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Posted by: kayes
05/06/2008, 18:39:52

Well, Penang is no longer Rope Walk if you are referring to the flea market which has moved over to Lorong Kulit, beside the City Stadium in Dato Keramat Road. For collectibles (as available in flea markets), Taiping has "Ah Loy" whose interesting little shop is located on the 1st floor of the Casual Market as shown in pic. Depending on your timing, Ah Loy has some antique watches, vinyl records, old photos, old stamps, old phone cards, old coins, old clocks etc etc. He used to travel the entire country looking for such stuff and then putting them in his shop for sale but since his daughter got married and there is no one to help him look after his shop, he does not travel too far nowadays. As a collector of many things, I always felt excited when i climbed those stairs leading up the Casual Market, each time I visited Ah Loy in the 80s and 90s. Best wishes, kayes.

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