early development would be helpful. Also there should be some small "makan" stalls with proper hygiene, with seats and under cover, air-conditioned ....variety of Malaysian specialities like Taiping poh-pieh and soya bean milk drink, satay, goreng pisang and ubi, ice-kachang, chendoi, fruit juice drink etc. This is on top of having a stationary shop and some decorative appealing plants or maybe even a flower/fruit shop. It all depends on Taiping residents if they have the energy and resources to make it work. Taiping still has the charm to attract visitors.

Zakaria bin Yusof<lokomotif@hotmail.com>

No? Because as one of historic railway station, I think better for us just to maintain the building to attrack people to come to Taiping. After Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld) station demolished, only this station remaining as a proof that on June 1st 1885, the first train in Malaysia took its schedule. To rebuild a new station means to demolish the old story!!!


Yes.I agree that it should be rebuilt. However, the design must remain of colonial architecture to reflect the history of Taiping being the first of British influence in the then Malaya. For your info, I am from Taiping and it is sad to see the state of the station. Hope more support can be gathered to be presented to the Mentri Besar.

Frank Bowron<frank_bowron@rocketmail.com>

I don't know about stepping back 50 years, arriving at Taiping railway station always feels like coming home to me :-)


No, of course not! In Europe hundreds of railway stations are demolished and in modern art rebuild. Too ugly to look at. Every time I visit Malaysia I am fond of the railway stations and not only in Taiping. Also the railway stations in KL, JB, Ipoh (and more)are worth to look at.

Azlina Abd. Manan<nor_ina@yahoo.com>

I was born in Taiping.I was disapointed when one of my friends complaining about the railway station. Taiping city is full of historical buildings, one of them is the railway station. I think the railway station shoud be rebuilt and maintain properly by KTMB because it was the fist railway station build in peninsular malaysia. Don't you all think so.When I was a kid my mother use to go back to Taiping by train, i enjoy riding the "beca" with my younger sister from taiping railway station to jalan istana larut were my aunt's house is. But now there's no more "beca"..... what a pity, some action needed.

Tan Wen Jin<wenjin@doramail.com>

Yes. Should not tear it down.

Ahmad Amirul bin Mai<ahmadamirul@hotmail.com>

Hi every body the existing railway station is not the first railway station.the first one was located in King Edward Primary, and the Legend Hotel was a railway HQ. Beleive me. But for me the existing railway station should not be tear down. I afraid that this station will be like Kamunting Railway Station.Even though it was bulit on 1890, now this station already closed and had been abandoned.




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