AA and RAC badges - age.
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Posted by: Hazy Fiords
11/10/2009, 12:15:08

Judging from the numbers the RAC badge is from the late 10s-early 20s (full member badge). The AA badge could be one of two styles, but you will know which one.

Possibility 1: Round AA Badge (so called Stenson Cooke badge or Frying Pan) from 1906.

Possibility 2. Winged long shank version from 1930 (first rerun of the number series 1-999999. Terminated after some 10,000 copies).

See the book British Car Badges (for sale on Ebay, Amazon and Chaters:

The AA badge may however be a modified badge from one of the AA's of the former British Commonwealth. In that case the origin could be just anything. So many badge series started from 0 with letter prefix/suffix

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