RAC Centenery car badge
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Posted by: Virgil ®
11/05/2006, 03:33:28

Got a RAC Centenery car badge offered and wanted to know if it´s really that rare as the seller want´s to make me think and what a realistic price for such a badge is. He claimed it was issued to celebrate 100 years from 1897-1997.

The other - more general question - i´ve is which RAC (or AA) badge would fit a MY88 Jaguar Daimler XJ40? I found some quadratic ones with simply "AA" or "RAC" on it with corresponding background colour (yellow or blue) which seem to fit into 88´s design. I want to avoid having a badge that doesn´t fit to the car or period in time.

Many thanks for all your replies from Vienna / Austria

Cheers Virgil

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