stolen badges: not what you think
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Posted by: StevieMcOldcars
01/01/2008, 10:07:22

Nero, do a little reading and research before you go accusing the poor bloke of theft. He's not talking about OEM badges like, say, a BMW roundel prised off the bonnet of a shiny new 3-series. He's talking about vintage car club badges, which are regularly and legitimately sold new and used. Check out the commercial site if you truly have no clue what a grille badge for a vintage MG might be. Or just look in the badge collection of the fellow hosting this site: the TSOA badge in his English section is still available as a repro and many originals can be found leftover after old Triumphs were scrapped.

Then, if you have a heart, offer the fellow an apology for his bad luck.


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