i'm searching for a person that really know about the history of Taiping.
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Posted by: ieyka
07/22/2008, 16:44:33

i'm a student of MMU cyberjaya in faculty of creative multimedia, and now in a final year. Doing a final year project(fyp) and the topic for my fyp was "A study on historical town of Taiping for tourist attraction"

So, right now im looking for a person that can be my reference that really know the history of the town. If that person can tell me maybe not so detail about the town but know the history of Taiping, i would much appreciate it.

I need the person that can be interview or if possible maybe we can share through email. My hometown was in Kamunting and I can go back in weekend if i want to.

p/s: emel me if u r interested.. cuppygal@gmail.com

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