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What do you like to eat in Taiping? :-)


Mohd Noor bin Abdul Aziz<>

i remember when i was in school(71-75), we used to go to Bismillah restaurant and had roti canais and cendols and they tasted wonderful. i really miss the hot gravy and wonder whether the short man frying the roti canai still works.

Shirley Liu<>

How much I missed the Taiping food...!I missed the popiah,laksa, mee-rebus..oh a lot a lot of food I've been missing.Is there anybody can tell me where can I get the good popiah?

CL Tan<>

I missed the fruit & food stall along the road side previously had (>10 years ago). Remember? The fruit stall Opposite Tang Cheng Restaurant as well as evening time noodle stall opposite Pandorama Hotel? Laksa & Rojak at Rex Cinema Cafeteria? "Duduk" Char Koay Teow using "Charcoal"?




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