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Khamimi Chik binti Mohd Khalid<>

My office mate was talking about lake garden in Port Dickson, but I told her my hometown Taiping has (and still is) the most beautiful lake garden in Malaysia and well known in the the world. Not born in Taiping but my father was a pension army officer (the Late Mej. (B) Mohd Khalid), but when I was 4 years old he decided to make Taiping our permenant resident (he was from Taiping). He grew up in Taiping and went to school at the famous school - King Edward. My mother was from Sayong, Kuala Kangsar (another beautiful place). 3 of sisters went to TMGS (just beside Taiping Lake Garden). So what they will always - "go to Lake Garden lah" Taiping Muzium just infornt of their school so does Taiping prison. But myselft and another sister we went to the 1st Malays school in Taiping SKT then to Sek Men Dr. Burhanuddin. Sometime we like to do crazy things - we walk all the way from our house in Kamunting Garden to Taiping Lake Garden. The walk use to be very beautiful (we have a lot of trees back then in the 70s). We walk from Taiping bus station to the lake garden then to Maxwell Hill. We will walk up Maxwell Hill. Swim at Burmese Pool. The sight of old folk gathering for Kopi at coffee shop, how I missed the kopi and thick roti bakar, ais kacang, cendol, laksa, rojak, and all the food lah. I miss my kampung lah. Taiping.........I'll be there so. I miss my Mum and I miss u Taiping.


After reading your talk forum my father would like to contact John Harvey, hisemail must have changed. Can anyone please help? My father was 2nd Infantry workshop REME 1958. Great photos on this site.

Why is everyone saying "where is Sangro Circle"? Another person on this site said "They visited the mines behind Sangro Circle in the jungle! A couple of people on this site heve lived in Sangro circle.

Aloysius Tan CL<>

I've visited this website many times, and seriously, I'm really proud of it. I'm currently working in Spore. Everytime when friends or colleagues asked me where am I from, I will always very proud to tell them "I'M FROM TAIPING", and I will get the same reaction from all of them, "where's Taiping". First I have to tell them the location, and what's so great about Taiping. Now with this website, I can just easily ask them to log in and they will know why I'm so proud of my kampung (village/place of birth). By just looking at the Lake Garden photos, I believe you will surely fall in love with it. Maxwell Hill, Burmese Poll, Zoo, Museum ............. all these places really gave me so much sweet memories of my childhood. I always told myself, I will surely go back to Taiping when I'm retire (20 more years). It the best place to rest and relax. I can go for a morning walk everyday around Lake Garden, then follow by having "dim sum" at one of those "old" tea house, like Hup Woh, Kam Loong ........ what a perfect life. If you never visited Taiping before, it's definately worth for a visit, especially now with the success of growing Tulips at Maxwell Hill, it really makes Taiping proud. Taiping - raintown ........ you are the Best !

Ann Morrissey<>

Well, I never!! Just happened to be trawling thru and found this page of all nostalgic Taipingites!!! Viva la!! Once a Taipingite always a Taipingite. There used to be a Hokkien saying: Taiping orr - sui hong kheng, Taiping chooi - chin chnia cheng, Taiping snua - chin chnia leng, Taiping lang ???? (can't remember - anyone to take this up?). I left Tpg 27 years ago and am now overseas, but every couple of years when I go back to Msia, I visit Tpg (as my sis has sort of retired there). Born and bred there, I used to think it's like being in a nutshell, nothing "moves", those days there wasn't enough "decent" jobs to be found - one feels like being suffocated and no room for improvement. If I had still been there, I would be an old hag by now - old and graying and jobless and just waiting - for what?? It's quite different now, I may not like the change but, hey! it's good for the young ones otherwise it will really be like a retired town! Good old Lake Gardens ! - this is Taiping. And the Convent School - the best education one can get!! Anyone in Sr Raphael's class of '67? For all of you out there, if you're looking for a place to retire, don't hesitate. Standard of living is good, food is great and cheap. Go for it! Ong

Deric Loo<>

These pictures leave good memory of my childhood time .. used to have some fun with my brother and my cousins at the playground near the lake. I do not have much time to visit Taiping nowadays, However , I am proud to be born at Taiping .


Taiping, what a wonderful name. Easily remembered and carried within the heart, even unto the remotest region we are bound to head. I grew up in a small village bordering Thailand, in northernmost part of Perak. I shifted to Taiping with my whole family in the year 1992 and since then, Taiping keep on casting its charm on me. Though I am working in Penang, every weekend, I'll be in Taiping to enjoy my momentary stay here not just with my family members but also with 'Taiping'herself. The hill casts a wondrous sight for the vision to bask in its might and the lake garden a mind's pool of peace and bliss. More to say its history holds a reel for the younger generations to realise that such a place is still intact in Malaysia, along with a few others all around Malaysia. I wish, I will be given a life long enough to mesmerise this girl called Taiping and forever reserve a spot in my heart. God Bless Taiping. Its is indeed blessed as the magic showers continually wetting the bare earth and green green grass of Taiping.

John Gardiner<>

Hi gang this is from scotland this is a great site.i was stationed with 2infantry workshops at the foot of Maxwell hill and i visited the lake gardens as often as i could while i was there in 1961-62 The lake Gardens is a (Gem) in the crown of Malaysia. so keep up the good work i also have some old Photos of me climbing Maxwell hill. I shall be in touch.

Thomas Raj Soosai<>

Returning to Taiping after 25 years brought back many wonderful memories of Taiping lake gardens. When I was in Australia this year my brother showed me a family photo of me as a little three year old taken at the TLG. My American wife was just awed by the beauty and serenity of the lake gardens. We had the opportunity to go for a walk on Sunday morning around the gardens and oh how beautiful it was, just looking at the hills.Our friends back in the US just fell in love with the pictures of TLG. Taiping will always be in etched in my memory as the everlasting kingdom of great peace.


Taiping ah Taiping.... Very peaceful town....The place where I was born. No Doubt, lake garden is the only landmark to let people remember. But dun forget you still can go to maxwell hil (Bukit Larut), Museum, Zoo, Waterfalls, Clock tower in taiping town, old temples, old church, Burmese Pool, Taiping Markets and etc...... Come to taiping if you like some historical buildings and peaceful environment. On top of that, you guys still can go to Matang to have a delicious seafood with reasonable price.


Hi, I am Taiping boy. Currently I am working and live in Singapore, As many of us said whatever, where ever you are, YOU really can't get what Taiping has by nature, culture, building from world war 2 and not forgetting the schools. I am Edwardian. I miss them all.

Fatimah Mohd Diah<>

My name is Fatimah Mohd Diah. I was born in Taiping and now live in K.L.It`s nearly 23 years since I left Taiping. I studied in S.M. Dr. Burhanuddin from 1974-1978. I really missed my old school friend like Radziah Khalid, Rashidah Yusof Manas,Yusrina Ayub, Phuah Bok Yong, Ong Soon Ghee, Padbanapan, Nadzimah, Samsuriati and my best friend in Girl Guide Society Rosnani Yaakob. Also missed our best teachers - Cik gu Shahariah and her husband Cik gu Bakar Ali, Cik gu Ismail, Miss Mah Yuet Peng, Mr. Voon, Mr Syed Ismet, Cik gu Kamaruddin, Cik gu Markizah and Cik gu Yusof Manas. Anyone who knows or in the same year please e-mail to me.

