'Makan' well, Derek
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Posted by: JY
11/02/2005, 12:33:53

Hi to all. Derek, if you would like to eat roti canai in Taiping, I'd suggest the Indian stall inside the hawker centre behind the Fire Brigade building. You can't miss it - in the morning, it's the busiest stall with the most customers.

I've tried the roti canai of many stalls and coffeeshops in Taiping as my partner is a great fan of the roti. Rahman (corner) coffeeshop, near the esplanade and Registration Dept (beautiful white colonial building) sells a mind-boggling variety of roti jong and roti canai. Try roti tisu (tissue) if you're feeling adventurous - it's crisp with Milo sprinkled on it! Wish you a wonderful and safe trip.

Best regards,

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