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Muzaffar Mohamed<>

The Museum has a special place in my heart. When I was born in 1961, my family was staying at the medical staff quarters which was behind the museum.The prison wardens married quarters were also located nearby.We kids used to play on the field behind the museum(there was no fencing then).Among the stories that was told to us kids was the museum was haunted by JWW Birch's ghost. The Sabre jet was donated by the Royal Malaysian Air Force sometime in 1981/82. The statue that appears to be overlooking the jet is of one Colonel Walker,the founder of the Perak States Guides(a local police force made up of Sikhs with British officers). Before its present location,the statue stood at the Taiping town's army camp near the town padang.


hey...the horse carrige in the museum belonged to my grandfather, Dato' Toh Eng Hoe. The carraige was donated by my uncle on behalf of my family becoz he's the eldest one. actaully it has been in my family since my great grand fathers time from what my grandmother told me. there was not much use for it during my grandfathers time coz there were cars already by then.



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