Nina <>

Wow..such a great view. I've never been there but when i saw the documentary about Taiping i was really excited to know more about it. It such a wonderful garden i ever see. I must be there one find day.. It's really cool and so different compared with other lake across Malaysia. Very unique

Alex McMillan<>

I come from Scotland & Iwas in the British Army & was in Taiping from 1957 /1960 and it put me in mind of Scotland. I used to climb Maxwell hill. I loved Taiping lake gardens Ialso was a regular blood donor and donated blood at taiping blood bank so you could say my blood is still in malaysia. The nurse who took my blood was called LILIA ISMAIL & became pen friend to my sister wonder where she ir now hope she has a good life. SELAMAT MALLAM.

Lynn<> is just a great website..I come accross this site when surfing for Taiping. It is just marvellous. I was born and brought up in Taiping. Taiping Lake Garden is the most beautiful lakes all over Malaysia. No doubt we have modern lake that have been built up but they can't challenge TLG. The uniqueness of the surroundings that make it different from others.

Sugumaran Chidambaram<>

The word "Taiping" itself signifies peace in Chinese. I was born in Birch village Taiping in the late 50s.I practically grew up in Taiping for most of my life. No words can describe the beauty of Taiping of the people,its historical background, its heritage, and the numerous nationbuilding aspects it has given to our loving Malaysia. For everyones information, Taiping has been the forerunner in Establishing many firsts eg. the first ornamental lakegardens, the first railway staion, the first rubber planting, museum,the first survey department,hill station, and the list goes on. Studying in King Edward School gave me great sense of pride and belonging. You have to come here to really see for yourself its beauty and greatness."Taiping For All"


Taiping or Irather call it raincity. what so special bout this town? there's so much to say yet no time to read the whole day. i'm grateful because i was born here. though i travel a lot these days, taiping is such an incomparable place to many beautiful and atmospheric places in malaysia. i love the rain so much. i love the clouds overshadow the maxwell hill. i love the greeny grass creeping over the edge of roads. nostalgic, old, and melancholic getaway. believe me!

Daniel Leong<>

What an interesting webpage about Taiping!! Taiping was certainly the best place growing up in the 70s. It was like a big village, with plenty of natural spots to explore, all safe and fresh. I was there until 1978 before packing up to do Univ in NZ. I now live in Melbourne, but Taiping will always be special. Biking to school (St Georges) along the lake under those big rain trees was so peaceful. Everyday activities revolve around the lake - the morning walk, fishing at night, visiting the zoo, cycling, canoeing and many more. There were pristine streams feeding into the lakes. Close by, the Burmese pool was a favourite picnic & swimming spot. The only public swimming pool (with rough concrete walls and floor then) had fresh water fed from a local spring, and the entire school swimming team trained there. All SGI boyscout members will remember the scout camp - located between the swimming pool and the WW2 cemetery. Going back 30 years now, but we had great fun hiking at night towards the Burmese pool from the camp. Leeches and mosquitoes everywhere. Our favourite SGI scout master was James Ng. Maxwell Hill was a special place to have family holiday. The breath taking view of Tpg at night was an experience. Locals believed certain bangalows were some "white man" ghosts from the colonial days. The hawker popiahs & chicken soup kway teows, on streets between Market & Kota Roads were most delicious. The 'casual market' near the old bus station had the most tasty satays and nonya kuehs in the evening. Like to hear from anyone from SGI - late 60s to 70s.

Dasima Dinie<>

It's a lovely place all over my live and forever. I was born in Taiping and I'm proud that I was grew up here.Far away from noisy place.Although, now I live in Kuala Lumpur just because I have to achieve my ambition, my husband and I will back to hometown almost everymonth.But one thing I am not satisfied is Taiping is not going develop as much as I hope.Hopefully, Majlis Perbandaran Taiping will develop Taiping Town parrellar such as their vision to make Taiping as a Heritage Town.As I know,Heritage Town is not mean no development but the development has to blended in the their nature and surrounding architecture.Do not look just a tree but look from above to widely forest.

Joseph Raj Soosai<>

The lake gardens brings back alot of nostalgic and wonderful memories growing up as a Taipingite.I used to run around the lakes everyday and even run upto the Tea Gardens in Maxwells Hills.I have not seen so many who enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake gardens with maxwells hills as the backdrop.Its been over 25years since I have enjoyed the beauty of Taiping lakes.Riding our bikes around the lakes.Stumbling across Taiping talk brings back old memories of the fun times growing up in taiping.Having travelled to many parts of the world and also having lived in New york, Minnesota and Arizona and seeing the snow and experiencing -40*F temps. Iwould still say Taiping is one of the best places to grow up and to enjoy childhood. Burmese pool ,Austin pool,waterfalls,foot of maxwell hills, Kem Maju Hiking way up into the source .of Burmese pool.There are so many places to seek adventure in good old taiping town.Taiping is "the best" and I miss it.


I am the citizen of Taiping, now I am studying in Universiti Malaysia Sabah in Labuan Campus. I am so proud with Taiping because it has a lot of beautiful scnery and interesting places to promote as the tourism destination. I really like Taiping and hope that everybody will like Taiping!

Bonita Chai<>

I was told that the Taiping Lakes are the only natural lake inthe country, no wonder it is so amazing and beautiful. It goes to show that even though God gave men the ability to to make wonders, He still creates things to perfection. Man however cannot or do not have the tools to prserve God's given nature. I had my wedding receptin at the then Lakeview Hotel on the 27th Dec. 1976. I was very proud to have the function there because I had relatives coming from other parts of the country & I felt then that the Lake Gardens was the perfect place to show off my town's beautiful scenery. However on my last trip down memory lane in 2004, I was very sad to see that the building was a wreck & Was aslo cautioned not to go anywhere near the site for fear of undesirable activities. I was truly saddened that I could not have taken my kids to visit the very place where thier parents had started off life. Preserve our nature andlove what we have been blessed with. All the best.


I am Wan from shah alam.last sem i was doing research in taiping lake garden. our class was doing an inventory for taiping lake garden.but for this semester i would like to a research for my thesis. i would like to know the recreation need for senior citizen in taiping lake we know taiping lake garden is fully with senior citizen.they liked doing variety of activities.taichi is the famous activity in taiping lake garden.majority senior citizen was involve in this activity.for that i want to know more detail about taiping lake garden.just send ur information to my email.taiping lake garden is nice place.....

Fong Kin Mun<>

My name is Fong Kin Mun. I'm born at Taiping and now I'm working at Shah Alam. Taiping is the most comfortable place to relax, no doubt. And, not mentioning that Taiping is famous within everybody's mind, especially the Lake Garden. I miss Taiping very much. I do hope that I can stay there now, but in terms of career advancement, especially in civil engineering, such thought have to be reserved. Though KL and Taiping is alike heaven and hell, but be able to expose to KL is quite an adventureous journey of life.

Elaine Chan Kam Leng<>

Wow!! cant believe there a website for tpg... i jes found the perfect 1 to leave my msg on.. taiping.. absolutely the ideal perfect little town for me.. i love it so much! as much as i love my ex-school... CONVENT!! lake garden is the most beautiful i've ever been to.. there's no place like home.

