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Tell us what you know about this very old club? Your experiences? Were you a member?


Fiona Caithness<>

Hello. I was in Taiping with my father, the chief medical officer of the Kamanting hospital, Taiping, from 1956-1958. I have been back to Malaysia five times since then - once doing Voluntary Service Overseas and four times with my ex-husband, who is an examiner for the Associated Board of the Royal Colleges of Music. We were in Taiping for them during the mega electric power down in ??1996. As a child I used to go up to the amazing jungle pools above the army housing estate. So much brilliant time there. Now there is a community pool at the base of Maxwell Hill. My aunt and uncle were also in Malaysia for 20 years. My Uncle survived the difficulties of being transported to Burma during the war. He returned to be a British Advisor during the troubles afterward. My aunt worked in close company with the Sultana of Perlis and other ladies to help develop the opportunities of ladies in Malaysia. My aunt's love affair with Malaysia has commmunicated itself fully to me. And to my 11-year-old son, Julian. We will visit this summer. Any contacts or advice and company would be very welcome. Insh'allah and god be with you.

Michael Chan<>

This place is full of fond memories. As far as i can remember, i can still imagine the original construction when i was little. My dad always takes us there for a swim while he and his mates go off and have a stubby(beer). Made lots of friends there too. The old badminton court, the stage~!!! used to play hide and seek over there and get told off by the supervisor. The snooker room will always be a mystery to me as we children were forbidden to go to that corner of the club, sneak peaks and snapshot memories of that place still sticks in my head. hahahaa. Definitely a lovely place to chill out and have a chat with old time friends.


The club looks nice and beautiful. when I was student long time ago we use to attend the annual dance there. What happen to the New club pool up near the hills. When I was there last it was really bad state. Spent many lazy days swimming there had the freshest water. there was caretaker MR GAN there too wonder what happened to him

Ray Mellish<>

I served in Taiping as a Warrant Officer seconded to the Malaysian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers from 1963 until 1968. As an other rank we (myself wife & children) were made hononary members of the Club. We all remember Ah Gan & his bycycle loaded with ice cold Tiger beer and tit bits when we went to the pool in the hill on a Sunday. There a swimmimg gala once a year & for my sins I had had to organise it. My boys Robert & Richard always came away with many awards. Rob & Diane Holly ( who were teachers at the British Army School) are still in contact with me as are Ian Black a New Zealand Officer on secondment. Many, many happy memories of Taiping are shared by my family. Ray Mellish.

Jimmy Khoo<>

Hi! I was a member of your club for many years from 1970 until 1995 and even served one year as a secretary in the early 80's. Perchance I may have a perculiar New Club incident to relate. As many members will remember, we used to drink around the town n finally pop into the club for our last drinks usually past 11.00pm. (However I have completely given up drinking altogether now as I felt I had more than my share of drinking in New Club.) On one of these evenings, sometime in the late 80's, I was sitting in the open area facing the Municipal Padang n happily absorbed in my spirits amongst the company of a few friends. Despite being high in spirits, my nose sensed the smell of smoke or burning. I decided to check it out and walked towards the bar n the Badminton Court. Sure enough the main switchboard situated at the left-side of the stage, was sparking wildly n the dry wooden planks had caught fire. Speedily we summoned for the fire brigade, which arrived in about 15 minutes, a record dash for sleepy old Taiping. By then the fire was leaping towards the roof n the switchboard was actively still alive with sparks. The fire fighters managed to douse out the fire indoors but no one could stop the sparking of the switchboard, until I finally suggested axing off the connecting wires from the electrical supply post. With this the fire was brought under control. Now for the ironic twist of fate in this incident. Instead of being commended for saving the club, some members thought that I should have allowed the club to burn down as it was covered by insurance. With the money claimed, they felt they could have built a finer modern structure for our club. I sometimes wonder if the quaint, old club house as it stands today is more memorable, unique and special to old members like myself than would a new concrete structure. THere is always charm n memories in things that are old n mellowed, like a treasure trove as we thread on in our golden years. Be as it may, for better or worse I had become the instrument of fate in preserving this quaint old clubhouse. I would love to hear some news from old member friends from the club, as I now live in Vancouver. Long live the New (ironic) Club.

Kim Beng Huin (Taiping Golf Resort, Bukit Jana)<>

Good to see this very old club of Taiping given a jab of new life.

Carol Koong<>

I remember when we were little my sisters, brothers and I used to love going to this New Club. Back in the 1970's we used to go there for the special vanilla ice cream, we would skid all along the old wooden indoor badminton court, and every year, we looked forward to seeing Father Chrismas giving us presents and coming up the road in his tractor (reindeer!). They were the good old days. We also enjoyed going to the old ancient swimming pool up in the hills somewhere where we enjoyed out lessons with a Uncle Kwai Fong and enjoyed eating the peanuts which was served by Ah Gan. That was over 26 years ago! The New Club looks very different now. I have very strong memories of the New Club. We used to run around on the wooden badminton courts and skid on it. My used to get treated with sliced vanilla ice cream. My dad, Swee Yen, used to go there all the time. He played golf with his friends and us children used to go swimming in the Club's swimming pool. Uncle Kwai Fong used to be our trainer. I remember the icy cold dark looking water! The swimming competitions we used to have and the peanuts and mangoes (off the tree) we used to eat there. What lovely memories that means a lot to me!



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