1. Be polite. No flaming. Common sense and common courtesy should be the order of the day.

2. No links. If you feel compelled to give out a link, please email the link privately to the other person or persons. Only the moderator can post links. (Please note that even the most “useful” or “educational” links are not allowed because this will give rise to arguments by posters as to what is really “useful” or “educational”).

3. Posting of images are allowed but please make sure they are your own images and not copyrighted images belonging to someone else. The moderator reserves the right to delete any image without the necessity of offering a reason. All images posted must relate to scenes of Taiping and the theme must be consonant to the mission statement of Taiping Talk which is to discuss the history, culture and beauty of Taiping and its surroundings.

4. No blatant advertising of your business or someone else's business. Always remember we sell advertising banners here. Suggestions or recommendations done in good taste and style will be tolerated.

5. No libellous messages will be entertained. Any message with the slightest hint of libel or slander will be sent to the trash can.

6. No political, religious or racial statements.

7. No posting of copyrighted material unless with permission of the author.

8. No mischief.

9. The mission statement of Taiping Talk is to discuss the history, culture and beauty of Taiping and its surroundings.This board is not meant for complaints. If you have any complaint to make, please direct it to your State Assemblyman, Member of Parliament, Consumer Association or the newspapers. Do not post complaints here. We have no political clout to assist you.

10. These rules are subject to review from time to time.When in doubt please email me at

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