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Posted by: geetee
06/12/2008, 15:26:28

I had already forgotten about the single-storey coffee shop opposite the Rex cinema until Zulinda mentioned it again. I remember that the assam laksa there was very good too. Do you also recall a stall IN the lobby of the cinema which sold sweets,ice cream and tid bits. And,also,there was a very popular ice kacang stall beside the cinema run by a Chinese guy who walks with a limp.

The attached pic which I took last year shows the area where the Rex Cinema complex used to be.Unlike the Carlton Cinema complex which has evolved into a modern shopping centre housing The Store,Taiping (at right of pic),the Rex Cinema complex is now a clutter of stalls selling mobile phones, CDs and souvenirs. Pak Hassan's stall should be located somewhere near the "No Entry" sign if I am not mistaken.

Well,just an old man recalling the old times. Any oldies out there with stories of the Rex and Carlton during their heyday?

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