Xiao Min<>

I've never been here before. A friend showed me some of these pictures. She used to enjoy her young days here. Among all, I was deeply attracted by the huge tree. It's so beautiful and mysterious. Seems like telling stories hundreds or thousands ago. I hope I will be here someday to hear out what it says.

CS Sim<>

Great to see this site. i am a Taiping edwardian. Viva Taiping ......


i remember the first time i been there when little. my family took me. a very memorable moment....especially in the zoo... the elephant...a few week ago, i went there for the project in my course...a detail study in there especially in the lake... problem occured, the old visual of scenic views start dispear... water drying up make the lake scenery drop grade. i felt the changes because i was there before my project requirement.... therefore, i really hope that anyone with old photos in the old time in the lake area would email your photos collection to me as soon as possible for my research in the improvement to the taiping lake. thanks a lot!


Well,Taiping known as Town Of Peace. But do you guys know why? I'm born at taiping,so i know a liltle bit of Taiping history.Visitor likes to hanging around in the morning because in Malaysia,I think Taiping's town are where the fresh air get together.Nevertheless visitor will apply to being PR(permanent residents ) and live in Taiping for their whole life.And why they do this? It is because their hometown have no fresh air around but only polluted air.Kinda sad to hear that even goverment had tried their best to plant many trees but it seems useless,but Taiping not the same,all the trees around Lake Garden are full of history,all of them has their own history like how man does.Taiping's food was cheap and nice.Most of the food make by recepies of the dishes,unlike growing town,their food going expensive evn their recepies are cheap and everything going costly...Taiping stil never change and all the history still protected by gorverment...lastly,well done to Taiping's goverment,keep working to makes Taiping the best town in Asia...


hi all, i was born in taiping. i grew up in taiping but now i'm working in sabah. my parents are staying at the Taman Tasik Permai. i love this place and i think taiping is where my heart is. i miss taiping so much!

Hudson LEE<>

This is undeniably one of the best spots in the world. Was back recently and the landscape has certainly changed. Wish the local authorities slow down their commercialization ardour. Like put it on hold for the next 100 years. It's near impossible to improve on nature. Friends I lost touch along the way, please drop me a line when you can. Hudson

Cheah Eng Kiat<>

The place I have many memory, especially the scenery after rain. The place where all the sweet memory which I remember for life. Although I was alway for 20 years, I will be back one day.

Ali Saad<>

I'm form taiping but now i live in sabah, one the major thing abot taiping it raning day. I wonder to know wather,they still doing that "judi hujan".That game is very popular among Taipingist.They can know what time the rain will be fall by seeing the sky.

Mohd Zulazuan Ishak<>

wow!!!... what had happened to this lake garden... there's so many changes have been done... yes... i need to go home... go back to my lovely hometown... i really miss tepeng alot... i used to do alot of things here with my friends like "lepak" at the skate court untill very late at night - there was once when the black out strike the nation, which was in 1996/7 if i'm not mistaken, when my friends and i "lepak" at this skate court, we saw a very beutiful scenery i front of us... the moon arise from the back of the maxwell hill... slowly... and slowly untill it full... yes... it was a full moon... and all of the suddent... the lake garden turns clear, brighter and you can see everyone's faces... and it was so memorable. Anothing we like to do when we at the lake garden are like the "kacau" the "mak nyah" at the street, see the "lumba haram" and sometime join them way back before the lake garden has those bumpers installed, when in the day time, we like to go for a jogging, playing football and alot of fun things there... yes.. i really miss tepeng alot...

Rajesh Padbatan<>

Indeed I am very passionate about the town I grew up in. As I see this home page, I recall the days I jog around the garden in my hockey skirt. When I am upset with my mom, I would cycle there and run about 3 miles and go back home feeling great. I am new york now and amidst making it my home and I am about to go to bed and just happened to google 'Taiping, Malaysia" and among others - this taiping talk popped up. And I decided to spill my little birdie brain thoughts. To all my Taiping Convent friends --- howdy apa khabar? Wink.


Ohhhh wow!!!! The most beautiful place that I've ever seen in my life. I am very lucky to be born here. I really love to promote the beauty of this lake garden to all my friends when I was studying in college. Now, it has been quite some time that I have been there. Recently, during my brother's wedding, we suggested that outdoor shooting ahould be taken here, at the most remarkable place of all. So, we had pictures shoot here and there. At that time the place was so beautiful that I did not want to go back home. That was in May 2004.


taiping the place i was born even i lived part of my life in kuala kangsar and remaining in kl bet i miss this place the tell the truth i miss this place even more when i'm abroad looking at this pictures through a 15 inch monitor.i wish i could feel for few moments the warm gentle wind on my skin.looking the pictures bring back my memories when i was around this places doing all the lumba haram and being around taiping late nights "melepak".hope to be soon.missing u very much taiping.take care

Joo Dee<>

I am a Taiping Girl. I am working in KL and often back to visit my family. My mum loves Lakes Garden and whenever I went back, she would ask me to drive her around at the Lake Garden. We go round & round and sometimes she whispered "Lake Garden beautiful hoh??" I just smile because in my mind - puzzled ?? - it's dark at night!! I should say Lake Garden is always beautiful no matter in past year -1950's or now Milennium year or whether it's bright or dark time, it's always in Taipingites' heart.

Chye Kooi Loong<>

Taiping is really a very beautiful town in Malaysia.keep up the preservation of the lovely trees in your wonderfulLake Garden. Stop he destruction of the lovely rain trees and if they are too old then remove them but plant new trees to replace them. The taiping folks must never keep quiet but show some public awareness to preserve the priceless heritage that belong to you all and future generations to come.Taiping is very peaceful and I RECOMMEND MORE malaysians to visit TAIPING


Taiping Lake Garden is such a peaceful place with beautiful flora and fauna. I left Taiping many years ago but I can still remember its beauty and tranquillity as I cycled around Lake Garden in the 70's. It is with great pleasure to have this opportunity to admire your pictures from your website. Kayes,you have done a wonderful job. Well done. Can anyone help me to locate a long lost friend by the name of Wong See Soon who studied at Hua Lian around '72/73(form 5). Please contact me if you have the information.

Shawn Cocozzo<>

I am an American with an incredible wish to live in Taping and teach English. I found this website while doing some research on the internet. I would love any advice or information on Taiping. Moving to another country is always an important decision and I would appreciate your help. Thank you, Shawn

Karina Adnan<>

I've travelled to many places but Taiping is the place I called home. I remembered all the good times during my school days in Convent Kota. Taiping has character, i'm proud to be born and bred in Taiping. To those who knew me, please email me, probably we could catch up for those lost years. Thank You


I can remamber of 6 us teenage boys in 1955. We used to walk to the Maxwell's Hill from at the foot of the hill to the top everey school term holiday . It took us to reach at the top about six hours, camping in the clearing near the Youth Club. Anyone who know what had happened to the Jetty like structure it used to be red and white and also to the house 'Tasek Lodge' On 31st August 1957 The merdeka Day The Lake Garden was main attraction. The Replica of the 'GOLDEN HIND' was the most eye catching to people who were there. My school was King Edward VII God bless Taiping and town folks

Neilson Rogers Lawrence<>

Greetings!!! I am pure Taipingite! My father was working for government and we had house right opposite the Lake Gardens. The house still stand to this day. It is the same row as the RISDA Office. And the restaurant opposite our house, the Gazebo was THE place to be then. My parents used to sell Thosai there and my sis used to work as cook there. My wedding dinner was held at the Chinese COC hall which right opposite the lake. Those who came from far were mesmerised by the lake gardens. During the BMX craze, I was one of the kids who would race around the lake gardens.......

