Can someone take more pics of taiping...espcially market road?
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Posted by: francothegreat
07/27/2008, 08:42:04

I was born and raised in taiping for 13 yrs...My mom used to own a hair salon in market road, right in front of lan je restaurant. My grandpa and i hv lived upstairs of the salon for a long time and wish to look wat has become of it. The salon is the 4th one on the left if you are facing the lake garden direction, the market(a large building where ppl sell fruits, seafood etc) will be directly behind you, and if u keep going to the left, u will see a clock tower and to the then of ur right hand side will be kfc...

I hope my descriptions are not too vague. If anyone can js take a couple snaps of the environment and most importantly the salon where i grew up in, I will really appreciate it!!!!

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