More Philippine Grille Badges/Automovil Club Filipinas
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Posted by: RilesinUSA
04/11/2007, 05:02:37

Hello again everyone - thank you much for your responses. I have chatted with some great knowledgable people in the last 2 days and I appreciate it.

Here are 2 more "grille badges" that I ahve come across on my trps to the Philippines and also on ebay. From what you folks have told me so far these may very well be fakes. The thing is, I still want the "Automovil Club Filipinas" badge, as I like the rough nature of it. ( Auto... Filipinas is in Tagalog, the native tongue of Filipinos)

Lastly here is a picture of my Jeepney project, the thing responsible for my own personal odyssey into this realm of collectibles and travels.

You folks are great

have a good day people

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