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Can you tell us something about the churches in Taiping?


Paul A. S. Harvey<>

I was born in Taiping, and I was wondering where the name Taiping came from, or what it means. Any help on this? (Reply from kayes:"Taiping" means "Everlasting Peace" in Chinese).

Matthew Lau Kong Cheen<>

The Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and St Louis Church of Taiping brings back much sweet and happy memories for me and my family. First and foremost, my parents were married in the Church of our Lady of the Sacred Heart and I was baptised and received my first confirmation there as well. Subsequently, I got married in St. Louis Church. These 2 churches and the people there have contributed much to my spiritual development. The groto of our Lady at St Louis is one of the most serene and peaceful places that I know. I cannot recall an incident where Mary never heard my prayers when I go to her during my school days as well as now when I return to Taiping for my holidays. The numerous prayers that I received from Mary and blessings from Jesus have helped me through the ups and downs in life. May God continue to bless all who turn to Him and his mother, Mary.

Low Sai Seng<>

The Wesley Methodist Church started off with a youth group called "the Epworth League" Some of these illustrious names being Swee Eng, Mr. & Mrs Yee, Huat Keat, Kim Huat, D.G. Jayasekara, Yeoh Keng Cheong, Teh Kheng Suan, Teh Chuan Lim and the Shanta brothers, George, Henry and Edwin. The pastors during the period included Rev. Burr Baughman, and Rev. Dr. Peterson (Penang ACS headmaster), The church started off by squatting in the Chinese Methodist Church (next to the Jubilee Amusement Park as well as a slaughter house). It eventually moved to a place situated across the street from the Treacher Methodist Girl's School. In its present state, the church requires new extensions to allow its various ministries to function properly. Some other illustrious names like: Rev. N.G. Manickam, Rev. Eugene O Macgraw, Rev. Kjell Knutsen, Dr. Hansen (who came as a medical missionary with the Methodist Clinic in Pokok Assam New Village.)have served in the Church

Arnold Fernandez<>

I used to live next to St Louis Church, where the present Parish House house stands, and I used to attend Mass every morning, as alter boy often. Although while in school we went to Church, it did not mean so much to us. It was like one of the chores of the day.As a result I drifted away when I went into the 'real' world. But the early days of Church going paid its dividends in later life, and I am back in Church, still wondering if I have enough time to get into "the good books"!! I think its good to have a religion. Today, people don"t even find time to be with their families. Time is what you make of it, and a short prayer every day can be of great help.. God loves each and every one.

Chee Yuet -Oi<>

Not a lot. My memories are those of attending Novenas at Our Lady of Sacred Heart Church at Klian Pau on Friday evenings and then attending Sunday mass at St. Louis Church. Somehow I felt powerless to deal with my sins even after all the religious rituals and penitence I prescribed for myself. I would still feel unclean as if I need more punishment. Not until I went to England that I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord that I realised the POWER to overcome sin is from the HOLY SPIRIT of God and that God loves me just as I am. Looking at the Methodist Church reminds me of the late Pastor Ang whom I came to know in Melbourne when I first migrated to Australia. He was a pioneer in getting the Evangelical Chinese Church in Melbourne going...back in 1981. Now his son is the Senior Pastor and the church has grown many fold. It has been a privilege to know the Ang family who has been so richly used by God to bless so many others and to have the Taiping connection is no coincidence.

Bob Teoh<>

The Gospel Hall and the Anglican church both have got their own history documented which may be of interest to your site, regards

Albert K<>

The History of some of the churches in Taiping? I discovered that there is a particular church that would warrant some mention/credit in this page. The Taiping Chinese Methodist Church situated at No. 34, Jalan Iskandar, 34000 Taiping (opp Taiping Jaya). One of the thing that I learnt from my dad was that when initially, the locals of Taiping wanted to build a church, they were given this plot of land which happened to be the rubbish dump of Taiping. Yes, and I am sure that the plot of land would be worth millions today. Imagine, rubbish becoming millions.... that's the history. Anyway, years have passed and the said church celebrated its 95 years of existence just this year, I think. (date of esth: 1905). It has seen two (2) major extensions and renovations (facelift) and will be undergoing another one in the coming years. It survives two major wars of the world and is still standing. I think that it not only speak of this church but is the characteristic of most buildings in Taiping. (Forever- Taiping : Eternal Peace) Keep up the good index of the history coming. Looks like I may have to jot the particulars down, the next time I speak to speak to my dad.


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