Michael Lim<>

I am a Taiping borned person and I seriously do think that it is one of the best place in the world.


I've lived in Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Kangsar, and New York, but my heart will always be in Taiping!

Michael Chan Hun Choong<>

The lake gardens, the stories, teh memories, the view, its undescribable. A place where a lot of us call home. As for me, I havent seen the old place for about 2 years now as i am currently in Australia for studies. Lake gardens where all walks of life drops everything and goes for a stroll and little walks around the place. A place where you can close your eyes and enjoy he breeze, not to forget the monkeys who hangs around the zoo and picnic areas. Love this place so much.

Zaher Al Idrus<>

I am not Taiping born. Neither am I Taiping bred. But my heart and soul is Taiping owned. I first visited Taiping about twelve years ago and was overwhelmed by its beauty, both by its landscape and that of its people. When friends ask me to explain my obsession with this charming little town up north, aside from the obvious traits of people and place, I would be hardpressed to describe in clear terms why it appeals to me. I guess its the character of the town that has had me enchanted and invigorated, much like basking in the golden rays of the early morning sun. All I can say is that I had fallen under Taiping's magic ever since my first meeting with it and had returned to its comforting embrace many times later. I go green with envy when I meet people who grew up in Taiping and would listen with almost childish glee to the stories of Taiping, past and current, from them. I hope to be able to live there someday and finally be able to luxuriate in all that Taiping has to offer. I am currently looking for either land or a house to purchase which would serve as my gradual entry (I plan to increase the frequency of my visits To Taping from my current abode in KL if I am able to build a home there) to this beautiful town. Can anyone help me here? On a final note, I must commend the designer of this website for putting up such lovely pictures of Taiping. May I perhaps suggest that, aside from scenic scenes of Taiping's various locales, there might perhaps be displays of Taiping's residents at work and at play? It would certainly make for interesting viewing. After all, its the people that shapes Taiping personality. For those of you out there who feels and sees Taiping the way I do, I would welcome your correspondence and would love your company in rejoicing the spirit that is Taiping. Zaher Al Idrus

Catheryn Chuah<>

HI... I must say this is a great website for 'homesick-ies' of Tpg like me. haha! born and bred in Tpg, I used to think that Tpg is so tiny and so out-of-date. Now that i am miles away, i realised how unappreciative i have been. It is no doubt more exciting and happening to live in bigger cities like KL, where i am now. But there is nowhere like home, TAIPING. People are friendly, less evil, more 'genuine' and kind. of course, food is much cheaper and cleaner air too. Each trip home brings tremendous excitement to me. Looking forward to be with family in home sweet home and to catch up with old friends who are still in Tpg (lucky them!). Just the thought of Tpg warms the heart. in short... TAiping...I'm LoVin' iT !


i found the message on my girl friend Fong Ngan Fong i wrote to her immediatedly, i had problem with her email: NGAN FONG (jo vince)if you read this pls write to me. I was in Hualian sec school(arts) till 1969. girls that left UK from nursing in 1970 are: Hoong Yee Mui(now in Holland), Lee Kim Yoke n Chuah Siew Lian in UK now, Cheah Meow Choon in LA, Tang Meow Er etc., male nursing are: Ng kok sin(UK) and Henry Lim(Melbourne). my email:

Hiew (nicole)<>

Taiping is heaven! Keep up the good work :) The sweet crispy air that I breath everyday for the past 21 years...the irresistible mother nature and friendly people N FOOD..OHH..well,i left taiping(my hometown) a year ago to pursue my studies in canada and i really miss it!Anyway,i hope that it will be well taken care of when i come back one day.Please nurture it with great love as it is indeed one of the happiest place to be....Please respect the mother nature,keep it clean as possible,walk,cycle,or carpool to reduce air pollution.Well,its amazing to see so many people cycle and rollerblade to school or work here in montreal...

Khoo Saik Chin<>

I left Taiping many decades ago to live in Singapore. The tranquility of the lakes, the ruggedness yet coolness of Maxwell Hill, the cold water of the swimming pools are etched in my memory. I have brought my son there to experience the beauty of Taiping. Work and distance prevents me from making another visit there. But I hope the serenity of Taiping as reflected in the pretty pictures of the lakes remains.

Darlina Razak<>

hmmm???eventhough im not from taiping, but im used to stay in penang for so many years that bring me back me to my sweetest memories in Taiping Lake Garden with my ex-bf.Drop dead in love with gardens, old trees, lakes etc which is totally opposite his interests.But we did go to Taiping Lake Garden twice juz because of the very nice land features , its beautiful lake, well-growing trees, a very fine structures, fresh air ...... that truly amazed me as one of the best places in the world. Am now a journalist with IMPIANA (a Decoration magazine)On the other side, im working on `LAMAN'- a new magazine for 2005... and u know what?Im thinking of going back to Taiping Lake Garden hit for its nature beauty once again!

Julieanne Pon<>

My grandfather Herman Pon was a prince in Taiping in early 1900-1960.My mother was his only daughter.When she died and got buried in Darwin in 1995,about 200 Malaysian people claiming they were from Taiping,came to her funeral and said that she was their princess,(not to mention i was surrounded by these people then quickly taken away by my father.)Her name was helen pon. Iam her only daughter and need help understanding my backgound as i never got the chance to be told or ask questions,and if Taiping is my family history i would like to go and visit what seems like a beautiful place. Can anyone help me?

B Chow<>

I am an old Taiping boy and I went to St Georges institution till 1963 and then went to St, Xaviers at Penang. I left Taiping in AUGUST 1966 TO DO A NURSING COURSE IN England and continued to live and work there for almost ten years . I then migrated to Australia Sydney and have been here for almost 28 years. Ihave been married for thirty two years and just celebrated the occassion on 7th Oct. 2004. I hope to visit Taiping in 2005 to see my brother and relatives and catch up with me old mates.Till then G'Day Folks from Down Under. <are you Brian Chow who used to attend the Gospel Hall in Taiping? :-) kayes>

Boon Hwa<>

hi... im from taiping.. currently working in singapore... i think taiping will be my retirement place in the futute... i was grown up in taiping n those picture actually make me feel home sick.. taiping is one of the most peace n beautiful place in malaysia...

