a list of people who have connections with Taiping

Julia Carter-Meadows
Posted by: Jooles19@sky.com

I was born in BMH Kamunting in 1964 and I am returning to Malaysia for a holiday in Feb 2009. We will be spending 4 days in Kuala Lumpur and 10 days in Penang. I would love to visit Kamunting and Taiping but I have no knowledge what has happened to the hospital or where I would have lived. I know we lived in Penang then moved to Malacca but I would love to know about the place where I was born. Any assistance would be most gratefully received.

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Posted by: pegawaiuganda@hotmail.com

Was born in bukit mertajam penang.
granparents moved here early 80's.
been fascinated by taiping since then.

anyone here remember the 'stone dinosaur' at taiping lake garden? the super-large concrete slide where we can go 'Superman'? hehe sweet memories, is that.

Hi al...I'm living and working in taiping up until today, and hopefully to stay until the day I departed. this rainy land is so spesel in my heart, in 2002 while still working in KL I speak out loud that one day I'm gonna return to live and work in taiping. now it's already my 4th year here.

this forum might be a good chance to gather information. I may need all you guys's opinions someday.
sure I'll bookmark this webpage..

until then, "semoga jumpa lagi!" (hope to meet again!!)

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Posted by: arud69@hotmail.com

I have spent almost 20 years in this memorable and historical town called Taiping. I must say that I enjoyed The sceneries surrounding the lake gardens.... what a sight to ponder on! And yes the school who made me who I am today... St. Georges Institution. How I enjoyed my time time. The class of Upper Six Arts 1988. I was the prom king then and how I wish I could meet up with my prom queen, Victoria Chan Wai Leng. To all my buddies, Marimuthu, S.Wanitha, Yvonne Xavier, Anthony and Murali ( whom I keep in contact with till today ),Raja Noor Aiza @ Intan, Thevika Rani, Zarina, Herlina Yaakob, Chang Wah Fu. Hope to seeing you soon or just e-mail me.
So, if you know this dude, e-mail him or just call at 019-5075100.

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Posted by: amyaux@yahoo.com

After visiting this page, I found there is a most peaceful and comfortable place! I love to live in such environment! I had a pen-friend and he was living here. So I like to see what place he lived. Actually, I live in Hong Kong. So, I hope I can live in such beautiful and peaceful place.

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Nicole Chen
Posted by: nicolecschen@gmail.com

Hi there, Former student of SMK Sri Kota (1989-1992). If anyone out there knows a Yeoh Kah Seong, Lee Pei Ling or Tan Pei Chuan. Pls kindly forward my regards to them or just contact me instead . Thanks

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Jenny Manners (nee MacDonald)
Posted by: jenny.manners@mannkal.org

I am Jenny Manners (formerly Jenny Mac Donald. I left Malaysia prior to 1973. I am in my 50s and went to school at Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus next to the church. I have submitted one of these before but got no response from anyone. Some of my peers were Cynthia Rowlands, Catherine Francis, Pamela Fletcher, Mary Sebastian, Meenambal, the twins Joan and Julienna. Does anyone remember me? Our form teacher was Ms Murugesu, Mrs Leerdam, Sr Claire.

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Posted by: croc_87@yahoo.com

Taiping is the world's most peaceful town.Town people can talk about how big and developed their town is. One thing for sure they still live in hustle and bustle of the city.Town people wake up early to work to avoid traffic, places are crowded with long lines and many such things that cause unplesent to people. In Taiping things are a lot different cause we really live in peace. We must not worry about traffic, pollution and other headache things. So i beleive we live a better and relaxing life than others. TAIPING IS WONDERFUL!

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ogie ucop
Posted by: ogie3pleog@gmail.com

im originally from Taiping, finished high school at Sek Men Dr Burhanuddin in 1988 ... now living in Oman ...

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Raymond Yeoh
Posted by: virginyeoh@yahoo.com


Im not from Taiping, but since i married to my lovely wife (she is Taipingite), we bought a house here and plan to settle down here. Its was my dreams to retired here as it is a nice and lovely town to stay. But still long was to retiree haha. So now looking for business to do here. I still moving around actually as im a tourist guide and plan to do something related to tourism here. Looking forward to know some peoples in the same industries here if possible.

Hope to here form you guys, bye.

Best regards,

Raymond Yeoh.

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Posted by: plasychooi@googlemail.com

born n bred in taiping for the last 45years. miss all the beautifull places in taiping. the lake gardern where i used to go for my walk . the new club where i go swimming. my frens anybody from taiping pls b welcome to send me email. from malaysia as well. cos i miss malaysia too

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Lee Cheow Soon
Posted by: cslee408@optusnet.com.au

G'day from down under! Great site,thanks to Kayes. I studied in Taiping St George fr 1973-1976. More interested with hands on than studies so I enrolled in Taiping Vocational School 77-78. Currently living in Australia. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Cheers Alway !

