A personal story of my dad and his friend
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Posted by: muzaffar mohamed
04/29/2008, 20:07:58

My dad was a Hospital Assistant in Taiping District Hospital, he retired in about 1973 (I think).He had a close friend by the name of Thambyrajah, also an HA in the same hospital. They must have been friends over 20 years. My dad often took me out along whenever he met Thambyrajah. The usual shop was the Yut Sun Restaurant. My dad died in Nov 1976. Thambyrajah died in 1979.
About 2 months ago, a chap joined my office and he resembled this Thambyrajah (his surname is s/o Thambyrajah).A few days ago, I took the courage to ask him about his dad.It turned out that this man is Thambyrajah's son.Truly it was a wonderful feeling to know about the fact that our fathers were good friends.

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