Haslina bt Wahab<>

i was brought up in taiping. now i,m 20 years old amd i live at kamunting.taping lake gardens make a lot of memory with my school friends.every weekend after go to library, we walk along lake gardens.sometimes we go swimming at Burmese pool.but it was 5 year ago.


what can i say?? my hometown, born and bred as Taipingnites. great, refreshing place to go jogging anytime you want, day or even night, lights everywhere, beautiful scenery and green everywhere. me and my friends, we ahve been there every weekend since our high school days playing, chattin, dating.. it really bring back old memories, sadness, happiness.. and we still does everytime return to taiping. i'm in KL now... pursuing my dreams but this place will always be in my heart as long as i live.we all TaipingNites will always attached to this place no matter where we go. when we were young, me and my pal used to cycle around the lake after our taekwondo training in Jalan Tupai. we used to go there and disturb the "pondan" and then run away... things changes in a split second... to all the lads badli, murali, syafizal, AA,ikhwan,rufairi,chee seong,poh soon,ah poh,"handsome boy" meng hwa and all the girls...hope you guys achieve what you all plan to have... condolence to syafizal for his late father... adieu


Woww!! Taiping reeeeally looks so nice from these pics! I haven't been there but certainly hope to visit some time. My good friend calls it the "centre of the universe" :-) I jokingly tell him perhaps it's the centre of YOUR universe. But after seeing these pics, I think he has a point. Hope the beauty of nature and the serenity it brings be preserved continuously and actively by you, great Taipingnites :-)

Spert Ah<>

I was born in kampung jambu last time,one of the clinic call Doctor kong,near central market there...i still remember,when i stay in kampung jambu at child time,my father after work will bring me to lake garden walk around...when move to Pokok Assam time,i always took bicycle with my few fren to lake garden, aspecially water flow in few place such as bemis pool,austim,india temple there,chinese temple there and etc...really feel enjoy and happiness.when v went to water flow that side,v will bring along fruit and jung food as really and extramelly happy life in taiping....after i graduate from secondary school,i futher my study at Tunku Abdul Rahman College at Perak Kampar,after two yrs i transfer to main campus (kuala lumpur) futher my study time,aspecially in kl is really miss taiping life and now im working in kl (PJ) IBM tower as Software Engineer also still missing n remember my child time in taiping lake garden.when i getting free,sure i will going bk taiping really really nice, fresh, enjoy, relax place for me n everyone....hopefully those are leave in taiping must appreciate fully the fresh environment! Best Regards Spert Ah

Sashikala Hariharan<>

I had a penfriend from Taiping, way back in 1959 when I was a little girl. He had stayed at 32 Main Road, in Taiping. I hope he reads this and contacts me. I have heard a lot about the town of Taiping and the lake from him. Regards Sashi.


it is nice gallery.very very fine this pictures. I miss those days where I use to cycle with my friends round the lakes on weekends.

Manjit Singh JP<>

I was brought up in Taiping and did all my schooling at King Edward VII, which I left in 1962.At first I lived at the Railway Station/Electricity Power Station but later on moved on to live near the Lake Gardens hotel.As a teenager I always cycled around the whole of the lake area almost everyday and sometimes ended up at the PWD Resevoir Station to watch the stream there. Sometimes I used to go swimming at the Burmese Pool and Ma Ka Theong Pool.Taiping has the cleanest and freshest water supply and Maxwell Hill is a fantastic place.I used to hike up to the topmost point at Cottage from where the view of Taiping was a fantastic experience.One day I hope to come back to see the lakes again.I can see from the pictures that the surrounding enviroment has been very much improved.See you in due course.

Alex Burton<>

I was born in Taiping in November 1958. My father, George "Roy" Burton was serving with the British Army field ambulance. We lived in Sangro Circle. I'm planning a visit in July 2004 and hope to be able to visit some of the places my parents recall from their photos. Would like to hear from anyone with any information about Taiping from the period 1958 - 1962.

Zarina Hayes<>

Hi there! I must say the images of Taiping here bring back fond memories of my childhood! I was in Taiping between 1971 and 1976, before my dad got transferred to Kelantan. He's a Taiping boy so we used to make a trip back every few years to revisit my dad's old haunts, and just enjoy the glorious sights. I'm now living in Dallas, Texas, and I do miss Taiping a lot. Hope to visit it again someday... I have this dream of retiring to Taiping someday, something my dad would definitely approve of:)


My wife and I have holidayed in most places in Malaysia but would like to visit Ipoh, Taiping and Maxwell Hill for a week or so. Any suggestions as to where to stay and what to see. In reading the book "Out East in the Malay Peninsula" by G.E.D.Lewis, I was taken by the description of his experiences in Taiping. We have seen the usual tourist places and I believe this area has much to offer. I would appreciate any advice. Plan to visit either July or August.


I found this site accidentally just when i search for data related with Taiping. This is nice, recall my memory about my howntown

Yazmin Gan (Gaik Suan)<>

Great website! It's my brother Yogi(some of you may still remember this naughty brother of mine!) who told me about it. Good feeling to know so many of you out there share the same nostaligia about our beloved Taiping. Just flip through your old photo albums and you will see how many of our parents got married and took their wedding photos here at the Lake Gardens!! My family are now in KL but I get excited whenever I meet some stranger here who tell me they originate from Taiping. I guess it's the pride we all share knowing we come from one of the most beautiful places on this earth! By the way, I'm in touch with my old school friends like Teoh Siok Cheng, Ong Suat Cheng, Ong Siew Mooi, Knoo Gaik Choo, and a few others (all from TMGS 1973)and Chong Phaik Kee (KE VII, 1975). Would be happy to receive email from those of you who remember us!

Stuart Smyth<>

Between 1959 and 1962 I was attached to the 28 Commonwealth Brigade. I found myself enraptured by Taiping, and at the end of my term of duty I did not want to leave. It was not just the Lake Gardens, but Maxwell Hill, the Burmese Pool, the mangrove swamps of Port Weld and the long sandy beaches of Penang island, an idyllic trip to Pulau Pangkor one day, and many drives up narrow jungle roads with my never-to-be forgotten Chinese girl friend. I now live in the US, but Asia - and especially Taiping - will always be with me. I teach college level Asian history, and particularly enjoy the complexity and long tradition of Chinese history, which entered my soul during those three unforgettable years living in Taiping.

Edward Ashley-Smith<>

I would like to include one page of two or three pictures in my book, 'Wild As The Wave,' as Chapter 8 includes a article I wrote at the time commemorationg my visit for the Chinese New Year, with my boss, Mr. Low Teik Yin. The Teik Yins were quite well known, especially for his Brother and Sister in law, who spent a lifetime teaching in Taiping. I also spent a lot time at the War Cemetry's, on both sides of the road. Plus visiting Bukit Maxwell of course. From memory, 'Bukan pulah...sakida palapas...Rindumu Oh Sayang. Sakit hatihuh, kau buat begitu... Kau datang dan pergi, sasuka...hatimuh... Oh Kajamya, dekau, kajamya dekau...padaku. Sakitina hati..inihi...namun aku rindu... Sakitinua hati..iniki...namun aku rindu... What is name of song? Benci Tapi Rindu....of course!

Lee Siu Fai<>

Everything has been well said in the forum.
Where are you: Class of KE 7 1972-1976: Chong Seep Leong, Mammak Azmi, Loh Yeong Sum, Saw Swee Hock, Ng Ean Hooi, Hassan, Yeoh Boon Lay, Lim Meng Leong, Meng Hoe, Meng Hock, Soon Beng, Peng Kueng, etc............but can't remember girls' names. Anyone knows or in the same year please email to me..........