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Elsie Sheridan Chuah
Posted by: elsie.c.sheridan@gsk.com

accidentally stumbled upon this site while trying to show my 4 1/2yr old son a photo of the Lake Gardens. He wanted to see the "Big" old green slide but we couldn't find it. he fell asleep and i found some names of long lost friends! Attended SRJK/SM Convent/SGI (1972 to 1984)now residing in the UK. Great site, great photographs. keep up the good work. can't wait to be back this April.

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Patrick Leerdam
Posted by: pleerdam@iinet.net.au

Hi all, I just happened onto this website searching for information about Taiping and seeing all the things, names and places mentioned by other members makes me feel like I am still in some way connected to Taiping.

I was born in Taiping in 1961 and went to school at St. George's until the end of 1975 when my parents migrated to Australia. I've kind of lost touch with all but family who still live in Malaysia.

As I have thought about it, and seen various people's comments, I would love to get in touch with anyone who may know me or my family or want to get in touch with any of my family members through me.

My Dad is Geoffrey Leerdam and he was a teacher at KE VII

My Mum, Helen Leerdam taught at the Convent all through the 1960s until 1975.

My brother also attended St George's, and he is Leonard. He now lives in Adelaide.
The two youngest siblings, Geoffrey Jr and Carolyn weren't of school age when we left.

I also had a couple of Aunties who were teachers - Maureen Leerdam and Muriel Shan, and another Aunty, Gwen Westwood was a nurse at the hospital there! Her husband, Horace was the prison superintendent and they have 3 children who also went to school in Taiping until the end of 1976 when they came to Australia.

My wife and I will be visiting Taiping in May 2008, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and will wander around all the sights and would love to catch up with anyone who might be have known me or my family in the past.

I have very fond memories of Maxwell Hill (can't come to terms with "Bukit Larut"), the swimming pools at the foothills, the Lake Gardens, SGI etc.

I've just remembered we lived in Jalan Anak Bukit, then Jalan Bidadari and last of all in Cator Ave before we left.

This is a great website - thanks to the webmaster. I will spread the news to family members!

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Posted by: vn_pat@hotmail.com

Bob Herring, my dad was REME and we lived in Sangro circle, across the road from us was a swimming pool. My parents are Margaret and Gerald Preston. We were there 1956- 1961 approx, My father was sent home with a blood disorder, i have photos. I have lovely memories of a lady who was like a nanny to us. We are from Arborfield and now live in Australia.

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Posted by: fezminazh@yahoo.com

Hi. I'm Fezmin year 82-86 Convent. I would like to keep in touch with anybody who knows me.

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Posted by: suhen761983@yahoo.com

well... my name is suhenthran i was born in taiping year 1983, i study in saint george . now i am working in kl as ticketing officer but i don like work in kl i wan to return to my hometown, i really miss my hometown, i miss my friends. wen school time i and my friend always go to swimming i can forget those days, we like walk to maxwell hill, got alot to says. see u guys and girls

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madeline bower
Posted by: kaymadelinebower@btinternet.com

thanx for finally getting in touch with me.i would love to see some pictures of the area where i was brought up. i lived in a house opposite the main prison gates where my father worked as superintendent till 1961. i was attending the then named treacher methodist girls school along with three of my sisters at the time.
i would love to see some photos of that area and would like to know if there is any possibility of you helping me to find a prison warder who i was particulally interested at the time.
his name is wan zakaria bin ibrahim. i know he is married with a family as i am too. we managed to keep in touch for several years and then a sequence of events took over and we lost touch.
from the pictuers that i can find, i can see a great change in the place. its more modern and i dont always think that is a good thing.
it does not resemble the taiping i knew and loved although some aspects of it look the same.
the school looks different and more single cultured than i was there. what i mean is that we had amixture of races of girls and a mixture of cultures and we all respected each others cultures and religions. no problem at all.
i would like to see some pictures of the beautiful football stadium that was built whilst i was there and indeed my sisters wedding took place there.
it all seems so long ago now. almost as though it never really happened at all . so i like a lttle uodate now and again to jog my memory and i show the pictures to my grandchildren who are absolutely amazed that grandma lived in such a fantastic place.
its been lovely talking to you. please keep in touch. madeline.

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Posted by: shameen@another.com

Hi I'm Shameen and am due to visit Taiping in March with my family . My father grew up in Taiping and he met my mother there when she was working at the military hospital back in the 1950's. I grew up in England and now live in Scotland . So , we're all getting very excited I last visted over 20 years ago.The children can wait to soak in the sights and sounds and eat lots of wonderful food . I hope this will be an annual visit all going well!!!!!

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Posted by: vn_pat@hotmail.com

I live in Australia and love the pictures on your forum. I lived in Taiping for a few years when i was younger and have always dreamed of looking for my nanny who i last saw about 50 yrs ago.

