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Memories from the markets? Share them with us?



How could I ever forget this market? One of the stallholders emptied the tarpaulin that was full of water during a heavy rain, right over me as I ran for shelter!

E H Yap<>

what a big different these pics are, in contrast comparing to Tesco or Sainsbury Supermarkets here in UK. I always enjoyed accompanying my grandma doing marketing back in taiping, not to mention enjoying a hearty breakfast of kai see noodle after shopping. here i can only see boxed frozen ready-to-eat spagetti meals. *sigh*

Rose Chuah<>

I just imagine myself there and I can "smell" the market! I mean this in the most respectful way in that those memories just came flooding back! Will be able to give a trip report when I visit it next month.


The memories come flooding back. The goods were not presented so well in our days. (half a century ago) The fish, the beautiful schrimps and crabs, I can still taste them! Then everything was displayed in baskets on the ground. I have looked at the wonderful photos of Taiping city and can hardly recognise any of the buildings, it has certainly come ahead. All for the better I must say. Thank you for a wonderful web-site. Jessica



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