Gerard Snelson<>

i was stationed in taiping 1959/1961.iwas in 16 commonwealth field wife and i came on a visit in 2001.what a wonder full expereance it was.i broke my glasses in 1959'and the optican that fixed them still operated the shop. it was 84 main st? we came back to penang in 2002.what a wonderfull country with shuch wonderfull people.


lake garden is the most beautiful place in Malaysia


Words aren't justiified to express the true beauty of the lake garden. I miss those days where I use to cycle with my cousin and friends round the lakes on weekends. Go exercising as though I am a health freak, but the truth is that I just want to be there amongst the greenery of the gardens. Taiping people are wonderful, I love the smiling faces that I get from all ages and races of people there....just believe have to be there to know why it is so praised!

Alex Ng Sek Chuan<>

Taiping...The best town in Malaysia.I stay in Taiping but now in KL because of education.But, i can't forget about the nice town of mine which i always miss.The beautiful and attractive locations around the town always make me come back whenever i can during college-off.The Lake Garden,Taiping Zoo, Matang Mangrove Forest, Maxwell Hill, Taiping Museum, the people, the food, the fresh environment are more than enough for me to describe why Taiping is the best place to stay.I'm really really proud to be a Taipingite and if i ,i'll return to Taiping to STAY when i get old although it takes another 37 years to come. (pose on 2003)


wow! great pics of the lake. u did a good job


The greenery of the view will give you time to ponder about your life that you have deserted for so long. It makes you realise how much valuebla your life is.


One of the most unique spots of paradise on earth.....the fresh air......the views.....the memories.....the history......if only some of those majestic rain trees could talk..... I have lots of memories of the place, mostly pleaasant ones but also some sad ones: in 1973, I ws amongst group of Hua Lian and SGI swimmers who attempted to retrieve the body of a drowning victim, with the help of a bomoh in a row boat giving instructions! Apparently, local folk lore has it that the spirits will take a life every year, hence the involvement of the bomoh. I hope the authorities are taking care of those old raintrees that line the ring road - won't be the samewithout them!

Siti Fairus<>

hai, i was born at taiping, lake garden is the place that i love.

Philip J King<>

My personal memories of your lakes were back in 1959 when a serviceman at the 2Inf base workshops kamunting and my days off i spent sitting on the edge of these most wonderful balmy lakes, Enjoying a ice made from coconut crushed ice and a fruit juice added to it on a Sunday afternoon wishing i could share the experance with someone who i could talk to about it one day.the cost of the ice was 5cents it now looks as though it is much more up to date for i done remember anywalkways through the lakes anyway thank you for the visit and the memory Phil

Sundram H. Sundram<>

I too feel like Teoh Boon Thian about the Taiping Lakes. I was in Taiping from October 1963 to November 1967. I was serving at the Inland Revenue Service. I was rooming over the Singer Sewing Machine sales office at Jalan Tupai. The Fire Brigade was just oposite. The Lake Gardens was a mere 100 yards away. I jogged every mornig before work and enjoyed every minute of it. Subsequently I stayed in several other places in Taiping. I always drove to the Lakes for a morning jog. We used to have paddle boats in the lakes then. I think the authorities put a stop to paddling in the lakes after several schoolchildren accidents. I now live in the United States with my family. However, I do recall the very nice days I had in Taiping. I have questions. Not necessarily about the Lake Gardens. Can any of the oldtimers take a while to answer?


Since i left Taiping to pursue my study in JB, then i found that is hard to find any else place to replace its peaceful and charm scenery. I really miss Taiping and hoping that i can spend my retire life there

David Pearce<>

Lake Gardens! what refreshing memories for me and my wife. WE were living at Lake Gardens in 1960 when I was in the british army stationed at the base of Maxwell Hill with 2 Infantry Workshops R.E.M.E Commonwealth Brigade. We now live in Australia and are retired. But we still miss those lovely gentle people we met in Taiping, thank you so much for bringing those beautiful memories back for us through these photographs and peoples stories, We are dragging all the old cine-films and photographs out now for a re-run! lol.Have a nice day! Thamk you.

Raja Alwi<>

I was born in Kamunting 40 years ago but now I'm staying elsewher. Occassionaly I just drop by at Taiping and Kamunting as this is a very nostalgic place for me and I agree with everyone who says Taiping is a very nice place. I wish I could move back but circumstances right now just does not permit me to do so.
Any old friends from All Saint's Primary School reading this? I hope so. Girls like Isah, Nor Azlin, jas Laili Suzana and guys like Mazlan, Amiruddin, Latif, Ibrahim, Azahari, Ooi Peng Leong, Ng Kam Hing, Auzir, Anuar and many others from 1970 Standard One Purple. Malaysia is so small and yet we never cross one anothe's path. How come?

Sarah W<>

I lived in Taiping from 1959 - 63 as a child! Quite a Senior Citizen compared with some memories here!! It was a time of total feedom, cycling around the Lake Gardens - we lived very close. Swimming, playing with the animals in the newly installed Zoo, regularly going up Maxwells Hill, the peaceful and rather awe inspiring war cemetary and the clean air, vivid colours - the butterfly tree where thousands of butterflies congregated once a year, festivals on the lakes. A fantastic place that we're hoping to visit in 2003 and take my daughter to see this beautiful place.

Yvonne Ng<>

Wow!! i'm so delighted to see a web site on Taiping. Thanks to Jason for telling me about this. It really refresh my memories of me and my friends taking a walk every week from our ex-school TMGS. We would walk from our school to Lake Garden just for fun and to breathe its fresh air.. I love the air there. It is so cooling!! Besides seeing drag queens at night, we are going to have a night safari soon at our Zoo. That i dont know when. The most unforgettable memory is during the Moon Cake Festival where all young and old citizens would gather at the skate ring to light up candles.. lots of candles! Well, the most breath taking sight is the tree branch that reach almost to the lake, make it really special. LAKE GARDEN TAIPING IS BEAUTIFUL and i am sharing this web site with all my non- Taiping friends. And BRAVO to the creator on this wonderful web site!!

Robert Mellish<>

From 1963 to 1968 My father and family where stationed in Taiping .My brother and I often used to climb Maxwell Hill for something to do.We also used to go often in the jungle just behind SANGRO CIRCLE and visit the tin mines. Those ere great times .If anyone remembers us send a email.


