Atap Nipah's House
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Posted by: hakim muhammad
12/14/2004, 16:10:56

Atap Nipah's House

I took this picture this morning on the way to my office. This under construction food stall is located opposite Kamunting's mosque near to traffic light junction.

I like the idea using of Atap Nipah (dried leaf of the nipah palm). It's remind me to my kampung at Batu Kurau (++20km from Taiping) where once time all the houses using this Atap Nipah. The universal roofing of a Perak house is Atap Nipah stretched over bamboo rafters and ridge-poles. This Atap Nipah is the dried leaf of the nipah palm, doubled over a small stick of bamboo, or nibong and it's providing water proof roofing!

My father told me most of the houses built before year 50s never use any single of steel nail! They using a dried rattan (cane) as rope to tie all the woods and Atap Nipah.

Most of the kampung house now using either Zinc Roofs or Asbestos Roofs.

Due on my weekend commitment on motorsports, the last time I going back to my kampung is some where at hari raya. This weekend I will be KL again, dont no where I have time to going back there!

Hakim Muhammad

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