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Posted by: geetee
04/23/2008, 11:11:03

permanently but I come up here almost every fortnight these days. Even became a New Club member. A few months back, I rode my trusty old Jaguh motorbike here from KL and left it in my cousin's house. So every now and then I just take a bus or train to Taiping and stay for a week or so, enjoying the town and it's simple pleasures and my motorbike really helps me to get around especially to nearby places like Simpang, Matang, Trong, Kamunting etc. Have renewed old friendships with schoolmates and childhood friends and made many new ones too. Despite increases in hawker food prices, Taiping is still is a lovely place to be in and I am really enjoying my retirement.

Taipingtalker, CA Ong phoned me this morning to say hello, I haven't seen Hakim for some time and I must catch up with Tpgboy in KL and convince him to come to Taiping more often too. So watch out..I'll be looking out for you and holding you to that lunch treat :-)

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