I am proud to say that I am a pure bred Taiping boy and have long enjoyed the towns fresh air and low population density. But all that is fast changing, everywhere we look now there are lots of new housing schemes being built and this can only mean migration into Taiping from the smaller neighbouring towns. Taiping has a rustic charm that I have not seen anywhere else in Malaysia, having often travelled to places like Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Muar. Its the cool air, wet weather and lush green hills surrounding it that makes this small town so different from all others, not to mention the rich history it has. I think it should be on Malaysia's tourism map as I am sure tourists especially eco-tourists will have plenty to see and do here. But the municipality should take care and preserve all the places of interests. They have done well with the Lake Gardens, the War Memorial and the Burmese pool but there are neglecting one more Taiping's many gems which is the Austin Pool. During the weekends one will find the place full of nature lovers enjoying the cool clear river water. The pool however is in danger of being spoilt as there is a housing scheme being built nearby. The municipality should prevent further destruction to the place as it is one of Taiping's best picnic spots. Reza Abdul Rahim


i've been in Taiping during my childhood, my father at Air Putih and i was born there. My mom at Matang Batu and sometimes at Matang Road near a historical railway route. I was in S. K. Matang Road at standard 1 and 2 (1975-76). I was born in 1969. I still remember my classmate is Nooraini, Rodiah, Shukor, Hamizon, Zamrud and other else. I love my childhood at paddy field around there but i cant see it anymore now... Now im an artist and memory there haunting me so much.... especially i can see the light at Bukit Maxwell every night.....long time ago...


last month i and my friends from ikm pasir mas was there........ do u all know why are we there?...........we did our site analysis at the market........... soon.....the market area will be a youth's our design......... i think so........... but it not for future......... only for our subject............. taiping is very beautiful view............. it's good for ours health...........the view is so you and i could see.........the landskap is so natural.........i love it............ how about the people?...........hemmmmmmmm...........i love them very much because they are very friendly............gorgeaus.............


I remember family holidays when I was in secondary school (mid 1980s) - I used to envy my friends that went overseas, but I now realize that we had a much better time going around Malaysia, and Taiping especially holds great memories, among things the waterfall. I now am settled in UK, and holidays normally mean parents, grandmother, aunties, uncles etc etc, but one day we will make it back to Taiping.

Jo Vince<>

I used to live in Taiping.I cycled to Hua Lian School via the Lakes everyday. I left Taiping in 1970. Looking at these pictures today brought back a lot of memories. I remember the zig-zag bridge and Maxwell Hill. I also remember the heat on my back as I was cycling home after school to go back to Tupai Road. i would love to hear from my Hua Lian School mates of 1969. My maiden name is Fong Ngan Fong. Are there any school mates out there still remember me. Please e-mail me.

Lou Mei Leng<>

Once, a good friend and I brought some of our friends from Penang for a canoe ride in the Lake Gardens in Taiping. I teamed up with my good friend on a double canoe and we were having a good time canoeing until he decided to be cheeky. He leaned over trying to splash water on our other friends who were on the cycling boats. Suddenly, our canoe capsized and we fell right into the lake. It was a public holiday and there were hordes of people looking at us standing right in the middle of the lake. From then on, when people ask me if I have visited the Lake Gardens, I would say, “Not only visited, but I have been IN the Lake Gardens.”


This is a very attractive site about Taiping. very comprehensive, very informative and surely, very nice pictures put in very well divided ctagories. Well done and keep doing well.

Jin Theak<>

Lake Garden...aaaa.. what a nice and soothing place to be. Still remember the time when me as a student involving in schools jogging time. Ala...just jog 100m then take shortcut then cut into kelapa sawit farm then...turbo at finished line. But the most interesting thing about this lake garden is when nite falls...aha! Jadi-jadian malam pun menjelma!!! 'Akua'(means 'Pondan') also come out and entertaint people. Once I remember that when the police make a serbuan, all the Pondan ran and one of them jump into the lake garden and then drown..know what it's just a <1m depth pond... maybe the buaya le. the lake garden...long live taiping.


I practically left Taiping about 19 years ago to pursue my higher education, and got married immediately after securing my first job in KL. That somehow or rather decided my fate, I was destined to become a KL-ite. A few years ago, my parents moved up here. With that, my opportunity of going back to my hometown on occasions drops a notch. But whenever I'm back there, gee,... it was just so great!!!! I love the ambience and pace in Taiping. And I love everything Taiping is made of, the Lake Garden especially, my Convent school, Maxwell Hill, the old but familiar shops, the supermarkets, the 'Casual Market', the penjara, everything! I dream of moving back to Taiping, but I do wonder if this is in my book...

Chin Wei Sin (Vincent)<>

I remember as a young teenager (in the early 70s), I would cycle around the Lake Gardens at night together with a friend called Saw Swee Hock. Our favourite 'mischief' was to cycle pass the "lover's lane" between New Club and the Rest House. We would have our bicycle lights shining as high as possible into the parked cars and we would ring our bicycle bells as loud as we could as we cycle through. Those were the things we did when we were young and stupid!!

Zulinda Zahid Jamal<>

Whenever I flip the front cover of my childhood album, the first photo is of myself at the age of one sitting on a bench at the lake garden. Although it is not a coloured photograph, the scenery in the background never fails to mesmerize me each time I look at it. And now, each morning after taking my children to school, I will drive slowly round the lake garden to enjoy it's fresh air and beauty and wishing that I can spend my mornings with the groups of people there. Whether it is in the morning,afternoon,evening or even at night, I think many will agree with me that whenever you are there, you can feel the serenity and charm of the Taiping Lake Garden mesmerizing you.

Chee Yuet -Oi<>

Passing through Lake Gardens was a daily affair for me on my bicycle from a young age. I did a lot of my dreaming too while cycling through the same route each day to and from Klian Pau Convent during my primary school days. One of my first class photos was taken in the Lake Gardens when I was in Standard Five. Many years later it was also here that my husband proposed to me when we came back from overseas. There were mornings that I will always treasure when I escorted my father-in-law for walks before the sun rise. We would sit on one of the concrete benches and occasionally we would see the fish jumped up from the lake while we waited for the sun to rise and to see the mist melting on the Maxwell Hills. It made realised how precious each day is to the elderly people and how they look forward to a new day. My father-in-law passed away 8 years ago but my memory of him in the Lake Gardens will always stay.

Waiting for the sunrise first thing in the morning at 6 o'clock and sitting on the bench overlooking the lake with the background of the Maxwell Hills is just breathtaking. Once in a while, a fish might jump up from the lake to stir the calm water surface. The greenery around and the greenish blue hills of the Bintang Range in the background together with the lakes around has asalubrious effect. Accompanying my late father-in-law one morning to the Lake Gardens further enhanced my appreciation for the fresh air, quietness, light and warmth from the sun and the life to experience it. It also reminded me of God's faithfulness in letting the sun out every morning. The sunset is also magnificent as I remember it. I can never get tired of spending time at the Lake Gardens ever since my childhood days of riding to and from school each morning and afternoon to Klian Pau Convent School. Even though I left Taiping when I was 18 and travelled to several countries since, the Taiping Lake Gardens will always be my favourite spot. The memories are too many, like my first time riding to school and all the dreams I had of travelling abroad and living in a temperate country. It was also here that my husband proposed to me and we have been married 21 years and have lived in countries with temperate climate. Even my daughters treasure their time at the Lake Gardens when they visit Taiping. To those who have never visited the Lake Gardens, I highly recommend that you do and hope you will also experience the magical effect for your well-being. I'm always proud of Taiping because of all the unusual features as well as being the only town in Malaysia to have a Chinese name which means "Everlasting Peace".

Kenny Saw<>

What can be said about this Lake Garden which has not been said.Well it holds a place in my life cause it is where me and my school friends always gather when we all come back to Taiping.The Taiping Lake holds many secrets and laughter cause it is the place where friends became 'brothers'.From secondary school till graduations,nothing can change the feeling of sitting in the skating rink...laughing and sharing.Friendships have been bonded and linked closer together in that little rink that we will like to call our hang out place.So I dedicate this response to all my friends that have been with me throught thick and thin. U guys are the greatest and there will never be friends like U anywhere else.U guys know who U are!!!!!!!!p.s...IF any of U ever pass by the skating rink and hear laughter ...don't be alarmed cause it's just the 'guys' hanging out.

