Facts & Figures of Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)
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04/21/2006, 15:46:46

Bukit Larut was found by George Maxwell, Perak British Resident, at year 1880.

First British Resident, JWW Birch’s bungalow known as The Cottage placed at 1,376 meter from sea level. This bungalow built at 1884 and not opened to public because the location is to close to Telecommunication Station.

The 13 kilometers tarmac road with 72 sharp corners was built at 1948. Before that, British army hired Pony Back and Sedan Chair to carry their luggage to the top of the hill. Only vehicles from Bukit Larut Management and Telecommunication Station were allowed to use this road.

Most European threat Bukit Larut as a Switzerland during summer.

Tea Garden was built at 1887 with cost RM 3,600.00 for British Army Officer.

Assam Tea, the earlier tea from Ceylon was planted at here before replanted to Cameron Highlands.

Tea farmer barrack previously served as hospital during World War II

Daytime temperature 15 – 25 degree C and can dropped to 10 degree C at night.

At clear day, visitors can see Port Weld and Bukit Merah Theme Park. At night they can see street and building lighting from Taiping town and also light from fisherman boat at Melaka Street.

The new attraction to this Bukit Larut is Tulip Farm, the only Tulip Farm in Malaysia and located just beside Cendana Hut.

You can see all these amazing night scenery from Cendana Hut, built at 1889 and just undergo RM600K renovation since August last year.

The Tulip Plant owner is Datuk Kamarulbahrain Zainuddin.

This Chalet has three family rooms for RM150.00 per night and three twin sharing beds for RM 80.00 per night. Other facilities provided are living room and café.

The best month to see the Tulips bulbs visit is December to April. You can call these numbers 05-8077241 atau 05-8066789, for details.

There are four type of bulbs, red, pink, white and purple and sold at RM 5.00 per bulb or RM 15.00 per pot with three bulbs.

The seed was imported from Holland planted inside cool room incubator at temperature less than 8 degree C for 15 weeks. The bulbs start bloom two weeks after taken out from this cold room incubator. The Manager in charge at this plantation is Mohd Rafiq Mokhtar.

Last year they imported 40,000 seeds and for the first quarter this year 22,500 bulbs already booked by customer.

For accomodation at Bukit Larut. Please contact these numbers; 05-8077241 or 05-8077243.

Land Rover Fees
To Telecommunication Station two-way
Adult RM 4.00 and Children RM 2.00 (5 yrs – 12 yrs old)

To Cendana, Tempinis Bungalow and Rest House
Adult RM5 and RM3 (5 yrs – 12 yrs old)

Land Rover Schedule
Every 1 hour fom 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Eight passengers per vehicle. Its take 30 minutes to reach the Telecommunication Station from foothill.

Bukit Larut Rest House, 1,034 meter from sea level and 10.1 kilometer from foothill.

Beringin Bungalow (Watson Rest House), 1,036 meters from sea level and 10.2 kilometers from foothill.

Angkasa Bungalow (The Federal Bungalow) was built at 1906 and reserved for VIP only.

Cendana Bungalow (The Hut) was built at 1889 with cost RM 2,000.00

Tempinis Bungalow (Treacher Bangalow) very less record for this bungalow.

Sri Kayangan (The Box) previously is official bungalow for Sultan of Perak. Located at 1,242 meters from sea level and 11.7 kilometers from foothill. Visitors can enjoyed the scenery of Melaka Street and Taiping Town from this bungalow garden.

Gunung Hijau Rest House (The Speedy Rest House), 1,113 meter from sea level.

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