Malay stall selling koay teow, laksa & mee rebus
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Posted by: Hisham
05/07/2008, 16:27:31


When i was a kid in the 80's my parents would take me to a coffee shop at least one a month during gaji time...for a plate of mee rebus or koay teow goreng at a chinese coffee shop located at the back of the now Taiping Jaya...can recall what building it was... but the seller of the mee rebus, laksa and koay teow goreng is a Malay old man....really missed that one...a plate of mee rebus with a cup of coffee or tea served in a ceramic cup...wahhhh..heard that the business is now managed by his son and the stall has been relocated to somewhere near the Simpang police station.. can some one confirms??

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