Bukit Berapit memories
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Posted by: kayes
04/04/2008, 13:06:34

In the 1950s, I used cycle with my uncles from Kuala Kangsar to the Bukit Berapit waterfall. It was tough to tackle that hill with an ordinary Raleigh bicycle but i did it at least 4 times. After the long bicycle ride, the swim at the waterfall was wonderful and so was the picnic. And when you travelled by train, it would always stop at that tiny Bukit Berapit station so that the extra engine at the rear used to help push the train up the bukit, could be unhooked. And talking about Padang Rengas, Raja Din told me the story of how he found a pristine Austin Healey 3000 at a kampong just south of Padang Rengas. He was so excited and he went back to Kuala Kangsar to tell this wonderful news to his brother, Raja Lope and he planned to raise enough money to buy that vintage car soon. However, Raja Lope drove up to Padang Rengas the next day and promptly bought the car! Brotherly love :-) I think till today, Raja Lope still has the car. I have a couple of pics of that beautiful Healey but can't find them right now. Best wishes, kayes.

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