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Lilian Wardle
Posted by: lsdp55@yahoo.co.uk

Taipingite now resident elsewhere. Still visit because of family. My niece & nephew are carrying on the family tradition of attending Convent HIJ and St George's (3rd generation). Of course the schools retain their concrete structures in a manner of speaking but the charm and charisma of the Convent School especially has been decimated beyond all recognition. It was heartbreaking to grace the once lively, happy and friendly corridors. That's what happens with unsolicited/unwarranted meddling.
I'm trying to locate a primary school friend (Kota Convent, 1962 - 63) called Brenda (can't remember surname). However, she lived in the Kamunting army quarters and her father was a fairly high ranking officer I think. She left Tpg. around 1963 if my memory serves me right. If anyone knows of Brenda and/or her whereabouts, please forward my email address. She is a missing chink in a long chain of childhood friends.
Also trying to locate Jarret Pillai ('infamy' by association, Form 4, 1971)- she hailed from Pokok Assam. Jarret, do get in touch. We have to re-live the hours of scrawling the peace emblem/hippy-flower power on our books and my school shoes! especially during physics.
Mrs. Shan (Leerdam) where are you? Sr Cyril (HM) until mid-70s is back in Ireland and remembers her time in CHIJ fondly.
If you recognise the names mentioned, then you probably know (of) me. Left school in 1972.

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Damon -Pak Oi
Posted by: damonc19@yahoo.com.au

Just a quick Hello! to all Taiping folks.I left Taiping since 1970 (now in Victoria, Australia) but being back numerous time and last trip home was in Oct.07. Heard from the grapevine that there was a Big Birthday party for one of my favourite teachers, Miss Foo Kuan Thye when I was at Aulong Convent School. I wish I was there and also wonder whether she can still remember me. Anyawy, if any of you guys remember me. plaese drop a line to my email address. Can't beat TAIPING as Home!!!!!!!

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Posted by: salinaputri@yahoo.com

I m now in kl 4 d past 20yrs. Was in Convent from 1974 -1975 short while in KE v11 - trying to locate Chan Yeow May (TMGS primary 5, 6 in 1969 / 70 ). The 100 yrs Taiping celebration was such a memorial event.

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Frank Amptmeijer
Posted by: frank@mac-pacific.com

Hi, I have just moved to Kamunting, and would love to make some new friends here. I am a nutritionist from Holland and work here on various projects. With regards Frank Amptmeijer 017-3003669

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Mike (Mick) Whitehead
Posted by: mapimw@yahoo.com

I was stationed in Taiping at 2 Infantry Workshops, REME from 1959 to 1962.

Like many ex servicemen I love to remember old postings but I have particularly fond memories of Taiping and love to read about it on this site.

I can still remember going down to Mary Melatti's every Friday for a nasi goreng (to celebrate the coming weekend).

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John Yeak Diew Hee
Posted by: johnhyap@hotmail.com

I am old georgian until 1959. Like to catch up with old classmates.

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Mary Tan
Posted by: marytan_2003@yahoo.com

Hi, thank you for your photos of Taiping Lake Garden (that is my favourite part of the Lake), Maxwell Hills and is the third photo that of the zoo? I was born and raised in Taiping but am living overseas now. I do return to Taiping two to three times a year.

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Jeannie Tan
Posted by: fen_jie@singnet.com.sg

I was with Treacher Methodist Primary from 1977 to 1981. Would love to get in touch with ex-classmates and teacher.

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Chew Thian Hock
Posted by: dn_sym@yahoo.com

My name is Chew Thian Hock. I'm looking for my classmates. Form 5 in 1973 King Edward VII Secondary School, Taiping. My HP No. is 0198447431.

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Posted by: jeya_piragas@yahoo.com

Though not born in Taiping but a true resident of Taiping. Resided in Kamunting from age 1 to finishing school at King Edward in 1969. Thats a good 20 years of formative age. I stumbled upon this site accidently today. Wish to com. with friends of Form v at King Edward year 1967. I will write later on this forum.

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Posted by: lizen1993@hotmail.com

i'm from taiping ..
i love taiping very much...
my dad want me to go kl to study when my sister is all there, but i refuse to....
because taiping is a easy go lucky place..
i can do what i want ...
just need a short time we can reach the place where we wanted to go from a place..
in fact in other country/city we need a long time to reach a destination and there are traffic jams...

i love taiping very much...
its a very peacefull town...

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Evelyn Khoo
Posted by: eve_khoo@hotmail.com

Hello, I'm Evelyn, borned in Taiping, studied in Convent Taiping from (1972-1978). Now residing in KL. Miss those cheap but good food in Taiping - You can find it anywhere in Malaysia. Still goes back there once in a while for FOOD....

Take care & God bless

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Izam Ramly
Posted by: izamramly@gmail.com

I'm a teacher living in Taiping. I love Taiping and I am among few. I studied in SRK St George 2 (1977-1982), SMK St George (1983-1985), SMT Ipoh (1984-1987) and SMK King Edward VII (1988-1989 F6)

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