Cindy Chew<>

12 years ago, I used to jog almost every evening around Taiping lake. I enjoyed observing people having fun, jogging, outing & etc. From babies to senior citizens. I find peace, laughter, happiness & life in this place. My ideal place to settle down is still Taiping so that I can really enjoy the beautiful Taiping Lake Garden.

Amran Abd Shukor<>

I have been to this special Lake Garden several times. I love the scenery and it is truly romantic and peaceful here. If you want to be near nature, this is the right place. Don't wait anymore, make


I had my 17th birthday recently at the Lake Garden.It was the most memorable occasion for me. After all it was my last birthday during my schoolhood.....though it was not going to be the last birthday with my friends. Besides the beautiful scenic view of the Lake Garden, it promised you thousands and thousands of sweet memories. We really had an enjoyable time - laughing, giggling, shouting to each other. This was the moment that I'm going to treasure for the rest of my life. The taste of the cake, the barbeque, loving friends and beautiful sceneries will be kept forever in my heart. Thousand gratitudes and thanks to all my friends - Cing Geo, Juliana, Kelly, Yan Sean, Jessie, Thasha, Wan Nee, Ling-ling, Zati, Amir, Anu, Su-suan, Suk Jen and Kuan Yien. Thanx to all.

Chris Mak<>

Many Taiping people never realise that we have a great lake garden to roam around and be free. In many places I have been, especially the cities in Malaysia, I have never seen anything resembling our lovely Lake Garden. There is no other place in Malaysia that you can jog around peacefully and play football. So for the visitors from outside Taiping, a visit to the Taiping Lake Garden is a visit not to be missed.

Jaclyn Chiew<>

Wow! it has been 10 years not walking or jogging at Taiping Lake Garden. I miss this wonderful place so much! I went to many national parks in USA and some other Asian countries, none of them like Taiping Lake Garden. I hope to be able to have my wedding in this beautiful lake garden sometime next year. Is this possible???? Not just having a few photos taken at the garden but the whole ceremony! Can anybody tell me whether that's possible?


It's true that Taiping Lake Garden is still the best garden in Malaysia. Apart from the beautiful lakes and garden, most of Taiping's other attractions like the Zoo, Burmese Pool, Maxwell Hill and the old golf course are all scattered around the Lake Garden. During my schooldays, I used to roller skate at this place and during examination times, my group would study under the trees at the Garden. In fact, this place used to be also my dating place. How romantuc ....! Now everytime I go back to Taiping, I never miss to take my kids to the Lake Garden and the Zoo. Though in KL, there is a big zoo, still Taiping's Zoo is the best for my kids. Not too big, not too small, just nice ........... and they never feel bored going there again and again! My wish, when I'm old, Taiping will be my choice to come back to.

HP Ng<> earliest memories of Taiping Lakes is the playground at the foot of the DO's residence. That was more than 30 years ago and the playground still stands. So do the beautiful trees and lakes that fill the area. Please keep it that way. Shame to anyone who in their misguided concept of progress and development, destroy the beauty of the Taiping Lakes and Bukit Larut. Glad the previous attempt has failed. The sight of the hills and lakes is a balm for my tired soul during my yearly pilgrimage back home!

PL Chan<>

Life is good.....with fresh air, panoramic view of Lake Garden, bustling capital of Perak etc......what else could you ask for? Then came the unexpected! Some decision makers preferred Ipoh as the capital of Perak. So what do you do with Taiping? Easy. Build a jail in the Lake Garden to spoil the feng shui of the town. Ever heard of a jail being built in a recreation garden? No? Life was great economic plans for the aliens to siphon the monetary wealth electronically back to their own planet. Life is great..... for Taipingites! No traffic jams, rat race, pollution, alien invasion etc. Three cheers to the decision makers!

Leong Teik Fei<>

Woi! All the Taipingites out there! It's good to have a page on Taiping. At least, all of you won't forget this ever peaceful and beautiful town. And I say we are proud to be Taipingites! With its rich historical properties and all the beautiful scenery and wonderful places, who dares to say that Taiping is not well known. And do you know that many people who visited Taiping always praise the town especially the Lake Garden?


Geezzzzz..................I've been living there for the past 10 years. The weather in Taiping especially the Lake gardens is way......much better than in KL. I kinda miss jogging around the lake and disturbing "bapoks" in the night (LOL). In those 10 years of living in the lake garden flats, I've seen a LOT of bapoks! Believe me!

Jeanne Ng<>

Cun lah lake gardens.. from capsizing in the canoes... to looking at pondans.. to sleeping at the pondok.. and having all the old people jogging staring at the whole group of us.. lepaking the skating rink there.. and playing american football with herda, ah jo, wen ling and myself in the rain and mud!! haha.. and after a storm... all those parasitic plants and branches lying on the roads.. and jogging over the China Bridge, and looking at ppl fishing! HuBBa HuBBa!!

William Gillis<>

Hello, I am from the USA, my wife's family lives in Taiping and I really enjoy being there. Right now my wife and young son are there visiting and I will join them in a few weeks. I have a site of my photos of Penang, Langkawi and Taiping, you can check it out at Enjoyed your photos.

Teoh Boon Thain<>

I never thought I will be able to find the Taiping Lake published like this .. Well done ... it actually brought tears and many happy thoughts of the yester years where I and my friends use to jog around the lake, practice gymnastics there and also roller skating there! of course this is during the 1980's time ... Carry on Taipingnites! and I am definately going home when I retire ... so if got new housing estate there ... leave one for me ahh!


I'm a student studying Com. Eng in Singapore. I 'm doing a web page about Taiping Lake Garden. I have taken some picture there during my holidays last week .I need a lake garden Map and some information about Taiping Lake Garden like History ,the oldest tree name ...... Can you help me to send some information to my e-mail address. I'm very appreciate on your help toward the success of my web page . Do mail me to inform me if you wish to help me as soon as posible , thanks . I'm from Parit Buntar and I don't think I can be back to collect all the information . My friends are helping me to get it but they don't know where to search for it . I hope you can help me , thanks . My e-mail address is


Lake Garden, what a beautiful place...That's true...for me Taiping is the best place to live ....not only because of the beautiful's because of just that one thing that still make me feel dissapointed is about the TAipingites....we lack of cleanliness awareness...i guess u know what i need for me to xplain further....Anyway, congratulation to MPT for their hardworking to maintain the Lake....And good job to Pn HAnim and unit of Perhubungan Awam for their initiative to promote Taiping in TV. So, to all TAipingites, TOGETHER WE HELP TO MAINTAIN THE ONE AND ONLY...TAIPING FOREVER...LOL FROM TAIPING WITH LOVE.... I still remember Pn Hanim, but i guess she might have forgotten me....never mind....(x practical student from UiTM )...


Hello there, My greeting to all those who love the Taiping Lake Garden. I like to know whether any of you out there share the same idea with me? My idea was that we must try to make the ring road around the Lake Garden motor vehicles free. Hoping to hear from you all soon. Thanks.Altoh


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